8 Steps to Social Media Success!

8 Steps to Social Media Success!

social_mediaMemory crisis! You know… when you walk to another room to get something, and by the time you get there, you’ve forgotten what you needed! “Now why did I come in here?”

I had that happen the other day (lots of days, actually – LOL!). While waiting for my last massage client of the day to get dressed, I quickly scanned my messages and sent appointment reminders to the next day’s clients. But something kept nagging at the back of my mind – the feeling that I was forgetting to do something!

Just then my client emerged from the massage room and we booked her next appointment. As she was leaving, she turned and said, “By the way, your chocolate chip cookie story on Facebook was hilarious!”

Facebook – HA! That triggered my aging memory! Suddenly I remembered what I almost forgot to do: create new content for my social media sites!

Social media is all about keeping your clients and followers engaged and entertained. Growing your list of subscribers is the primary goal – and relationship-building is the best way to accomplish this. Connect with potential clients by sharing helpful, relevant information.

But information on social media has a shorter shelf life than fresh produce at the market! Sometimes, it seems I’ve just barely finished one post and it’s time for the next one already!

Are you a drive-by poster? You have an hour before your next appointment, so you quickly post 10 Facebook updates in a row! That’s a haphazard way to build the crucial know-like-trust factor. Consistency is the key to building that relationship with your social media readers.

People have a wide variety of favorite social media sites, but for holistic health, Facebook is the most populated site. So in the interests of space and time here, we focus on steps for Facebook. Exactly how do you keep reader interest high while running your practice and managing your life?

Here are 8 ways to manage the content on your Facebook fan page to maximize your social media engagement:

1. Schedule Your Posts

This time-saver will save you lots of time and help you be more consistent! Facebook has a handy little tool – right there where you post updates. Before clicking on the “post” button, find the small clock in the left corner below your post. This allows you to pre-schedule the day, hour and minute when you want your message or image to post on Facebook. Then – ta-da ♫ – it magically pops up on your page at the appointed time! I used to enter my posts individually every couple hours all day. Then I wised up and hired a teen tech intern to pre-schedule them for me! I pay her for a few minutes per day to keep my page updated for readers, my content fresh for search engines and my bonds forged with Facebook Friends and Fans!

2. Assess Your Content

If your content doesn’t get many likes, shares or comments, consider re-writing it. Re-assess how you are trying to connect with your Facebook fans. What kind of content are you sharing and, more importantly, how are you sharing it? Social media expert Gary Vaynerchuck offers some effective questions to ask yourself when creating Facebook content:

Is the text too long? Is it thought-provoking, entertaining, or surprising? Is the photo relevant to the post? Is your logo visible? Have you chosen the right format for the post? Is this content interesting to anyone else? Is it authentic? Are you asking too much of the reader?

To attract and keep engagement as consistent as possible, it is vital to have the right content – relevant, timely, entertaining, informative and/or actionable.

3. Maintain the Relationship

When others like your post, make a point to write a comment or question to increase the engagement even more. For instance, you can simply ask: “Hi Mary, I‘d love to know exactly you like about this post.” If a post gets a lot of likes, you can ask an additional question in the comments, such as: “How will you use this tip to improve your health?” Or share your answer to a question, to encourage the “likers” to participate.

4. Be Consistent

Post new content daily and keep a manageable number of posts on the page. You are trying to build a relationship, so if you can’t commit to posting three times a day consistently, then post just once a day, 7 days a week. This should not be a problem if you use the Facebook pre-schedule feature mentioned above. You can even sit down for an hour and pre-schedule your posts for an entire week! (Assuming you have them written!) This consistency is more effective than many posts per day, then nothing for a few days.

5. Check Your Insights

Check to see which of your posts attract the most attention and keep a balance or variety of different types of posts. They can include: photos, article links, videos, blog posts and more. Stay aware of constantly shifting Facebook trends. A few months ago, photos or images boosted interest; recent data shows that straight content gets more comments. Facebook has improved the tools that give us info about your posts, so make a point to review this weekly.

6. Share with Industry Experts

Share pages or groups to build your credibility. Select non-competitive pages or groups popular with your target market. For instance, if you are trying to reach females age 30-50 looking for pain relief, where do they go on Facebook? What local community pages or groups do they join? Once you narrow this focus, start sharing content from their page to yours. Make comments and contribute to the conversation without spamming or self-promoting. When you share your knowledge in an authentic way on Facebook, your expertise will become evident and others will start to seek you out. This easy process should take you less than 3 minutes a  day.

7. Get Personal!

Connect with your audience by personalizing your posts. People will pay attention more if they feel like you are talking directly to them. Write your post as if you are having a conversation with one person.  It’s fine to primarily post business content, but spice it up here and there with some personality and glimpses of your life. Show your personal – but not private – side! Your readers will relate to you more easily if they feel like they know you. Sharing your life and personality will help forge the know-like-trust bond. Your readers will appreciate you speaking to them – increasing your likes, shares and comments!

8. Be Descriptive

Post your photos with a description, tagging people in the photo, filling in “where the photo was taken” with your page name and if relevant, include a website link or call-to-action. When you optimize images with your page name, it drives up your traffic. When you tag someone in a photo, it not only alerts that fan, but that fan’s friends are also notified, they want to see what their friends are up to and in the process find themselves on your page.

It’s Easy – Like Eating an Elephant!

This may seem like a lot to remember or implement. Treat it like eating an elephant – one bite at a time! Start with one of these 8 tips, use it long enough to become a routine, then add another strategy, and another as you become comfortable. Remember when you first started learning your modality? It seemed like there was too much to remember. But soon, you developed a habit and it became automatic. Apply that same mindset to your social media management. Follow the steps, be patient, keep practicing and soon it will be second nature to expand your holistic health practice with… 8 Steps to Social Media Success!

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