Attract New Clients with Your Back-to-School Special! Part 1/2

Attract New Clients with Your Back-to-School Special! Part 1/2 of my favorite childhood traditions was crackin’ open my brand new school-bus yellow box of Crayolas on the first day of school! Do you remember that smell?!

Nowadays I have a different tradition. This week I’m excited about opening my annual Back-to-School Special! At the start of every school year I offer this promo to school administrators, teachers, support staff, parents and coaches. It generates a rush of new clients to kick off the fall season. Not only does this seasonal marketing attract new clients, many of them continue long-term – for months or years!

There’s no better time than fall to target educators, administrators, support staff and coaches with your marketing! The beginning of the school year – new hopes and promises, and everyone is eager to make a fresh start and learn new things. What better time to make your services be one of those new things – like a fresh box of Crayolas!

Whatever your holistic health modality, you can customize your marketing to administrators, teachers, staff, and even parents. It’s a great way to support the health of these valuable members of the community who are crucial to our children’s future! It’s actually a huge target market – every town has schools!

Here’s a step-by-step system to create your Back-to-School Special:

First of all, make room for marketing! Get out your calendar and schedule a few hours of specific Back-to-School Special marketing each week, starting now and continuing through the first month of the school year. (Get the deets on how to make time for marketing in Steps to Success 2: It’s About Time; get the ultra-deets in The Prosperous Practice Home Study System-Module 2: Make Room for Marketing!)

Make a list of schools in your area. Check the phone book, community resource directories and online. Include preschools, elementary, middle and high schools, vocational schools and colleges. If you live in a large city, you may opt to narrow your target to just one type of school or just your neighborhood. If you’re a parent, your children’s school is a logical place to begin. Start small with what you can manage for now and then each year as you recycle your Back-to-School Special, you can widen your marketing niche to include individuals and agencies that serve students, such as counselors, social service organizations and after-school programs.

Pace yourself with a marketing schedule that targets one or two groups per week prior to and during the beginning of the school year. For example: market to pediatricians and dentists during the summer; send flyers to be placed in teachers’ mailboxes on the first day of school; offer an on-site massage day for teachers & staff; propose a sports program for school teams.

Create your printed marketing materials – brochures, rack cards, flyers and voucher coupons.

Develop a social media campaign for your program. Get the word out on Facebook! Announce the Back-to-School Special in your ezine or newsletter, along with a printable or cut-out voucher coupon! Blog about your Back-to-School Special on your website!

Save time and stress with our Done-for-You Magic Marketing Templates! Email us: with DFY in the subject line.

 – Make a promotional kit that includes: your brochure, flyer or card, explaining the benefits of your work for each group you target: teachers, coaches, school personnel, parents, students. I have the most success focusing on teachers, staff and coaches. Don’t forget the maintenance team and the lunch line ladies! Attach a little gift if you like – it makes your offer stand out as even more impressive!

– Networking in a structured format, such as BNI, provides a perfect opportunity to announce your program in your weekly meeting and ask for referrals to specific school personnel – principals, counselors, teachers, support staff and coaches. And don’t forget the importance of casual networking with people you encounter in your daily life. When someone asks what’s new or how’s your biz – tell them! Let them know about your Back-to-School Special and offer them coupons for anyone they might know who could use your services. Most parents know a teacher! Ask for their referrals; be specific with them about your target groups and key individuals because they won’t think of it on their own. Examples: “If you know a teacher, principal or coach, please give them these vouchers for my Back-to-School Special.” Or: “I would like a referral to the principal of ABC School.” As an incentive, remind them of your Referral Rewards Program – if they refer x people they get x.

Next post: Back-to-School Marketing Part 2/2: What to Offer

Don’t miss next week’s blog with specific examples of how to structure your first Back-to-School Special – the first of many over the years of your holistic health career!

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