Do You Reject Money? Part 1/2

Do You Reject Money? Part 1/2

For most of us as holistic health practitioners, our primary goal isn’t to accumulate money, it’s to help others. But even though money isn’t your primary motivation, you can’t ignore it and expect to have a thriving practice and abundant life. There’s bad news and good news about this.

The bad news: Most holistic entrepreneurs are not trained in how to develop a positive, healthy relationship with money – one that honors both their desire to serve others and to prosper financially. So instead of regarding money with respect and appreciation, they unconsciously push away money or opportunities to earn it. We often send mixed messages to the Universe – saying we want to be prosperous while harboring a money mindset that sabotages our success.

And the good news: It’s easy to turn this around with a few simple adjustments in your attitude. A simple mindset shift leads to different action. Different action produces different results, allowing more prosperity to flow easily into your life.

Answer this honestly: Do you push away money opportunities? Here are 3 quick money mindset tips to make sure you send a clear message, align your mindset with action and make the most of opportunities that come up.

Tip #1 – Let Your Light Shine

Many entrepreneurs play small, hold themselves back or diminish their abilities and accomplishments, for fear of offending others. Now think about this before you skip past it saying, “Not me.” If you were to suddenly double your income, who would you be concerned about upsetting? Often it’s a friend, family member or spouse, who might feel threatened or diminished because of your growth.

Stop playing small – holding back from the fullest expression of your talents and abilities. Doing so denies your divinely-given natural gifts and talents. Dimming your light disempowers you and those around you.

Shine your light brighter. When things go well, proudly let others know and brag (in a nice way) about your successes and accomplishments. Affirming your abundance may attract more in.come for you, so turn up the volume and hear that sweet sound – cha-ching!

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