12 Ways to Soar in Your Wellness Biz!

12 Ways to Soar in Your Wellness Biz!

Image result for soaring birdYou may have read this story before, but the lesson it inspires it worth repeating!

A couple of years ago, I moved back into a former home that I had rented out for a while. The house needed many repairs, including the ventilation holes under the eaves. The screens that originally covered these openings had fallen off, allowing a family of birds to set up housekeeping in the attic.

Even though the exterminator humanely evicted the birds, I felt guilty about disrupting them! They literally banged their little heads against the wall, trying to get back in! But they soon learned that finding a new way was easier than continuing with something that no longer worked – and caused them pain!

Isn’t this true for us as well?  Do we bang our heads – literally or figuratively – in frustration that what once served us well no longer does so?

Change is hard – but sometimes life demands that we adjust and adapt new ways. What are you doing to survive and thrive in your wellness practice? Are you still doing things in the old familiar ways, but not getting the results you want?

Whether you are a fledgling practitioner flying solo for the first time, or established and ready to spread your wings, any of these suggestions can help your business fly. And all of them together will make it soar!

There are hundreds of ways to succeed! Here are 12 Ways to Survive and Thrive in Your Wellness Biz:

Support a Mindset of Success
Do your beliefs about money and success limit your business? Identify and eliminate limiting thoughts and habits, such as fear and procrastination that stand between you and a thriving practice.

It’s About Time!
Do you feel like you should accomplish more in a day? You can get more done if you: devote at least 3 hours per day to marketing; use business hours for business activities only; and schedule clients, business and personal activities in blocks of time.

Find Money on the Table!
Jump-start your income with these quick money strategies: Raise your rates; follow up with leads; make special offers; reactivate former clients; offer gift certificates; sell products; get a j-o-b.

Shine Your Special Light!
Clarify what makes you unique in your field. Identify what makes you different, focus on the results you provide, highlight your special gifts, offer things that other practitioners don’t – so you’ll have a unique answer when someone wonders: “Why should I choose you?”

Identify Your Niche!
Do you market to anyone and everyone? Ironically, the smaller your target market, the more clients you will attract. Fill your practice more quickly by narrowing your niche, defining exactly who you serve.

Focus on Problems and Solutions! Match your solutions to the problems of your Ideal Clients. Clearly expressing your target market’s problems and your solutions makes you irresistible to your Ideal Clients!

Create Magnetic Marketing Materials!
Is your marketing customized for your niche? Appeal to your Ideal Clients with a customized Magnetic Marketing Message that attracts Ideal Clients to your solutions, results and benefits.

Offer Packages!
Are your services priced to sell with less effort and more income? Serve your niche better with client-attractive packages that offer solutions and results instead of individual sessions that trade time for money.

Step Out for Success! Do you hibernate in your office waiting for clients to call? Go public with speaking and writing to educate and attract your Ideal Clients.

Diversify Your Marketing! Does your business garden grow a variety of strategies? Start simply, with 1-2 strategies and expand your marketing garden as you succeed and achieve!

Use the Gentle Sales System! Does selling your services make you feel like a pushy salesman? Stay in sales integrity with our script for a compassionate conversation to guide clients to enroll in your services!

Set Up Systems for Success! Do you know in advance what you’ll be doing every day, week and month to grow your business? A pre-planned marketing schedule simplifies your business, keeps your practice on track and your life in balance.

Hey, remember those birds I evicted? It took a few days, but they finally learned that it was easier to adapt new habits than to hold on to ones that no longer serve them. What about you – are you repeating the same things, hoping for different results? I encourage you to try a new approach to help you soar high in your very own… Prosperous Practice!

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