Your Business Card – Is It Blah… or BOLD?

Your Business Card – Is It Blah… or BOLD?

SeImage result for give business carde that business card over there on the right? It’s blank on one side – WRONG!  Keep reading to find out exactly how to fix it for the best client-attractive results!

Your business card is often the first introduction people have to your wellness business. You’ve got only one chance to make a first impression. So make it a good impression by handing people a well-designed card that will make them want to work with you!

Make a mega-impact with this mini-marketing tool! It can do much more than tell people how to contact you.

Your new business card will tell people what you do and, more importantly, what you can do for them.

Don’t waste half of the valuable “real estate” on your card – use both sides to let people know exactly how you can help them. When someone hands me their business card, I immediately turn it over to see if they use both sides to their best business advantage.

Don’t use the back of the card in the usual way – to write the client’s appointments. (That’s why God invented sticky notes!) And absolutely do not leave it blank on one side! 

Use “magnetic marketing” – client-attractive wording about the benefits you offer, to “pull” or draw clients to you. Then tell them exactly how to learn or do more, such as schedule a Discovery Session, visit your website, or subscribe to your ezine. Or best of all – go straight to booking an appointment! 

The point is to get prospects to take quick action! You want them to feel like you’re talking specifically to them and that you have the solution they need. Your card should motivate them to act – NOW!

Exactly what should be on your business card to attract clients? First, the layout should be clean and legible. Unless you have design software and the skills to use it well, I suggest having your business card professionally designed and printed. You don’t want your first impression to look amateur and homemade! Use fonts that are easy to read and appropriate for the mini-size of the card, while reflecting your business brand.

The back of the card should be about you – yes, on the BACK – and should contain the usual info: business name, logo and tagline; your name, credentials and title; phone, email, website, mail, location.

Add your photo if possible – seeing your face helps people know-like-trust you! It’s tricky to fit so much on one side of the card. Just keep playing around with the layout, making sure to leave enough white space for it to look clear and uncluttered.

So far, this is all standard, boring biz card stuff, right?  It’s about to get more interesting! Read on…

Image result for give business cardNow the real fun begins!

The FRONT of the card is all about the client. Put their needs front and center, because clients are the most important part of your business and they are the target of your marketing!

Ask questions about the needs of your niche – questions to which readers will answer “yes.” Then provide answers.

The questions are about the clients’ problem; the answers are about your solution! Each answer will correspond to each problem or challenge. Example:

– Do you want to feel healthier, have more energy and sleep better? Our 3-month program will enhance your health, boost your energy and improve your sleep!

After the Q&A section, place a call-to-action: something specific you want the reader to do. Is it call your office, go to your website, sign up for your Free Offer? 

When handing your card to a prospective client, make sure the magnetic marketing questions are facing up, so the first thing they read is about them – their problems, their needs, their challenges. And the next thing they read is your benefits!

Your business card is an under-estimated marketing tool that will bring you clients, IF it is specifically designed to show people how you can help solve their problem.

Instead of a boring, ineffective biz card that puts people to sleep, create one that wakes them up to the fact that you can help them!

Hand out a business card that reflects your pride and confidence in your work and helps bring you the success that you need, want and deserve!



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Share Your Gifts in the Giving Season!

Share Your Gifts in the Giving Season!

Mele Kalikimaka from Hawaii!

Image result for share your giftThe Christmas season, with its tradition of giving, is a perfect opportunity to thank your present and past clients for their support of your business, while offering your gifts to potential clients to draw them in!

Most world cultures and religions have winter observances and traditions around the concept of “giving” or “sharing.” What better time of year in your wellness biz to give freely of your gifts? Sharing your time, talent and skill is a way to show appreciation and generosity to your clients – both present and future.

What? Share My Work for Free?!

When selling your services, you are actually offering a gift – the gift of your expertise, experience and excellence! Of course, when offering, you don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable with a high-pressure sales pitch or to think of you as a slick used-car salesman trying to sell them a clunker car!

