Ask Your Clients This Magic Question!

Ask Your Clients This Magic Question!

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Sometimes during a session, a client will ask you how often most people come in, or how many treatments you think she will need. A good answer at this point is to say, “What I feel in your body during the treatment, and your response to it, help me assess your needs. So I don’t know until I’m done exactly what you will need in terms of ongoing treatment. We’ll be discussing this after your session, but right now, you’ll get the best benefits if you just let yourself focus on today’s session. How does that sound to you?” (This is a massage scenario, but of course you would customize this script for your specialty.)

After the session, you can simply ask your client, “How do you feel?” Most people will be very positive and enthusiastic. They often say, “When do you think I should come back?” giving you the perfect opportunity to talk about the value of ongoing care and enroll them in a treatment package.

Your response is geared to show the client that your goal is for her to get better. You might say something like: “Your [problem area] needs more work. If you wait too long between sessions, we start from the beginning each time and healing is slower. But if you come back for [number] sessions close together, you will progress more quickly. Once we get [the problem] under control, then you can cut back to monthly maintenance treatments to keep it from developing again.” (A script like this can be modified for many different healthcare modalities.)

Your customers are much more than just a revenue stream; they each present an opportunity to forge a long-lasting partnership. An attitude of caring and some positive thought can go a long way toward converting first-time customers into repeat clients.

But what if your client doesn’t mention continuing treatment? Then it’s up to you to bring up the subject!  And this is where you ask – ta-da! – the Magic Question:


This simple magic question works like magic to keep clients coming back and it helps guide them into becoming loyal long-term clients!

“Would you like another appointment?”

Most people say yes!

A bodywork client emerges from your treatment room in a state of relaxed bliss. If your wellness biz is other than bodywork, such as nutrition or family counseling, the client will have motivating new information or inspirational insight. The client answers yes to your Magic Question because her amazing experience with you is fresh in her mind! She may already be thinking that she should do this more often, perhaps even on a regular basis. So when you invite her back, she feels you are in tune with her needs, because she was just thinking the same thing. This is the time to secure her repeat business!

Keeping the client’s best interests in mind, give her a clear assessment of what you think she needs. I fill out a Treatment Plan, review it with the client and give her a copy to take home. This gives her something tangible to walk away with, to help her remember you. Every time she sees it on her desk or fridge, she recalls her fabulous session with you! It also keeps you in her mind if, for some reason, she leaves without booking another appointment.

When someone needs your services but is worried about finances or scheduling, acknowledge their concerns and respond accordingly. Remember it is not your job to help them find the time or the money! It is to tell them how you can help. If you do a good job of explaining the value of your work, they will be inspired to find a way to work with you! And they will say yes when you ask the Magic Question:

“Would you like another appointment?”

It works like magic to motivate loyal ideal clients to fill your wellness practice, giving you the business and the live that you need, want and deserve!


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