New Year’s Quick-Money Month – Week 3: Reactivate Former Clients – Part 2/3

New Year’s Quick-Money Month – Week 3: Reactivate Former Clients – Part 2/3

Do you have some former clients who have dropped off your radar? Beam them back in! You can bring back more than half of your former clients who haven’t been in for a while, with this simple client attraction tactic: Reactivate Former Clients!

How should you contact former clients who dropped off your radar? Do a “Get in Touch Campaign” especially designed to attract prodigal clients back into your holistic health practice. They are relatively easy to re-enroll, because you have already established the know-like-trust factor with them and they have experienced the benefits of your work.

Now you will reach out to them once or twice a week for several weeks, using a combination of methods – postcard, phone call, email – until they respond. Don’t do a hard sell. Just let them know you’re thinking about them, that you hope they’re doing well, and that you’d be happy to help them get back on track with regular care or a wellness tune-up. Make a re-introductory offer – a small discount, extra treatment time, a special service, gift or amenity – to motivate them to call and to welcome them back when they come in.

It’s worth your time to tap into this rich source of business! Reactivate Former Clients, help them get the care they need and give your holistic health practice an income boost!

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