3 Simple Ways to Get Ideal Clients Now! Part 2/3

3 Simple Ways to Get Ideal Clients Now! Part 2/3

Get ready – here they come! New clients will be magnetically drawn into your holistic health practice when you follow these simple tips to find them and let them know how you can help with their health challenges!

2. Fish Where the Fish Are

Once you have your description down, you need to network with your ideal clients. But that doesn’t mean randomly going to networking events, or hoping to find an Ideal Client standing next to you in the checkout line! (Not that you would turn down business from those sources, but you need a strategy!)

You need to be strategic to connect with your target market where they meet or gather, instead of waiting for them to call or walk through your office door. Social media can make this a lot easier. Find groups, forums and networking events – virtual and live – that are popular with your ideal clients.

Find groups where your Ideal Clients gather. For example, if you work with athletes, find out where they go as a group, such as a gym or running group, and go there.

Look for local support groups for health conditions you specialize in. For example, my town has a support group for patients with chronic pain conditions. Become part of the community there and be the go-to resource for helpful information related to your service.

Have a monthly Doctors Lunch & Learn Day! Provide a healthy, affordable lunch such as a salad/sandwich/soup bar. Invite healthcare professionals who treat the same conditions as you. For example, invite OB docs, midwives & childbirth educators to your Lunch & Learn on Massage for Pregnancy; an orthopedic doc, physician’s assistant & physical therapist to learn about chiropractic care for muscle injuries. What’s your Lunch & Learn topic?

When you research your ideal clients and show up as a friendly, helpful resource, you’ll be the first person that they think of when they – or their patients – need what you offer!

Learn how to target your marketing to special healthcare populations and professionals with The Prosperous Practice Annual Healthcare Marketing Calendar. This valuable marketing tool is a yearly schedule of dates for acknowledgment, education and awareness of various medical conditions; health and wellness issues; and health career recognition dates.

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