3 Simple Ways to Get Ideal Clients Now! Part 1/3

3 Simple Ways to Get Ideal Clients Now! Part 1/3

Do you cringe at the idea of marketing your holistic health practice? Well, you’re not alone!

Marketing seems overwhelming to many practitioners! But we’re about the change that – right here, right now! This aversion to marketing is simply because they haven’t yet learned the simple effective techniques and strategies that make marketing easy, fun and effective!

Marketing is just a matter of sharing your solution in a compelling way with people who are already looking for it! It’s easier to do this when you know exactly who you are marketing to – who your Ideal Client is. Here are 3 easy steps that you can use right now to attract and keep more of the people you’d love to work with!

1. Position Yourself to Spark Interest

Few health professionals realize that they are limiting themselves with their labels. Being a “chiropractor” or “nutritionist” may not spark much interest for the majority of people. Ho-hum – bo-or-ring!

Spice up your client-attraction factor by focusing on the benefits and results that you create for the clients you work with. For example:

“I help injury patients have less pain and heal faster.”
– “I help overweight women lose weight with healthy food choices.”

This phrasing serves 3 purposes:

1. It identifies your target market (in this case, injury patients).

2. It describes what you do and how you solve problems (help people have less pain)

3. It makes your work immediately attractive to someone who needs what you do.

You’re suddenly someone who solves problems instead of just another one of many practitioners whose cookie-cutter ads in the Yellow Pages all look the same!

Would you like to have clients lining up to see you? You can grow a large following when you set your business apart as unique and responsive to the needs of your niche! Learn how to find and attract a full schedule of Ideal Clients here: Steps to Success 6: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Your Target Market.

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