12 Ways to Get Loyal Clients for Life!

12 Ways to Get Loyal Clients for Life!

I have a long list of loyal lifetime clients who have been coming to my massage clinic weekly or more for years, such as the client with fibromyalgia who has been coming in twice a week for 18 years!

Colleague: “How do you get so many clients and how do you keep them returning for years?”

Me: “It’s simple – I do nice things for them that no one else does.”

Colleague: “Such as …?”

Me: “Well, for one thing, I wipe off the excess massage oil with hot washcloths.”

Colleague: “I’m not gonna do that – it makes too much laundry!”

It’s the little things that count. Where I live, good massage therapists are easy to find. What’s rare is a good massage therapist willing to give special treatment to every client every time.

Contrary to popular marketing opinion, there is no magic formula that gets you clients for life. But you can do these 12 things to ensure that your clients will return many times:

1. Focus on Relationships! Clients come & go but relationships can last indefinitely! Take interest in your clients’ lives, their families, hobbies, activities and special moments. Show that you care and they will return over & over again!

2. Offer rewards! Have a 2-part reward system in place: 1) Reward clients who refer others to you. 2) Reward loyal clients who return on a regular basis. How will you reward your loyal clients?

3. Sell packages! Structure your rates to sell a series instead of single sessions. Think of Costco – it’s better value to buy in bulk. For instance, if your single session fee is $100, package 5 prepaid sessions for $400. Clients get a better deal, you get money upfront and your schedule stays full.

4. Be selective! Don’t say yes to everyone who calls! Have an intake process that weeds out people who are not serious about improving their health. Work only with clients who are committed to the service you offer.

5. Follow up! Invite them to rebook – every client, every time! Send a welcome letter to new clients. Call new clients after their first session to see how they’re doing. Make suggestions for home care, recommend additional sessions with you and/or invite them to enroll in a treatment series.

6. Stay in touch! Send a newsletter with news about your modality, other health info and updates about your biz growth. Contact former clients and invite them back with a special offer.

7. Acknowledge important occasions! This relates back to #1 – pay attention to your clients and acknowledge their special moments, such as birthdays and anniversaries. This keeps you on their mind and adds serious WOW to your service!

8. Create a memorable experience! Your client’s experience with you starts with the first contact. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it memorable with superb client service, attention to detail and outstanding skills

9. Emphasize continuing care! Educate clients about the importance of ongoing health maintenance. Compare it to car care – it’s easier, safer and more effective to prevent problems with ongoing care than to fix a full-blown problem. This relates back to selling packages instead of single sessions.

10. Take responsibility! Mistakes happen, such as tardiness, missed appointments or miscommunication. When you’re at fault, own up to it – confess and apologize. This will make a better impression on your clients than excuses and placing blame elsewhere, such as on the traffic or other people.

11. Remember their names! Everyone’s favorite word is… their own name! Use it in conversations and written communication. It personalizes your connection with the client and makes them feel special, instead of just a nameless client on your list.

12. Educate your clients! They can sell your services better than you or any marketing strategies. Satisfied clients become advocates for your business. Teach them a simple but specific process on how to refer others to you.

If you’re serious about having clients who stay and return, you need to commit to being extraordinary in how you run your business! Do things that others in your field don’t do and treat your clients better than anyone else will.

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