3 Easy Steps to Attract Ideal Clients NOW! Part 3/3

3 Easy Steps to Attract Ideal Clients NOW! Part 3/3

This week we’re sharing 3 easy steps that you can use right now to attract and keep more of your favorite people to work with – Ideal Clients! So far, we’ve looked at: Unique Positioning and Fish Where the Fish Are. In this post, learn how to…

3. Reactivate Former Clients

It’s been proven time and time again – it’s easier to sell to an existing client than a new one. Be sure to use this to your advantage. Now is a terrific time to reconnect with your past clients and get caught up with them. You can find out what’s new, what their goals are and how you can help them reach their next level of wellness. Offer a special incentive to encourage them to come back. Make this a regular marketing event in your practice – annually, quarterly, whatever works best for you.

Find out exactly step-by-step how to boost your income with former clients in our affordable mini-course, The Prosperous Practice Client Reactivation Campaign.

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