8 Tips to Solve the Social Media Puzzle! Part 1/2

8 Tips to Solve the Social Media Puzzle – Part 1/2

Social media is all about keeping your clients and followers interested, engaged and entertained. Growing your list of subscribers is the primary goal, and relationship-building is the primary way to accomplish this. The best way to relate with your client is to share helpful, relevant information. But info in social media has a shorter shelf life than butter in the sun. People are constantly looking for innovative ideas and fresh content!

Are you a drive-by post-er? You have a few minutes between clients, so you quickly post 10 Facebook updates in a row – including photos of your lunch and your cat’s surgery scar (that’s a whole other article!) – to cover your next 3 hours of appointments. That’s a haphazard way to create the crucial know-like-relationship to attract people to your list. Consistency is the key to building that bond!

While there’s a whole array of social media platforms, Facebook seems to be the current favorite among health-oriented users. So to save you some time here, let’s focus on tips for Facebook. You can modify these suggestions for other social media sites where you engage with potential Ideal Clients and people who can refer them.

By now, you may be wondering: Exactly how do I maintain online involvement while running my practice, raising my family and managing my life? Here are 8 ways to make your life easier by managing the content on your Facebook Fan Page – to minimize your time and maximize your social media result:

1. Schedule Your Posts

Not only is this a time-saver – it will also give you a more consistent social media presence! Facebook has a handy tool – right there where you post updates. After entering your post, and before clicking on the “Post” button, find the little clock icon in the left corner below your post. This allows you to pre-schedule the day, hour and minute when you want your message or image to show up on your page. Then – ta-da ♫ – it magically shows up on your page at the appointed time! Easy-breezy – saves you tons of time and gives you peace of mind to know your posts are automatically going out and attracting clients while you’re busy with other things – like working with all those new clients you’re attracting!

I used to enter my posts manually, one-at-a-time, throughout the day, whenever I could fit it in between appointments – time-consuming and inconsistent! Then I wised up and hired a teen tech intern to pre-schedule them for me – for ten buck$ a week! It takes her a few minutes per day to keep my page updated for readers, my content fresh for search engines and connections formed with Facebook Friends and Fans!

2. Assess Your Content

If your content doesn’t get many likes, shares or comments, consider re-writing it. Assess how you are trying to connect with your Facebook fans. What kind of content are you sharing, and more importantly – how are you sharing it? New York Times best-selling biz author, Gary Vaynerchuck, offers some effective questions to ask yourself when creating Facebook content:

– Is the text too long?

– Is it thought-provoking, entertaining or surprising?

– Is the photo relevant to the post?

– Is your logo visible?

– Have you chosen the right format for the post?

– Do you include a link to your website?

– Do you have an opt-in box to your website on your Facebook page?

– Is your content interesting to anyone else?

– Is it authentic?

– Do you expect too much of the reader?

To attract and keep engagement as consistent as possible, it’s vital to have content that is relevant, timely, entertaining, informative, actionable and targeted for your niche!

3. Maintain the Relationship

When others “Like” your post, make a point to write a comment or question – to increase readers’ participation even more. For instance, you can simply say: “I’d love to know exactly what you like about this post.” Or you can ask: “What action can you take to implement this idea in your social media strategy?” Answering a question also encourages “Likers” to “engage on your page!”

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