12 Things You Need to Succeed in Your Holistic Health Practice! Part 2/3

12 Things You Need to Succeed in Your Holistic Health Practice! Part 2/3

Whether you are a fledgling practitioner flying solo for the first time or established and spreading your wings, there’s something in this week’s feature article to help your holistic health practice thrive, with 12 ways to grow, expand and leverage your holistic health practice!

Here are a few more of the 12 Things You Need to Succeed in Your Holistic Health Practice!

5. Focus on Problems and Solutions 

Match your solutions to the problems of your Ideal Clients. Everyone wants to know WIIFM – “What’s In It For Me?” Clearly expressing your target market’s problems and your solutions makes you irresistible to those who need what you offer. Be very clear what’s in it for your prospects by spelling out the benefits and results clients will get from your services. What results and benefits do you provide, what pain, problem or challenge does your work resolve?

Make it about them, and make it clear that you hold the key to the solution they need. Until you can tell someone what’s in it for them to work with you, they won’t pay much attention or take you seriously. As they say in the marketing industry: “Speak to their pain.” You get people’s attention when they read or hear about a solution that is personally relevant to them and their own experience.

Learn exact wording to show ideal prospects that you understand and resolve their challenges: Steps to Success 5: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Results and Benefits. 

6. Meet Your Ideal Client 

Do you market to anyone and everyone? Ironically, the smaller your target market, the more clients you will attract. It is easier to attract a large percentage of a small group than a small percentage of a huge group.

Identify exactly whom you serve best with your gifts and benefits. Many people need the solutions you offer! Resist the urge to serve everyone and narrow your focus to a smaller target. Position yourself as the resource your prospects need and your niche will become a source of success. Serving a specific niche allows you to do your best work and helps fill your practice with repeat clients. Working with Ideal Clients helps you feel more satisfied in your career and create more profits in your practice. Module 6 contains the exact steps to generate high-quality leads and turn them into long-term satisfied clients.

Fill your practice more quickly by defining exactly who you can help! Steps to Success 6: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Your Target Market. http://wp.me/P42qnM-l

7. Create Magnetic Marketing Materials

Wouldn’t it be great to have such powerful marketing materials that people would feel irresistibly drawn to work with you – like iron is drawn to a magnet­­­­? Stand out from your competition with words that grab the reader’s attention! Appeal to your Ideal Clients with your customized Magnetic Marketing Message that attracts Ideal Clients to your solutions, results and benefits!

Creating high-quality marketing materials requires some thought and planning. But investing this time and effort in your business is well worth it. You’ve worked hard to build your business, so make sure you keep the momentum and continue building with quality marketing materials that will attract your Ideal Clients to you and your holistic health services.

Find everything you need to start, succeed and sustain YOUR holistic health practice! Steps to Success 7: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Magnetic Marketing.

8. Offer Packages 

Are your services priced to sell with less effort and more income? Serve your niche better with client-attractive packages that allow you to offer solutions and results instead of individual sessions that trade time for money. With packages, clients get better results and you get more income!

Offer the valuable gift of your services in a new way – with treatment packages. Packages consist of: a series of treatments; or programs that target specific problems; or a combination of two or more modalities, treatments and/or products.

Find out how to choose, wrap and deliver client-attractive packages! Steps to Success 8: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Packages and Programs.

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