3 Tips to Get New Wellness Clients!

3 Tips to Get New Wellness Clients!

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While visiting the websites of hundreds of wellness practitioners, I was struck by the number of sites that were “All about me, Me, ME!” on the home page.

Your website’s home page is often a prospect’s first exposure to you and your work. So make sure the home page is all about the clients! Use short bullet lists of your Ideal Client’s needs and your corresponding solutions. (And save all about you for your About Me page.)

Remember – when people are looking for a solution to a health problem, they don’t care about you and your credentials, your education, your techniques or anything about you. They only want to know how working with you will benefit them. So don’t try to impress people by talking about yourself – your training, your techniques, your equipment. Instead, make sure you educate your potential clients about the results they will get from working with you – not from massage, or acupuncture or chiropractic or counseling, or whatever your modality is – but specifically how working with you will help them.

Tip #1. Get Clear on Your Niche!

What’s your niche? Whether you pronounce it “nitch” or “neesh,” you need one!

You may think the best way to get lots of clients is to market to everyone! But you actually get more ideal clients by narrowing your niche to a small specific group. To identify your niche, spend some time asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is it that my current clients have in common?
  • How do I set myself apart from the competition?
  • What is different about the services or products that I offer?
  • What are the “extras” that I bring to the market?

Word your marketing materials so they speak to your ideal client as if you were having a conversation with them about their needs and your solutions. Fill your practice more quickly by narrowing your niche, defining exactly who you serve.

Your special gift will not be expressed at its highest potential if you work with people who don’t fit your Ideal Client profile. But that’s exactly what happens when you target a wide audience, instead of a small niche – specifying exactly who you will and will not accept as clients.

Tip #2: Deliver Tangible, Specific, Measurable Results!

The more you focus on the practical, tangible results clients get from working with you, the more clients you’ll have to work with. Even if you offer a less tangible wellness service, such as energy healing or intuitive readings, you can still focus on the tangible results that show up for your clients.

You simply need to focus on the impact your service has on your clients’ lives – health, family life, work, finances, relationships, opportunities – everything. I love seeing the look on my clients’ faces when they realize just how far-reaching our work together will be! So make sure they are clear that they will get back to work, or get out from under crippling pain or depression, lose weight, or whatever it is you offer. Don’t do this in a phony way or make unrealistic promises. Be sure you’re able to deliver what you promise – and then deliver it!

Tip #3: Create Treatment Programs!

People love systems – they explain in an organized way exactly what the problem is and how to eliminate it. So it is very helpful to name your programs and treatments in a way that potential clients can see their problem and the results they will get simply by reading or hearing the name of a treatment, such as “Easy Fix for Computer Abuser’s Syndrome” or “Pain in the Neck Solution” or “Golfer’s Hip Health” or “Eat Yourself Thin.”

Keep in mind that overwhelm, stress and pain are rampant in our culture. People get caught up in – but are reluctant to change – lifestyles that create these conditions. For instance, an avid golfer is not likely to give up the game to avoid hip pain. So they crave simple solutions that make it easy for them to meet their needs, relieve their pain, solve their problem.

Take a good look at how you work with clients and transform what you do into a compelling, simple program or treatment. You’ll be amazed at how this helps people understand how you can help them and they can’t wait to sign up to work with you!

You’re only a few sentences away from your next three clients! All you need to do is hone in on your niche, list a few compelling results you help people achieve and create your program to deliver those results!

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