But when you simply offer a gift, people feel drawn to learn more about your work and how it can help them. Your gift offers exactly what they want – a solution to their problem. It makes them want to know more about you and your work. Offering a gift is certainly more client-friendly than selling!

When you give, you’re not selling. You’re offering service. People get excited when they find the help they need. They are happy to buy from you when they don’t feel pushed of manipulated into it. Your generosity inspires their confidence in you as the right practitioner to help them with their health challenge.

So give them something of value, as an introduction to your work. Let them know you can help them, with no sales pitch and no pressure to buy. Make it clear that you are more interested in helping them than in selling to them!

An effective way to do this is by sharing your information, product or service with an Irresistible Free Offer. Commonly known in the marketing industry as the IFO, this is a product, program, service or information of high value that is useful for the prospect’s problem, pain or challenge. Offered for no cost, the IFO creates strong interest and naturally attracts clients into your wellness practice.


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Share Your Goodies!

The way to make people aware of your creative solutions to their challenges, without seeming pushy or needy, is to freely share your service! When people ask about your work, don’t spend your valuable time explaining the same information repeatedly. Simply say, “Visit my website for a free report about XXX and sign up for my weekly health tips.”

Include a special offer or promotion in every issue of your newsletter, which they will receive only if they opt in. This way, you are not pushing or selling anything. You are inviting them to take a look at your offer and then to sign up if it seems like a good fit for them. They will only receive info from you if they request it.

Generously sharing your skill, knowledge or info triggers a sequence of events leading to your success:

  1. You educate potential clients about how you can help them!
  2. Prospects are excited to get valuable info for free!
  3. They’re impressed by the value you share!
  4. They equate your high-value IFO with high-quality work!
  5. They get access to subscriber-only promos and gifts!
  6. When they see your work as their answer, you get more clients!
  7. More clients create more income for you!
  8. More income gives you the lifestyle that you need, want and deserve!

It’s a win-win situation! Prospects get solutions and better health; you get more clients and more money! When you give a small sample of low-cost, high-value information, people will assume that if your free stuff is great, then your paid work will be even better!

An added bonus when you generously give your work is that people will be so impressed with what you share that they will naturally start networking for you. They become your ambassadors, cheerleaders and unpaid sales team, spreading the word to their family, friends and colleagues!



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Boost Your Wellness Practice with the Stocking Stuffer Special! Part 2/2

Boost Holiday Income with the Stocking Stuffer Special! Part 2/2

Image result for your attempt at summing up my personalitySeveral years ago, I started offering my clients a new way to do their holiday gift shopping that would accomplish these goals:

  • Offer low-cost, high-value massage for holiday gifts. – 
  • Help my clients with their holiday gift shopping.        
  • Allow more people to experience my work.
  • Provide me with an income boost
  • Attract new clients into my business.

And here’s what I created – the Stocking Stuffer Special!

Once I figured out the Stocking Stuffer strategy, I needed a system to sell the gift coupons, so as not to annoy people or make myself hoarse by repeating the same offer with every client every day.

So over Thanksgiving weekend, I set up a Gift Station in my clinic – a holiday theme table with a display of beautiful Gift Coupons, colored pens and postage stamps. 

I even offer to mail or email the Gift Coupons for them! (Bonus for me: I will acquire more names for my email list, to send an invitation to subscribe to my newsletter!) Clients appreciate this mailing service, which doesn’t cost me much time and adds more service and value to their experience in my business!

How will you set up your Holiday Gift Station?

To kick off the Stocking Stuffer Special, follow these steps:

  1. In early November post signs around your office, including the restroom – in clear view of the toilet! COMING SOON … The Stocking Stuffer Special! (Build interest – let them wonder what it is!)
  2. Write and pre-schedule an email announcement to go out the day after Thanksgiving: The Stocking Stuffer Special is now available! Explain your offer. Remind them to bring their contact list to their next appointment.
  3. When they come in and purchase their package of gift coupons, they can sit right down and address the envelopes, enclose the coupons and stick the stamps.
  4. Offer to mail or email it for them. PS – Don’t penny-pinch and charge for postage; the extra income and opportunity to get new clients is worth the extra expense!
  5. Continue with promotional emails throughout the holiday season, 3 per week from Thanksgiving through New Years. (Remember – it takes 7 exposures for people to respond to marketing!)
  6. Remove clients’ names as they buy, so as not to pester them after they have made a purchase.

