Frequently Asked Questions

Please take the time to read the following section before enrolling in The Prosperous Practice!

What is The Prosperous Practice and what does it include?

The Prosperous Practice is a series of content-rich info-products and high-value coaching programs for wellness entrepreneurs. It is designed to help you, as a self-employed health practitioner, grow a successful practice with systems for start-up, steady growth and future sustainability.

Learn more about our marketing programs for holistic health practitioners!

What results can I expect from enrolling in one of your programs?

When using The Prosperous Practice as recommended, you can expect to:

~ Overcome self-limiting beliefs and attitudes that sabotage your growth!

~ Identify and attract Ideal Clients who get great results and send you referrals!

~ Create compelling marketing that makes Ideal Clients want to work with you!

~ Stand out as unique in a competitive market!

~ Quickly show positive results in the growth of your practice!

~ Learn to network and educate people so they send you referrals!

~ Establish a fee structure that supports a comfortable lifestyle!

~ Create packages and programs that attract and keep loyal, long-term clients!

~ Make more money by following the program step-by-step!

~ Enjoy more money and more freedom with simple client-management strategies!

~ Connect with your ideal clients inexpensively in large numbers!

~ Sell your services comfortably and authentically without being pushy or desperate!

~ Become known as an expert in your field!

~ Maintain your momentum with systems designed to maintain growth and success!

~ Create stay-in-touch marketing vehicles to keep you fresh in your clients’ minds!

~ Achieve your goals in less time with better results!

~ Use proven techniques that bring quick results!

~ Create more public visibility for yourself and your practice!

~ Enjoy more freedom and flexibility with creative self-employment!

~ Stop struggling to get clients with automated consistent marketing systems!

Who are your clients?

I work exclusively with self-employed holistic health and wellness practitioners. My clients are excellent at their professional skills but they have challenges in marketing to attract and keep clients and in earning a consistently high income. This is simply because they have never been taught how to set up marketing strategies into organized systems that consistently bring a steady stream of clients flowing in to their practices.

The health and wellness professionals I work with include: Acupuncturists, Aromatherapists, Audiologists, Biofeedback Practitioners, Body Workers-Various Types, Case Managers, Childbirth Educators, Chiropractors, Counselors, Day Care Providers–Child/Adult/Elderly/Disabled, Dentists/Hygienists, Estheticians, Family Counselors, Fitness Instructors, Health Counselors, Homeopaths, Life Coaches, Marriage Counselors, Massage Therapists, Medical Doctors, Meditation Teachers, Midwives, Naturopathic Doctors, Neuromuscular Therapists, Nurse Practitioners, Nursing Home Owners, Nutritionists, Occupational Therapists, Pastors, Personal Chefs, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Psychologists, Reflexologists, Retirement Homes, Social Workers, Spa Owners, Spiritual Counselors, Yoga Instructors.

In other words, I work with any and all dedicated and committed Physical, Mental, Metaphysical and Spiritual Health Practitioners!

Can you help me if you haven’t worked with people in my field?

It would be my privilege and honor to help you succeed with your wellness practice! Regardless of your specific profession or modality, the same principles of marketing apply to all types of businesses, in any stage of development:

You have a new or struggling business.

You are in transition from employee to entrepreneur.

You are an experienced professional who wants even more success. 

The Prosperous Practice works great for practitioners who follow the steps of the programs and implement all the lessons completely and in chronological order. Here’s what makes my clients the practitioners who attract the most clients and make the most money:

~ Fresh perspectives and creative strategies.

~ Innovative marketing activities.

~ Effective resources.

~ Learn how to stand out as unique in the competitive wellness industry. 

There are so many marketing coaches these days. What makes you different?

I am unique as a marketing mentor in several ways:

~ I work exclusively with wellness entrepreneurs, while most marketing coaches are generalists who help business owners in a wide range of different fields.

~ My 44 years of experience is your shortcut to success! I offer tried and true marketing strategies customized specifically for marketing the small wellness business, while many business coaches go into consulting or coaching as a second career, having previously worked in an unrelated field. 

