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Please take the time to read the following Interview with Donna before hiring her to help with marketing your holistic health practice.

Donna Thomas is a marketing mentor who helps wellness practitioners create and maintain a fulfilling and successful career. As a wellness professional for over 40 years, Donna knows the challenges of following your passion while striving for success. She is inspired and committed to help you create sustainable success in your health practice!

How long have you been doing this and how did you become a marketing expert?

To answer this question, let me share my background and tell you how it led me to start a marketing program for entrepreneur health practitioners on exactly how to make more money by attracting a steady supply of ideal clients.


Throughout my long, fulfilling career in massage therapy, I worked as an independent contractor in a number of healthcare settings – a pain clinic, a chiropractic clinic, two rehab facilities, several doctors’ offices and a hospital. The doctors in these various medical settings kept me busy with a constant stream of referrals – committed clients with interesting diagnoses who invested in my long-term treatment packages for on-going care.

My final contractor position in the healthcare industry was my dream job – in a brand-new innovative hospital where I integrated a hospital-based massage program with conventional medical care. After 10 years in professional heaven, the hospital administration wanted to hire me as an employee. Not tempted to give up my entrepreneurial freedom and flexibility, I decided to leave the hospital position and hang my shingle for Pacific Massage Services on my very own shiny new medical massage clinic!

Wow – that’s a big step to take! How did you get clients after you went solo?

To be honest, at first I was clueless about marketing! I quickly realized that the benefits of being a contractor had a flip side! I had not learned how to market my services because I had never needed to do so. Yikes – for the first time in my 20-year career, I needed to generate my own clientele! I soon saw that simply hanging out my sign and printing business cards weren’t gonna cut it!

As professional assets, I had effective skills, a good reputation and many years of clinical experience. But when it came to marketing, I was at a loss! I needed more clients – and I needed them fast! I became stressed, anxious and sleep-deprived!

How did you overcome this obstacle and become so successful? 

Initially, I learned how not to do it by making all the classic marketing mistakes:

  • I offered my services to anyone and everyone, instead of defining my niche.
  • I discounted my fees because I didn’t believe people would pay top dollar for my services.
  • I sold sessions by the hour instead of prepaid treatment packages.
  • I marketed like crazy when I was desperate for clients and ignored marketing when I was booked and busy.
  • My marketing efforts were random and disorganized. I had no system to keep my marketing on track.

Then… one lucky day, I received an unsolicited email about a marketing program for entrepreneur massage therapists – exactly what I needed at exactly the right time! Believing that happy coincidences are actually answered prayers, I purchased the program, implemented the lessons and quickly got good results – more clients and more money!


As helpful as this program was, it was not the perfect match for me. Something was missing – a deeper connection. Then I had another coincidence – a coach who targets women entrepreneurs with a spirit-based, step-by-step system that blends mindset beliefs, personal growth and marketing. Perfect? Almost! But not being a massage therapist, her marketing strategies were not designed specifically for my profession.

In a flash of inspiration, I realized that I could create a personalized program for myself, customized with everything I needed for my business – massage, marketing, mindset, spirituality and systems – all from a woman’s perspective! So I developed a marketing plan for my practice that combined all of these elements.

How well did your “homemade” marketing system work for you?

Well, I’ve always been a Do-It-Yourselfer with my hobbies and other interests – arts and crafts, cooking, studying nerdy things, and so forth. So it was natural for that to carry over into a marketing plan for my business! Plus I was pinching every penny twice at that point! But very soon, I was amazed and delighted to see my customized marketing system work like magic! It quickly attracted even more ideal clients and more income! I concentrated on my niche – people with myofascial injuries and chronic pain conditions. Almost effortlessly, my treatment packages attracted dozens of Ideal Clients! Patients raved about my work to their doctors, who started referring other patients for help with injuries and chronic pain! And they all  helped spread the word and made referrals – it was a snowball effect!

How were you able to handle this fast growth in your massage business? 

It was exciting and challenging! But the fast business growth caused me to start burning out with stress, fatigue and over-use injuries. So I learned how to leverage my time by hiring another therapist to help me with the extra client load and a clinic assistant to help with chores, freeing up more of my time for attracting clients and working with clients. Soon, following my marketing system, we were so busy that we needed more space!

As my client base continued to grow, we moved twice in 18 months – each time into a larger office! I brought in five more massage therapists and another assistant.  Not only was my income steadily increasing, I was also helping other practitioners thrive in their careers. We were all achieving our professional goals to help many people improve their health!


How has your success with marketing helped others? 

First and foremost, it has helped me to achieve my professional vision and goal since the beginning of my career – to help as many people as possible feel better and function better in their lives. The income this provided me allowed me to raise three fabulous sons as a single parent. Marketing success has also allowed me to provide jobs for practitioners and clinic staff, thus improving their incomes and contributing financially to our community. And now, marketing helps me guide other practitioners to success in their holistic health practices!

My success created curiosity among other practitioners in my town, who wanted to know my secrets! They asked: “How do you get so many clients?” and “How do you keep the same clients coming back for years?” and “Can you teach me how to do this in my practice?” So I just casually shared some random marketing tips here and there with a few colleagues, and they also got more clients and more income!

This led to my big epiphany! Perhaps I could create an entirely new business – devoted to helping many more practitioners grow, succeed and thrive!

And so I created The Prosperous Practice, a marketing system for spirit-based holistic practitioners, that every solo healthcare provider can use to get more clients, make more money and have more freedom and flexibility, both professionally and personally.

I am now committed to helping you, a self-employed holistic health practitioner, grow your business quickly and simply with info-products, group programs and private coaching from The Prosperous Practice.

How can someone get started with The Prosperous Practice?


First of all, sign up for our Free Mini-Course: “Small Steps to Big Success – Over 200 Ways to Attract and Keep Ideal Clients.” It will be delivered to your inbox in increments, every day for an entire week! 

As a Bonus Gift with your no-cost mini-course, you will also receive a free subscription to The Prosperous Practice Marketing Message, our weekly email newsletter. It’s fully-loaded with high-value information that you can easily use to get more clients and make more money! And our blog, focusing on a new theme each week, gives you even more mindset and marketing information to grow a successful practice!

I invite you to call or email me to schedule a No-Cost Discovery Session. Together we will discover which of our programs is the best one to help you create your very own Prosperous Practice!  I look forward to working with you!

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