Your clients will really appreciate this one-stop shopping experience and some will take advantage of the sale extras to buy extras for future gift occasions.

Winter holidays present the year’s best opportunity to sell Gift Coupons! Many people have a long gift list and appreciate an affordable way to treat their family, friends and colleagues to the gift of health! You can help them with this by offering packages of gift coupons for their holiday shopping convenience. The Stocking Stuffer Special is an amazingly effective holiday sales strategy for wellness practitioners! It could make the holidays your most profitable time of year!

Mele Kalikimaka – Merry Christmas in Hawaii!

Boost Your Wellness Practice with the Stocking Stuffer Special! Part 1/2

Boost Your Wellness Practice with the Stocking Stuffer Special! Part 1/2

Image result for christmas stocking on palm treeMerry Christmas! Or as we say here in Hawaii – Mele Kalikimaka!

Here’s my most effective strategy for holiday marketing to give your wellness practice an end-of-year boost, jump-start your 2018 income, and offer your clients affordable one-stop shopping for every body on their list!

My holiday marketing campaign involves one of my favorite holiday traditions – Christmas stockings – both giving and receiving! Here in Hawaii, stockings are “hung by the palm tree with care!”

Several years ago, I started offering my clients a new holiday shopping experience! It was an instant success and every year since, they look forward to it!

This annual holiday marketing tradition started because I noticed my clients had similar responses when I offered holiday gift certificates: “With so many people to buy gifts for, I simply can’t afford it!”

I get it! $100 gifts for 20 people makes Christmas shopping a little pricey! So I started brainstorming ways to sell holiday gift coupons that would accomplish 5 goals:

  1. Offer low-cost, high-value massage for holiday gifts.
  2.  Help my clients with their holiday shopping
  3.  Allow more people to experience my work.
  4. Provide me with a holiday income boost.
  5. Attract new clients into my business.

And here’s what I created – the Stocking Stuffer Special – an amazingly profitable holiday marketing strategy for wellness practitioners. Here’s how it works:

Offer Gift Coupons for short treatment sessions, sold in packages of 4 or 8 – the more they buy, the more they save per session. For massage, I offer 15- and 30-minute massages for $20 and $40 per session.

Adjust your offer to fit your modality – a brief, affordable intro to your work, sold in packages.

My clients buy them up like crazy for one-stop Christmas shopping! This short-session, lower-cost strategy works especially well for gift occasions such as Christmas, when we have the large expense of giving presents to many people at once. Of course, you should also offer Gift Coupons for your regular sessions as well.

I recommend selling Gift Coupons as a package deal because of the advantages for clients:

  1. Save money, allowing them to buy more.
  2. Appropriate for any age, size or occasion.
  3. Easy to mail or email.
  4. Always have last-minute gifts on hand.

Now here’s where the fun – and the income – really begins! You can leverage the Stocking Stuffer Special into even more income!

Most of the Gift Coupons will be redeemed after the holidays. So the original coupon sales will boost your holiday income. And after the holidays, you can kick-start your new years income and avoid a post-holiday income slump!

When the gift recipients call for their appointments, offer them an upgrade to a longer session for an additional fee. Because they didn’t pay for the gift, they see it as getting a bigger gift for a low fee – such a deal!

Example: Your client buys her friend a $25 GC for an introductory mini-treatment. When the friend calls to schedule her appointment, you offer her an upgrade to a full session for only $50, letting her know that your regular full-session fee is $80.

It’s a win-win-win – the giver saves time & money, the receiver gets a healthful gift, and you make more money!