~ My coaching is based on my long-term experience as a health professional, while other health biz coaches were practitioners for only a short time before going into coaching.

~ I walk my talk. The marketing strategies I teach are ones that I have used with successful results in my own practice. Because my niche is small, I provide clear, focused expertise based on my own success in attracting and keeping a steady base of loyal Ideal Clients.

~ Another crucial difference between The Prosperous Practice and other coaching programs is that our marketing system is based on The Prosperous Practice Annual Wellness Marketing Calendar, our own unique annual schedule of the monthly healthcare recognition dates that have been established by the medical professions and government for dozens of health and medical-related illnesses, injuries and conditions. This feature is unique to The Prosperous Practice you won’t find it in any other health business marketing program. It will allow you to further refine your niche every month, as you use this calendar to attract patients who have specific conditions, by targeting them and their other health care providers with your keep-in-touch marketing materials.

What type of person do you work with and what do you expect of your clients?

The Prosperous Practice info-products, courses and programs were created for serious, dedicated healthcare professionals who excel at their care skills but need to strengthen their marketing – to become known in their communities as experts in their fields.

I would enjoy working with you if you want to:

~ Take personal responsibility with a no-excuses approach.

~ Attract and keep more clients who are loyal and committed.

Grow a busy practice with a full schedule of Ideal Clients.

~ Work smarter not harder to expand your success.

~ Help people get well and stay well

The work we’ll do together to grow your practice is an action-oriented learning experience. Being a strongly motivated high-achiever myself, I work best with other committed, highly motivated achievers who will:

~ Recognize positive mindset as the foundation for a healthy business.

~ Be open to new ways of doing business.

~ Finish their assignments completely and on time.

~ Implement the recommended strategies in order and quickly.

~ Integrate the new knowledge and techniques into their healthcare practices.

I work only with people who commit to keeping up with the program and follow through with consistent action. This is how they will achieve their goals of providing healthcare to as many people as possible. My no-excuses approach brings my clients professional success – with the consistent income and the deep personal satisfaction that comes from a job well done!

What type of person is not right for your program?

Our informational products can be purchased by any and all wellness practitioners who want to expand their businesses.

For my one-on-one coaching programs, I’m very selective and I hand-pick my coaching clients based on an application process.

I respectfully decline to work with people who whose learning style and work ethic won’t get them the results for which the program was designed.

The Prosperous Practice is a whine-free zone! Because I have a gentle but tough-love approach, I don’t work with: chronic complainers, skeptics, excuse-makers, or those who challenge the principles and practices of the program. If this is your attitude, I respectfully ask that you find someone else to help you learn marketing. We probably wouldn’t work well together and I sincerely want both of us to get the best possible return on our investment of time and money.

The Prosperous Practice is also not effective for a practitioner who is in a stressful financial situation. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or overnight success. I have noticed that people who are distracted by money struggles have more challenges doing the work that is required for success. If you are presently under financial strain, I understand, because I too have been broke with a capital B – before I figured out the marketing and mindset aspects of running a successful business. I want to support your success by asking that you follow this 4-step plan to stabilize your finances before enrolling in The Prosperous Practice:

1. Subscribe to our free ezine, The Prosperous Practice Marketing Message, in the box on the right side of this page. This weekly newsletter is loaded with high-value tips and information that you can use immediately to jump-start your practice to achieve and maintain success. Start moving toward your goals now!

2. Find or keep a full-time or part-time job to supplement your health practice income for a while, so you can stabilize your financial situation with more peace of mind and less stress. This will allow you to focus fully and get the best results from your no-cost ezine lessons. Once you have regular clients as a result of your first few simple marketing efforts, you can then start reducing your time at the extra job and shift more focus to your self-employment.

3. Listen to the free teleseminars listed in our ezine, The Prosperous Practice Marketing Message, and announced in special emails available only to our subscribers. These mini-classes will give you plenty of content-rich information to think about and work on until you’re in a better position to invest in one of our paid programs.

