About The Prosperous Practice


Helps you to quickly…

~ Overcome mindset obstacles that limit your business growth!

~ Attract more Ideal Clients and make more money!

~ Achieve a deep sense of personal satisfaction!

…and supports you over the long-term to…

~ Help more people with your wellness services!

~ Leverage your time and money by hiring helpers!

~ Become known for your experience, expertise and excellence!

~ Make more money with loyal, long-term clients!

~ ~ Work less and enjoy life more by working smarter and easier!

Whatever career stage you’re in…

~ Newly-licensed practitioner at the beginning of your career

~ Seasoned professional with years of experience

~ Previously employed and now starting your own business…

 The Prosperous Practice gives you effective solutions to your marketing challenges!


History of The Prosperous Practice

Aloha! I’m Donna Thomas, a marketing mentor for wellness practitioners. I have been a wellness consultant and massage therapist in Hawaii since 1976. After 25 years of providing massage therapy in medical and wellness settings, I decided to open my own  clinic.

For the first time in my career, I needed to generate my own clientele. Up to that point, my marketing experience was limited, because my clients had always been referred by doctors in the various medical facilities where I worked as a self-employed contractor. Suddenly needing more clients fast, I became anxious, worried and sleep-deprived! 

I found a couple of helpful online marketing programs customized for massage therapists, but I wanted more mindset awareness – a more heart-centered approach to doing business. So I designed my own marketing system with everything I needed – massage, marketing, mindset and mindfulness.

I was amazed at the results! Over the next eighteen months, my practice grew fast, attracting more clients than I could handle on my own! Burning out with stress, fatigue and overuse injuries, I reduced my work hours. And…my profits increased, as my growing staff took over much of the client work. Then I casually shared some simple marketing tips with a few colleagues who were curious about my rapid business growth, and they too got more clients and made more money! 

This inspired me to start a new venture helping self-employed health practitioners expand their businesses. And so I developed The Prosperous Practice, a step-by-step marketing system that helps spirit-based holistic health professionals like you get more clients and make more money, while gaining more freedom and flexibility in their professional and personal lives.

I look forward to helping you achieve the success that you want, need and deserve!

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  1. Jessica – I’m glad you like my blog! Thanks for stopping by and let me know if I can help you!

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