One of my massage clients, a corporate human resources director, bought 3 dozen 15-minute Stocking Stuffer Gift Coupons for her employees! Most of them chose to upgrade to 60 minutes for $50 – a great deal for them and more income for me!

Here’s how the money math played out:

36 gift coupons @ $20 each = $720 + 30 upgrades @ $50 = $1500. Total = $2220!

(Two did not upgrade and four of the 36 coupons were never redeemed, resulting in $80 profit that I didn’t have to work for. But I would rather work and have the opportunity to enroll new clients!)

As an added bonus, 13 of these coupon recipients became regular clients who buy gift coupons for their friends, who become regulars, etc. etc. Yes – referral-based marketing the way it’s supposed to work!

Bodywork is ideal for this strategy. Other modalities might be more challenging to adapt to selling packages of mini-sessions.

Example: Suppose you’re a family counselor. You could offer a 15-minute coupon recipient a simple solution to one common family problem, such as: “How can I get my kids to cheerfully cooperate with chores so we have more time for family fun?”

Wouldn’t this be a great gift for an overwhelmed mom?! When she calls for her appointment, offer an upgrade to a longer intro session that delves a little deeper into her situation.

The point is to get creative with your holiday marketing and make it affordable for your clients to share your skills with their loved ones, while boosting your business with new clients and more income!

Once I figured out the Stocking Stuffer strategy, I needed a way to promote it. Don’t miss my special system in next week’s post!

Meanwhile, get started with your very own Stocking Stuffer Special! Decide on your Gift Coupon offer, and design and print your Gift Coupons. Then you’ll be all set for next week’s article – to help you bring in more money, attract new clients and create more time to enjoy your holidays!

Mele Kalikimaka!

Need Quick Cash? Do This!

Need Quick Cash? Do This!

Image result for woman with moneyDo you miss out on money-making opportunities that are right in front of you? Learn some simple, effective marketing techniques to jumpstart your income while you’re implementing long-term strategies.

If you need a shot of cash, there are simple ways to quickly bring money into your practice – and your pocket! Here are two simple ideas to get you started and quickly bring in extra money:

 Quick Cash Strategy #1. Raise Your Rates!

Here is an obvious way to make some extra money quickly – simply increase your fees. Don’t worry about losing clients. Just don’t do it frequently and be careful not to spring the fee increase on your clients unannounced! Start announcing 4-6 weeks in advance. Put it in writing via email, postal mail, flyer and/or phone message to inform your entire client base of the upcoming change in your fees.

Give everyone at least 2 reminders of the fee change. With each notice, include something positive to ease their pocketbook pain – a bonus, gift or amenity – something that supports your work with added value for the client, with little cost or time for you. In your announcements, lead with the bonus offer, followed by the fee increase.

Now… here’s where the fun begins for quick money! With the announcement, offer clients a treatment package – a chance to prepay for a series of sessions at the current fee before your rates go up. Don’t give them much time to “think about it” – a limited-time offer creates a sense of urgency and gets people to act quickly. Use an expiration date on the package so they don’t take months or years to use it up. Use this prepay strategy only if they buy a series, not for single sessions. Make sure you you’re set up to accept credit cards and/or online payments, making it easier for clients to take advantage of your generous offer.

This is the quickest and most obvious way to make more money quickly. The first time I used this strategy, I made an extra $4700 in one week, as my clients scrambled to take advantage of the special limited-time offer to prepay for as many sessions as they wanted!

Quick Cash Strategy #2: The Update Letter

Meet your new BMFF – Best Marketing Friend Forever! The Update Letter is commonly known in marketing circles as a Warm Letter of Introduction – meaning warm and friendly, as opposed to formal and businesslike. From now on, in promoting your practice, you will use this marketing tool frequently in 3 basic ways:

1. An introductory letter for new clients, supporters and referral sources

2. A keep-in-touch strategy to maintain regular, consistent contact with your referral sources

3. An income boost when you need a quick cash infusion, as follows:

Send your Update Letter to everyone you know – yes really, everyone! If this seems overwhelming, just keep at it with 5-10 letters a week, until you’ve contacted everyone on your list. When done right, the Update Letter Campaign can become one of your most effective client attraction strategies for a very affordable cost.

