3 Easy Steps to Attract New Clients! Part 1/2

3 Easy Steps to Attract New Clients! Part 1/2

To help you quickly get more clients, here are 3 simple steps that I’ve used for many years to bring new clients into my massage practice. How do I know this works? I’m booked solid!

Tip #1: Get Clear on Your Niche!

Lack of clarity about their niche group is the single biggest reason most holistic practitioners stay stuck in low income. Though it seems paradoxical, the more you narrow your niche, the more clients you will attract. General marketing attracts a small percentage of a large group; niche marketing attracts a large percentage of a small group. Which would you rather have?

Your niche market group is not something general, such as “those who want to improve their health” or “people who want to feel better.” Don’t be like the massage therapist who said her niche is, “Anybody with muscles.”

Think of your niche as a combination of:

– What you love to do

– Who you do it for

– What their challenge is

– What they are willing to do to resolve it

Your niche should clearly identify:

– Who you work with

– What their problem is

– How your service will help them.

Narrow down your wording until you get to a very basic practical description of their situation, challenge or problem.

Remember… your description of your niche should be so crystal clear that when anyone in the niche hears it, they’ll think you’re talking directly to them. “Oh, she’s talking to me! She understands exactly what my problem is and she knows how to fix it.”

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