3 FAST Ways to Get Great Clients!

3 FAST Ways to Get Great Clients!

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Do you run and hide at the mere mention of marketing your wellness practice? Well, you’re not alone!

Marketing seems overwhelming to many practitioners! But we’re about to change that – right here, right now! This market-phobia is simple because they haven’t yet learned simple and effective ways to make it easy and fun!

Marketing is simply a matter of sharing your solution in a compelling way with people who are already looking for it! It’s easier to do this when you know exactly who you are marketing to – who your Ideal Client is.

Here are 3 easy steps that you can use right now to attract and keep more of the people you’d love to work with!

  1. Position Yourself to Spark Interest

Do you limit yourself with a labels. Being a “chiropractor” or “nutritionist” may not spark much interest for the majority of people. Bo-or-ring!

Which of these two statements would most make you want to work with me:

  1. “I’m a marketing expert.”
  2. “I help struggling wellness entrepreneurs attract great clients and make more money in less time.”

I know, right?!

You can fire up your client-attraction factor by focusing on the benefits and results that you create for your clients. For example:

 “I help overweight women lose weight and keep it off.”

–  “I help injury patients have less pain and heal faster.”

This phrasing serves 3 purposes:

  1. It identifies your target market (overweight women/injury patients).
  2. It describes what you do, what problem you solve (lose weight/less pain).
  3. It attracts their attention (mentions their problem).

Suddenly you’re someone who solves problems instead of just another one of many practitioners whose cookie-cutter ads all look the same!

  1. Go Where They Gather

Once you have positioned yourself to draw interest, you need to network with your ideal clients where they meet or gather, instead of waiting for them to call or walk through your office door. Social media can make this a lot easier. Find groups, forums and networking events – virtual and live – that are popular with your ideal clients, such as:

– Groups where people in your niche gather. For example, if you work with athletes, think about where they go as a group, such as a gym or running group, and go there.

– Local support groups for health conditions you specialize in. Become part of that community and become their go-to resource for helpful information related to your service. For instance, I attend a support group for fibromyalgia patients, and let them know that my work can help relieve their pain.

– Host a monthly Lunch & Learn! Provide a simple, healthy lunch and invite healthcare professionals who treat the same conditions as you. For example, invite OB docs, midwives & childbirth educators to your Lunch & Learn on prenatal massage. Position yourself as an advocate to help their patients have a healthy, comfortable pregnancy. What’s your Lunch & Learn topic?

When you research your ideal clients and show up as a friendly, helpful resource, you’ll be the first person that they think of when they – or their patients – need what you offer!

3. Reactivate Former Clients

Have you thought of reaching out to former clients? Some practitioners shy away from previous customers, not wanting to risk rejection from that person again. But people can fall off our radar for many reasons. Clients often disappear without an explanation, but don’t take it personally. If it was a long-time or repeat client, their mysterious disappearance is usually because of a change in their life and not because of anything you did.

Studies have proved it’s easier to sell to an existing client than a new one. Be sure to use this to your advantage. Here’s how to welcome them back into wellness practice!

Make a friendly “just checking in” call and ask about the following:

  1. What’s new in their life and, especially, their health?
  2. How are they doing with the health challenge they originally came to you for? Remind them how they felt before they worked with you and the results they got. Example: “I remember your back pain was so bad you couldn’t work and our treatments helped you get back to work in 2 weeks. How are you feeling since you started back to work?”
  3. What are their health needs/goals now? Maybe their old problem has kicked up again, or maybe something else is bothering them. “Sounds like you need a tune-up! I’d like to invite you to come in for a special program called…”
  4. Make a time-limited offer, such as a special service or extra treatment time. Example: “For the next 2 weeks, we’re offering a complimentary hot stone massage with each Back-in-Action massage series.”

Reactivating former clients should become a regular marketing activity in your wellness practice – monthly, annually, quarterly, whatever works best for you.

Learn step-by-step exactly how to boost your income with former clients in our affordable mini-course – Welcome Back: The Prosperous Practice Client Reactivation Campaign.

Get ready – here they come! New clients will be magnetically drawn into your health practice when you follow these 3 simple tips:

1. Go where they gather!

2. Position yourself strategically!

3. Reactivate former clients!

We’d love to hear how these strategies work for you Please share in the Comments below!

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