Remember that these are temporary, short-term tactics and should not be relied upon for long-term growth and success in your business. The idea is to leverage some quick income into more marketing for faster business growth.

You will be amazed at how quickly you get referrals and new clients using these simple strategies. It takes a bit of work upfront, but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts – all the way to the bank!

Gratitude Grows Your Wellness Biz!

Gratitude Grows Your Wellness Biz!

Image result for gratitudeHave you ever noticed that what you focus on increases – whether positive or negative? Do you believe that gratitude and appreciation create more abundance in your life? And have you experienced the opposite – that focusing on lack can keep us stuck in limitations? What blessings enrich your life? What lessons inspire new learning? What successes motivate more action? What failures teach you how not to do something?

Remember the principle that what you focus on with sincere feeling increases. So focusing on what you have rather than what you lack will help multiply your blessings. By maintaining an attitude of gratitude each day, you develop the habit of appreciating what you have instead of dwelling on what you don’t have. Is your glass half-full or half-empty? You’ll handle challenges better if you begin with an appreciative mindset, especially focusing on the lesson in the challenge.

Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of Simple Abundance, recommends keeping a Gratitude Journal in which you write a daily list of people, things and events in your life that you are grateful for. She says: “… as you focus on the abundance rather than on the lack in your life, you will be designing a wonderful new blueprint for the future. This sense of fulfillment is gratitude at work, transforming your dreams into reality. As the months pass… an inner shift in your reality will occur. You simply will not be the same person two months from now, after consciously giving thanks each day for the abundance that exists in your life. And you have set in motion an ancient spiritual law: the more you have and are grateful for, the more will be given you.”

What blessings enrich your life? What are you grateful for in this season of harvest and bounty?  Be grateful for all of it, positive and negative – it’s all part of your life!

Narrow Your Niche and Make More Money!

Narrow Your Niche and Make More Money!

Can you imagine trying to have a conversation about ten different topics with ten people at once? After the first few words, you wouldn’t be able to keep it all straight and neither would the ten people! It would sound like gibberish and no one would be able to understand anything. In a sense, that’s what many practitioners do with their marketing – try to give different messages to many people at once! How many different messages are you sending?

For instance, with my modality – massage therapy – here are some typical comments made by one general therapist to a variety of potential clients: “Oh, you strained a muscle? Sure, I can fix it.” And “You’re pregnant – I’d love to work with you!” And “Chronic back pain? Come see me!” And “Frequent headaches? Let me help you!” And… and… and… the list goes on!

The problem with this approach is that you’re competing with every other health practitioner in town for every problem, pain, condition and malady. Narrowing your niche paradoxically attracts more clients than casting a wider net. Your USP – Unique Service Position – defines what’s special about you, while identifying your niche considers what’s unique about the group you serve with your work. By aiming your marketing at several different populations, you will get only a small percentage of these people as clients. That’s because they are spread thin over many different modalities and different practitioners, all competing for everyone’s business – every illness, every injury, every disorder, every problem. Trying to market to everyone dilutes your message so much that there’s no flavor left in it!

You’re the expert!

On the other hand, if you target only people with back problems, marriage problems, weight problems, or whatever fits your modality, you are more likely to get a larger percentage of the target group wanting to work with you. If you aim your marketing for one population group, one condition, one problem, you can instantly be recognized as an expert in that area.

If you market yourself as a specialist in one area, people will assume you are the expert. But if you’re the practitioner who helps people with headaches, backaches, neck pain, joint pain and pregnancy, few of them will recognize you as an expert in what they need. However, if you say “I specialize in helping expectant mothers have a comfortable happy pregnancy,” and you direct your marketing toward obstetricians, midwives, childbirth educators and baby stores, then you will get a large percentage of pregnant women wanting your services, because they see you as the expert for them. How can you word your expertise to attract your niche?

