3 Easy Steps to Attract New Clients! Part 2/2

3 Easy Steps to Attract New Clients! Part 2/2

For your marketing to help you grow attract more clients into your health biz, here are 3 simple steps I use to attract and keep ideal clients into my practice. I’m always booked up, so you know it works!

Tip #2: Deliver Tangible, Specific, Measurable Results!

The more you focus on the practical, tangible results clients get from working with you, the more clients you’ll have to work with in your health practice!

Even if you offer a non-tangible service, such as energy healing or intuitive readings, you can still focus on the results that your clients can expect. You simply need to explain the impact your service has on your clients’ lives – health, family life, work, finances, relationships, opportunities. I love seeing the look on my clients’ faces when they realize that the effects of our work together will be life-changing!

So make sure they are clear that they will be able to play with their kids again, or improve their golf game, or get relief from depression, or lose weight, or whatever it is you offer. Don’t do this in a phony way or make unrealistic claims. Be sure you’re able to deliver what you promise – and then do it!

Tip #3: Name Your Treatment Programs!

People love systems, because they explain in an organized way how to resolve a problem. It is helpful to systemize your health practice marketing in a way that clearly identifies your Ideal Client’s problem and your solution. One strategy to accomplish this is to name your treatment packages so that prospective clients can see the results they will get, simply by reading or hearing the name of a treatment, such as: “3 Easy Fixes for Computer Abuser Syndrome.” or “Pain in the Neck Solution” or “Golfer’s Hip Health.”

Do you see how the titles of these examples contain both the problem and the solution?

Overwhelm, stress and pain are rampant in our culture. People get caught up in – and are reluctant to change – lifestyles that create these conditions. For instance, an avid golfer is not likely to give up the game to avoid hip pain. So he needs a simple solution to relieve pain, without having to sacrifice his favorite fun activity.

And guess who has the solution he needs… Y.O.U!

Take a new look at how you work with clients. Then transform what you offer into a compelling, simple program or treatment. It helps people see they need what you have and then they’re eager to work with you!

You’re only a few sentences away from attracting new clients! All you need to do is:

1. Narrow down your niche;

2. List a few compelling results you provide;

3. Develop simple treatment packages that deliver those results!

Need a hand to hold while you take these and even more practice-building steps? Check out our marketing & mentoring systems! http://wp.me/p42qnM-VY

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