4. Invest in our affordable guidebooks, Steps to Success Mini-Courses, a lower-cost option to learn and implement simple step-by-step marketing, before progressing to the more comprehensive information in The Prosperous Practice Home Study System.

Doing these 4 things will help you prepare for our work together. When your finances are more stable, call us to schedule a Discovery Session to determine the perfect program that will take your wellness business to the next level of success!

How quickly can I expect results?

Your success rate depends on a variety of factors:

~ How long you’ve been in business.

~ How thoroughly you complete your assignments.

~ How quickly you implement the strategies you learn.

Our clients who take quick, decisive and complete action see results within a few weeks – in the form of more new clients, more long-term clients, more referrals, more income and more peace of mind.

How can be sure that I will get more clients and make more money?

Understand that The Prosperous Practice is not a quick fix for a floundering business. It is a process that can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years, depending on your goals, your follow-through and the level of action you take.

Marketing is like gardening – it takes time, persistence and patience to prepare the soil, plant the seeds and wait for the plants to grow and mature. You don’t pick the flowers on the same day you plant the seeds!

Use the program in the way it was designed to be used. simply reading through it will not give you results. You have to actually do the assignments and implement all the techniques in the step-by-step process. That said, most of our clients quickly start getting great results – in the form of more clients and more money – usually within a few weeks, and often just a few days!

Clients who diligently apply every step of The Prosperous Practice successfully grow their businesses and make more money in less time than they would without these effective techniques and strategies.

There’s no reason to believe your results would be different. If you  guarantee to follow the course as designed, we guarantee your successful results!

Will I recover my investment in this program?

In a word – yes! Definitely! Many clients recover their investment quickly, others take longer. Again, it depends on you -the time you invest and how consistently you follow the step-by-step program. The information and skills in The Prosperous Practice will definitely move your business forward – the rate of growth is all up to you and the amount of personal responsibility you take. I can give you the information, and it’s up to you to implement it in your practice for great results.

What you’re investing in with this program:

~ Strategies, tactics and information designed to expand your business growth.

~ Results in the form of more clients, more income, more satisfaction. 

~ Yourself and your future with a thriving business that supports you well and helps your clients have a healthier life.

What’s the next step?

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably very interested in The Prosperous Practice as the marketing program you need to grow your wellness practice and expand your success!

Here’s how to get started:

We have plenty of useful information to help you clearly understand the quality of our curriculum, and see for yourself that The Prosperous Practice has the right marketing programs for you and your wellness practice. Here are our three no-cost resources:

~ Small Steps to Big Success: Over 200 Tips to Attract and Keep Ideal Clients. This FREE MINI-COURSE is loaded with simple ideas you can use now and throughout your career to grow and sustain a thriving practice. Sign up in the box on the right and it will arrive in your inbox within moments, so you can start implementing these effective tips today!

~ The Prosperous Practice Marketing Message. As a Bonus Gift with your Free Report, you will also receive a free subscription to our weekly email newsletter. Every issue contains valuable information and practice-building tips that you can use immediately to attract more Ideal Clients and make more money!

~ The Prosperous Practice Blog. We add new posts weekly, for even more business ideas that will add value to the services you provide.

After you have explored our high-content, high-value free resources, call or email us to schedule your No-Cost Discovery Session, and we will help you discover which of our programs and products are best-suited for the growth of your wellness business. We look forward to helping you succeed with your very own Prosperous Practice!

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  1. I’d love to talk with you to see if this is something that would help me realize the practice I’d dream of.

    • Aloha Carla –
      Thanks for your interest in The Prosperous Practice!
      I am so pleased to offer you a complimentary Discovery Session to see which of our programs would be the best fit for your dream practice!
      I am in Hawaii time zone. I usually do Discovery Sessions on Wed. I can schedule you for Wed Jan 3 or Jan 10 between 11 am – 4 pm Hawaii time. If these dates/times don’t work for you, please let me know your best options. I have flexibility on other days, depending on my clinic appointments. I look forward to speaking with you soon!
      E ola (To your health!)
      Donna Thomas, LMT
      The Prosperous Practice

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