Many practitioners have two concerns at this point:

  1. “I’m not comfortable calling myself an expert; it seems arrogant or phony.”
  2. “Won’t I lose or turn away potential clients if I narrow my target market?”

Let’s look at these, one at a time:

  1. “I’m not comfortable calling myself an expert.” It is not phony or manipulative to market yourself as an expert for a particular problem or target population group. From a marketing perspective, all you need to be an expert is to know more than most people know about your profession or specialty. If you ask the average person something technical about your work which you take for granted, it’s likely they won’t have a clue. But you could do it with your eyes closed. You are an expert and you do know enough to succeed in helping others with their health concerns!

  2. “Won’t I lose clients if I narrow my niche?” Don’t worry – you can still work with         people outside of your niche if they call you (assuming you are qualified to treat               their problem). Specialization does not mean that you turn away people who are             not in your niche. It simply means that the focus of your marketing is directed to             that group – that is where you concentrate your marketing efforts.

Average practitioners have a mindset of lack and competition, so they agree to work with pretty much anyone. Average practitioners don’t give much thought to who will most appreciate and benefit from their particular skills and services. Average practitioners struggle and stress with getting enough clients.

But you’re different! You want to move beyond average. And you can! By following the step-by-step program of The Prosperous Practice Home Study System, your wellness business can grow from average to outstanding!

How to Keep Loyal Lifetime Clients!

How to Keep Loyal Lifetime Clients!

Image result for loyalty road signI have a long list of loyal lifetime clients who have been coming to my massage clinic weekly or more for years, such as the client with fibromyalgia who has been coming twice a week for 20 years. So far, the lifetime value of this client’s massages is about $75,000. And that’s not even counting the retail products and gift certificates she’s purchased, nor the many clients she has referred – and the clients they have referred!

Here’s a typical conversation I have with colleagues:

Colleague: “How do you get so many clients and how do you keep them returning for years?”

Me: “It’s simple – I do nice things for them that other massage therapists don’t do.”

Colleague: “Such as …?”

Me: “Well, for one thing, I wipe them down with hot washcloths after each session.”

Colleague: “Oh no, not me – it’s too much laundry!”

If you think you don’t want to go to all that trouble – think again! It is worth the investment of your time if it means the difference between a client who walks away and one who stays forever!

Contrary to popular marketing opinion, there is no magic formula that gets you clients for life. But if you’re serious about having clients who stay and return, you need to commit to being extraordinary in how you run your business! Do things that others in your field don’t do and treat your clients better than any other practitioner will. Try these 12 tips on how to keep loyal lifetime clients:

  1. Focus on Relationships! Clients come & go but relationships can last indefinitely! Take an interest in your clients’ lives; Show that you care by remembering their families, hobbies, activities and special moments.
  1. Offer rewards! Have a 2-part reward system in place: 1) Reward loyal clients who return on a regular basis. 2) Reward clients who refer others to you. How will you reward your loyal clients?
  1. Sell packages! Structure your rates to sell a series instead of single sessions. Think of Costco – it’s better value to buy in bulk. For instance, if your single session fee is $100, package 5 prepaid sessions for $400. Clients get a better deal and you get money upfront. Plus you know they will return because they invested upfront.
  1. Be selective! Don’t say yes to everyone who calls! Have an intake process that weeds out people who are not serious about improving their health. Work only with clients who are committed to the service you offer.
  1. Follow up! Invite them to rebook – every client, every time! Call new clients after their first session to see how they’re doing. Make suggestions for home care, recommend additional sessions with you and/or invite them – again – to enroll in a treatment series.
  1. Stay in touch! Send a newsletter with the latest word about your modality, other relevant health info and updates on your business. Contact former clients and invite them back with a special offer.
  1. Acknowledge important occasions! This relates back to #1 – pay attention to your clients and acknowledge their special moments, such as birthdays and anniversaries. This keeps you on their mind and adds serious WOW to your service!
  1. Create a memorable experience! Your client’s experience with you starts with the first contact. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it memorable with superb client service, attention to detail and outstanding skills.
  1. Emphasize continuing care! Educate clients about the importance of ongoing health maintenance. Compare it to car care – it’s easier, safer and more effective to prevent problems with ongoing care than to fix a full-blown problem. This relates back to selling packages instead of single sessions.
  1. Take responsibility! Mistakes happen, such as tardiness, missed appointments or miscommunication. When you’re at fault, own up to it – confess and apologize. This will make a better impression on your clients than excuses and placing blame elsewhere, such as on the traffic or other people.
  1. Remember their names! Everyone’s favorite word is… their own name! Use it frequently in conversations and written communication. It personalizes your connection with the client and makes them feel special, instead of just a nameless client on your list.
  1. Educate your clients! They can sell your services better than you or any marketing strategies. Satisfied clients become your unpaid sales team, your best cheerleaders! Teach them a simple but specific process on how to refer others to you.

