6 Ways to Get New Clients NOW! Part 1/2

6 Ways to Get New Clients NOW! Part 1/2

I’ve seen it a lot – entrepreneur health practitioners unconsciously sabotage their income by not marketing, causing their client flow to slow down, or even stop.

Then what happens? Anxiety attacks! A rush of desperate marketing! Sleepless nights! Sound familiar? I know! I’ve been through this uncomfortable experience more times than I can count! But that was before I learned strategic methods to attract a full schedule of Ideal Clients! Now you can bypass years of struggle and insomnia, and go straight to success!

Does your holistic health practice struggle? Does it fall short of your dreams, ideals and goals? Is this the life of prosperity and freedom you envisioned for yourself as a healthcare entrepreneur? Do you ever wonder if it’s worth the stress – but you love your work so much that you can’t imagine not doing it?

As entrepreneurs, we are creative by nature, and our businesses are a personal expression of views, our values and our vision.  But business is about more than vision and values. The purpose of a business is to make money. And consistent clients are the key to consistent income.

It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Yet why do some practitioners flounder, while others flourish? What is the solution to inconsistent client flow and the erratic income it produces?

Complete this popular motivational phrase: “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll get __________. “ An important step in growing your client base is to decide that you’re ready to get off this crazy income roller coaster that keeps you in a frazzle of uncertainty, instability and stress. You realize that to make a change, you have to… well, make a change – so that you don’t get… “what you’ve always got.”

The goal is to create a steady stream of clients flowing in to your business, to keep your income growing and to generate more cash flow!

Does that sound too difficult? You can do it – I know you can! I went from struggling hippie single mom on welfare, doing massage in my spare bedroom while my kids napped, to where I am now – entrepreneur owner of two health-related businesses – a thriving multi-therapist medical massage clinic and a growing marketing and mentoring program for holistic practitioners! I’m not saying this to brag. I’m telling you this to encourage, inspire and motivate you.  If I can do it, you can do it! 

Think how you will feel when you successfully grow your business, support your lifestyle, pay off debt, save for your future and have more fun! Here are 6 ways to get started:

Now, with that decision made – to get off the income roller coaster – what’s the next step? It’s to attract clients – not by wishing and hoping, not by randomly marketing with no plan, but by strategically using a series of proven-effective marketing techniques! While there are thousands of marketing methods to choose from, here we will focus on 6 strategies that involve picking fruit! Low-hanging fruit, that is – marketing geek-speak for potential clients who are already familiar with your work – either existing clients or people who know what you do but never actually had a session with you. (I call these potential clients “Ripe Peaches” – ready for picking!)

Many practitioners experience astounding results within a few days of using these strategies! Your results will depend on how proactively you implement them. Please do not reject these tips as being too simple… or too difficult! Doing so could cost you new clients… and their potential referrals. These strategies have been proven to work, so give them a try and share your results with us!

Tip #1: Ask Clients for Referrals

– Give them a few Introductory Coupons, and ask them to pass the coupons along to people they know who could benefit from your services.                                     – Craft a brief email they can send to their contacts, offering a Discovery Session with you. Keep the note brief and friendly. Then ask your clients to send it to a minimum of 5 people who would be a great fit for working with you. Offer them a little incentive gift simply for participating.                                                    – Set up a Referral Rewards Program, such as: Refer 5 Clients – Get a Full-Session Treatment. Sometimes I give an extra gift – a treatment product or a Jamba Juice gift card, for example. If it’s a really great referral – say they purchase a treatment package – I give a higher-value gift, such as concert tickets or a restaurant gift certificate.  Believe me, it’s worth the investment! What reward will you give your clients for making referrals?

Tip #2: Client Appreciation Week

When was the last time you gave something special to your existing clients? Don’t take your tried-and-true clients for granted! They’ve been keeping your business afloat, so be sure to thank them periodically for their ongoing support with a special gift of acknowledgment.

Mark Client Appreciation Week on your calendar every quarter. Go ahead – take a little break right now and go schedule your first Client Appreciation Week on your marketing calendar!  Announce it on your website, blog, ezine and social media sites! Post signs in your office! Have your gift or offer in place and present it to every client who visits your office that week! Send the offer via postal mail or email to those who don’t have appointments that week.

Some suggestions for Client Appreciation Gifts are: A new or special service or product, such as a new technique you just learned; give a product from your retail line or use it in the client’s session.  

What new service or product can you offer you clients? What’s the date of your Client Attraction Week?

NEXT POST: 6 Ways to Get New Clients NOW! Part 2/2: More tips to grow your holistic health practice!

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