12 Things You Need to Succeed in Your Holistic Health Practice! Part 1/3

12 Things You Need to Succeed in Your Holistic Health Practice! Part 1/3 

Several colorful, musically gifted birds nest in the trees outside my office, their family growing larger every summer as new eggs hatch. We needed to trim some branches, but we waited until the baby birds learned to fly before evicting this fine feathered family.

When the tree guys finally got to work, there was a fluttering, twittering commotion as the birds’ homes were threatened and destroyed. I felt terrible! The fledglings had to strike out on their own for the first time and fend for themselves, while the mature birds had to build new homes and learn new habits. They could no longer sit on their favorite branch for a sing-along with the massage music floating out the window!

For a few days, the birds tried to return to their usual ways, but they soon learned that it was easier to adapt to a new routine than to hold on to something that no longer worked for them. Isn’t this true for us as well? Change is hard but sometimes life demands that we adapt and learn new ways of doing things in order to survive and thrive.

Here are some simple strategies to help your holistic health practice survive and thrive, with 12 Things You Need to Succeed in Your Holistic Health Practice!

Whether you are a fledgling practitioner flying solo for the first time or established and ready to spread your wings, any of these suggestions can help your business fly. And all of them together will make it soar!

1. Change Your Mind!

 Do you have limiting beliefs about money and success that hold you back in your business? Our thoughts and attitudes determine our actions; and actions determine outcomes. Are you getting the results you want – Ideal Clients, a fully-booked schedule, steady flow of abundant income, a growing business? If not, it’s time to change your mind! Have a daily light bulb moment to illuminate and eliminate limiting thoughts and habits – such as fear and procrastination – that stand between you and a thriving practice!

What is mindset? It is the accumulation of all the influences in our lives – both positive and negative – that have shaped our beliefs and attitudes. What beliefs do you have about yourself – and particularly about money and business –  that may be holding you back from greater success? Some of them may be so deeply-ingrained and habitual that you don’t see them as merely thoughts that can be changed. But they can! With patience, introspection and perhaps some coaching or mentoring, you can easily eliminate these restrictive beliefs. You can replace them with more positive, growthful ones that will expand your business with more clients and more income! Identify and break through the self-doubt and limiting beliefs that stand between you and your vision of success. Change your mindset – to think differently, act differently and therefore attract differently!

Expand your holistic health practice with positive thoughts and actions: Steps to Success: The Prosperous Practice Guide to a Mindset of Success.

2. It’s About Time! 

Do you ever get to the end of the day and get down on yourself for not getting more done? Whether your practice is starting, struggling or succeeding, you need to use business hours for business duties only! When things are slow at work, Don’t go shopping! Arrange clients, business and personal activities in blocks of time, rather than scatter them randomly in your schedule.

To get and keep clients in your holistic health practice, marketing is crucial! So your first priority should be to make time in your schedule to market your business. If you don’t have enough clients and you’re not marketing, then what in the world are you doing all day? The average practitioner puts marketing on the back burner.  Are you ready to go beyond average? If so, it’s time to move your marketing up to the front burner, turn up the heat and start cookin’!

Learn how to prioritize your business schedule and personal activities for your best advantage:

3. Find Money on the Table!

Use simple, effective marketing to jump-start your income while you implement long-term strategies that allow you to serve more people and make more money.

Do you need quick cash for a crisis situation or could you use extra money to invest in business growth? The Prosperous Practice System is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But we do have a few tricks up our sleeve for some quick cash while implementing your long-term marketing strategies. You can quickly bring in extra money to stabilize your finances or invest in growing your practice. Here are 7 simple strategies for quick start-up or a growth spurt:

1. Raise your rates.

2. Follow up with leads.

3. Make special offers.

4. Offer gift certificates.

5. Sell products

6. Get a temporary job.

7. Reactivate former clients.

Get the details on how to implement all of these ideas!

4. Shine Your Special Light!

What makes you different from other healthcare professionals? Clarify what makes you unique in your field, so people realize you have what they’re looking for. Identify what makes you different! Focus on the results you provide! Highlight your special gifts! Offer things that other practitioners don’t! If your marketing doesn’t make your practice sound unique, it’s unlikely that many potential clients will be attracted to you.

Your challenge is to stand out from the crowd, to get potential Ideal Clients to notice your services and realize that you have the answer to their problems. Be ready with a compelling answer when a prospect wonders: “Why should I choose you instead of someone else?” Don’t copy other practitioners. Your uniqueness is your key to success!

Learn how to shine light on your special gifts and skills with Steps to Success 4: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Your Unique Service Position.

NEXT POST: 12 Things You Need to Succeed in Your Holistic Health Practice! Part 2/3, More great ideas that help you serve more people and make more money doing what you love!

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