It’s the little things that count. Good wellness practitioners are easy to find. What’s rare is a great one who is willing to give special treatment to every client, every time.

If you’re serious about having clients who stay and return, you need to commit to being extraordinary in how you run your business! Do things that others in your field don’t do and treat your clients better than anyone else will. Keep your wellness clients coming back for more!

Get More Clients with a BIG Marketing Blitz!

Get More Clients with a BIG Marketing Blitz!

Wellness practitioners often ask me how to make more income quickly. My answer: People will call you – but ONLY if they know you exist! Get proactive to let your target audience know how you can help them. If you really want more money fast, then get cracking with a BIG marketing blitz to let people know who you are and what you offer!

Image result for targetFirst of all you need to know your niche. Target one specific problem, pain or challenge you will treat and market only to that (eg  back pain, headaches, allergies, etc.) Or target a specific group, such as athletes, lawyers or elders. Then tailor all of your marketing – emails, blog, ezine, presentations, etc. to that one problem or group and get as specific as possible. 

Your Big Marketing Blitz is a process – a series of activities which together will generate more income. This is not a time to be wimpy! Don’t just trickle, like when the car tire is parked on the garden hose. Bring out the fire hose! Write into your schedule specifically what you will do with each block of marketing time. Create a 2-week blitz marketing campaign that includes:

  1. Send a letter (a real postal letter, not email) to every single family member, friend, acquaintance, colleague and client you know. Discuss the target problem or group you’re targeting, what you’re offering, how your work can help this problem, and ask them to refer people they know who may need what you offer. Have a way to draw people in, such as enclosing a few coupons for a free introductory session or consultation.
  2. Schedule 3 live presentations (yes, at least three) within a 2-week period to talk about your services and the benefits you offer – local organizations that feature speakers at their meeting, such as Rotary Club; a free talk at the public library; a hiking club meeting; a golf course clubhouse; a pregnant mom’s group; meet with a school athletic coach; take a doctor or dentist to breakfast and talk about how you can help their patients.          
  3. Do at least one print advertisement, such as a classified ad, a press release in the newspaper, an article in a local publication, etc. Posting flyers around town is amateur – unless you’re combining it with other, more professional, marketing strategies.
  4. Participate in a local event, such as a charity fun run, by offering brief introductory treatments. If your wellness modality doesn’t lend itself easily to public demos as massage does, hand out your info and free offer with a low-cost incentive gift that will help people remember you.
  5. Donate a Gift Certificate to a public charity event, such as a school fundraiser or community benefit.
  6. Believe in Yourself! We’ve saved the most important step for last. Keep your self-confidence strong and deeply believe that what you offer is of great value to others. If you don’t believe in yourself and your potential for success, how can you expect others to do so? People need your gifts, your talents and skills. You can ease their pains, challenges and struggles. You attract clients by deeply knowing that you are needed, and the way you share that is through marketing.

It is not selfish, materialistic, pushy or needy to market your services. Marketing is a divine tool that makes others aware of how your work can improve their health and impact their life! How can you help them if they have no awareness of what you do and how it can benefit them? A fortunate by-product of serving others is success for yourself!

Please share your solutions and successes in the Comments Section below!

Do you like these ideas? Would you like more detailed information on how to implement them? Check out The Prosperous Practice Home Study System, a simple step-by-step guide on exactly how to create and maintain a full practice of Ideal Clients, for the abundant income and lifestyle freedom that you need, want and deserve!

Banish Your Business Gremlins!

Banish Your Business Gremlins!

Image result for halloween evil spiritsHalloween – a tradition originating in pagan times – involved rituals to banish evil spirits from the earth. With this in mind, I think of Halloween as a time to cast out the ghosts and goblins in my business – those things that hold me back from my fullest potential for success. As a wellness practitioner, do you have fears or anxiety about the business of running a business? Do you have any negative or non-productive habits that distract you from business tasks and hold you back from the success you need, want and deserve?

Many wellness practitioners have limited business skills. Being skilled as a practitioner is not enough to become a highly successful business owner. Most schools don’t teach business and marketing, so those of us in private practice often have some fears or reluctance about getting started and moving forward into professional and financial success.

The good news is those goblins and gremlins really are “all in your mind,” meaning you have control over them. They are not coming from an outside source over which you have no influence. Most fears are only bad habits! We continue fearing certain things out of habit – habits of thought that can be changed.

Fears about success and money are often based on old or imagined beliefs that aren’t relevant to our present situation. We can banish these goblins by distinguishing between old worn-out tapes replaying in our head and a truly risky course of action.

Once you unlock your ability to take action in spite of fear, you become more confident in other areas of your life. You see opportunities arise where once you saw limitations. You see open doors, not closed ones. You begin to think and act like a creator of your experience, not someone waiting for a situation to arise, then coping with it the best you can.

What are you afraid of in the business world? Is it financial issues? Schedules? Dealing with clients? What about marketing?

Every day do something in your business that scares you!  Approach it like exercise. We may procrastinate on starting to exercise because we fear the pain it causes until the muscles adjust. But we know it’s good for us, so we push ourselves to work out despite fear of pain. Then before long, we feel better and stronger!

With exercise, you start out with light weights, progress to heavier ones and become stronger in the process. When exercising your courage muscles in business, start with small fears and work up to the bigger ones.


Say BOO! to your biz goblins and scare them away! Feel the fear and do it anyway! Here’s a simple step-by-step process to banish your business fears:

1.Make a list of your business fears – such as fear of failure, of marketing, of talking with people about your work, of selling your services, fear of success, of overwhelm, of speaking in public, of writing a newsletter, bookkeeping, pricing, paperwork, networking, and so forth. Write down everything you can think of. Don’t hold back – no one else will see it!

2.Start with the least scary thing and do it today. Or – if you’re really terrified – take a baby step. For instance, if you know that networking would help your business, start out the first day simply by scheduling time in your calendar to work on networking. Next day, research the organization you’re considering and learn how it works. The day after, call or email the contact person about visiting a meeting. Invite a friend or colleague to attend with you. Then learn a few basic networking skills, write and rehearse your elevator speech. By the day of the meeting, your confidence will be up from this prep work, taking your first networking experience from frightening to fun!

3. Do it again tomorrow, with another of your scary thoughts or activities. Do one per day, ideally at the same pre-set time each day – for consistency and follow-up. 

4.Continue going through your list until you have dealt with everything listed. If new fears pop up, add them to the list. It could take weeks or months to go through all of them, but with persistence you will get there. And in the process, you will be building your business and your self-confidence!

If you have trouble moving through this exercise on your own, find an Accountability Partner – a coach, mentor, friend, family or colleague. Talk with this person once a day, preferably at the end of the day, report on your progress for that day’s task and tell them your task for the next day. This empowering process will help you develop confidence from facing your fears and taking action to minimize or overcome them!

Banish your biz fears forever! Once you have these gremlins out of your way or under control, you will be able to move smoothly and quickly to success in your practice and your lifestyle!

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