Get New Clients with a Back-to-School Special!

Get New Clients with a Back-to-School Special!

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One of my favorite childhood traditions was opening my brand new yellow box of Crayolas on the first day of school! Do you remember that smell?! Nowadays I have a different Fall tradition – my annual Back-to-School Special!

“Fall marketing?! It’s still summer! What’s the rush?” you may be wondering!

Well yes, exactly! It’s already August, when the new school year has already started in many areas. A Back-to-School Special is an ideal opportunity to tap into a client-rich environment for your wellness practice!

Whatever your health modality, a Back-to-School Special can customize your Fall marketing to target school-related personnel and events! It’s a great way to support the health of these valuable members of the community who are crucial to our children’s futures! It’s actually a huge target market that you can tap into – every town has schools!

As you may know by now, I’m a big fan of “systems.” Here’s a system to create your Back-to-School Special:

First of all, make time for marketing! Get out your calendar and schedule a few hours of specific Back-to-School marketing each week for the rest of the summer. Start now – go get that calendar and book a few appointments with yourself – for marketing your business!

Make a list of schools in your area. Start small with what you can manage for now. If you have kids, start with their school – teachers, staff, parents, coaches. Each year as you repeat your Back-to-School Special, widen your circle to include individuals and agencies that serve students, such as counselors, social service organizations and after-school programs.

–  Design and print your marketing materials – brochures, business cards, rack cards, flyers and voucher coupons. Make sure your wording focuses on the client’s challenge and the results and benefits people can expect from working with you.

Develop a social media campaign for your program. Get the word out on Facebook and Twitter, in your ezine or newsletter, website and blog!

Make a promotional kit for the school office. I use a 2-pocket folder that includes: brochures and/or rack cards, business cards, Introductory Offer vouchers, and small low-cost healthy promotional gifts. (I like to use things that can be easily stapled to a coupon or biz card – tea bags, lotion samples, etc.  Have fun getting creative with little promo items that relate to your specialty!)

Networking. In a structured networking setting, such as BNI, be sure to announce your program in your weekly meeting and ask for referrals to specific school personnel – principals, counselors, teachers, support staff and coaches. Example: “I would like a referral to the principal/school nurse/PE teacher/soccer coach/etc. of ABC School.”

And don’t forget about casual networking with people you encounter in your daily life. Here’s a mini-script for when someone asks about your biz: “I’m so excited to tell you about my new program! If you know a teacher, principal or coach, please give them these vouchers for my Back-to-School Special.”

What to Offer

Voucher Coupon. Use a coupon or voucher to draw people into your practice with a Back-to-School Special offer. The wording on your materials should be targeted to the specific needs of teachers, coaches or whatever group you’re marketing to. Do not call your offer a discount; it’s a special fee, one-time offer, or introductory special etc. Contact the school administrative staff in advance and arrange to deliver your materials to be placed into teachers’ mailboxes during the first week of school.

Teachers have stress and physical complaints (computer shoulders, bending/standing all day); give them a coupon/voucher, attached to a small low-cost gift such as a product sample, tea bag, or… an apple for the teacher! Get on the good side of your kids’ teachers by giving them your coupons as a Back-to-School gift.

School counselors are a perfect back-to-school target – especially if you’re a health professional who deals with behavior, such as a psychologist or clinical social worker.

School nurses and health aides may refer students with sports injuries or other health conditions that can be treated with your modality.

After-school programs are eager for new activities for their students. This could be an ideal setting to offer small workshops. You may get paid little or nothing for the workshop – think of this marketing opportunity as an investment of your time that will pay money dividends later!

Workshops can be offered to classrooms, teams, community centers, families, after-school programs and more, either at your location or theirs. Examples: a nutritionist could teach how to make healthy home lunches; a psychologist or life coach could teach students about positive mindset for academic success; a massage therapist could offer a foot massage lesson and have students make their own foot reflexology socks.

Because many schools have a limited budget for outside programs, this is more successful in attracting clients if you give a free workshop, letting your expertise and your coupons bring in clients and income, rather than counting on the workshop as a primary income source. What could you teach or share to help draw clients into your practice?

Volunteer in a classroom to meet teachers and parents. What people do for a living often comes up in casual conversation, giving you a perfect opportunity to educate them about your work and motivate them to call you.

Sports programs are a big part of autumn and the school year – and now you can be part of it too!

Coaches will be interested, both for themselves and their athletes. Examples: bodywork for muscle strain, fatigue and injury; nutrition for better sports performance; counseling for a winning attitude. Gift ideas to attach to your coupons for coaches and athletes are: Pain relief gel sample; granola bars; ice or heat packs.

Community teams. Many towns have Fall sports leagues such as soccer, rugby and football – a great place to offer a treatment or program such as your Autumn Athlete’s Advantage! You could also consider becoming a volunteer coach, which will further boost the trust factor between you and your local sports community. If you sponsor a team, your business name will be on uniforms and announced at all games!

Offer your services on the sidelines, if you do bodywork, to promote the value of your work for sports conditioning, injury treatment, improved performance and preventive maintenance. Parents of athletes can be another source of clients for you and the sports field is where to meet them! I got lots of massage clients from handing out small cold packs to my son’s teammates when they got bruised on the soccer field. Seeing you in action will spark interest faster than words on a brochure!

Brownie Points: Give each person 2 coupons – one to use and one to share!

Who to Contact

Pediatricians perform school physical exams during the summer prior to each school year. So this should be the first group you target in your Back-to-School Special marketing campaign. Call the doctors and ask to meet with them, to explain the benefits of your modality for their patients. If you do bodywork, talk about the benefits for sports injuries. If they’re too busy to meet, offer to drop off your info/referral folder.

Dept. of Education. In some towns, you may have to go through channels to work within the public school system. Start early to establish these contacts, talk to key personnel, and schedule meetings. Bureaucratic wheels tend to turn slowly, which can make this a challenging part of the process, but your hard work and persistence will pay off because you can return every year – once you set up this repeatable system.

Brownie Points: Be sure and give some of your BTSS Coupons to your DOE contact person! The administrators of schools I’ve worked with have used coupons as incentive or thank you gifts for their teachers and other personnel.

Public schools in small towns are more casual and you can contact the school administrators directly, bypassing the DOE. It is helpful to know someone who works there or get a referral from someone you know, such as a networking partner or your child’s teacher.

 – Private and charter schools often have more flexibility and less red tape than public schools, so they may be more receptive to your program. Call the administrative office and ask who you need to contact, or consult their website for contact info.

Local school boards and private school boards of directors often welcome concerned and committed community members into their groups. Getting involved and serving your community as a member provides a networking opportunity that can lead to many on-going referrals to your wellness business.

At the beginning of the school year, with new hopes and promises, everyone is eager to make a fresh start and learn new things. Make sure your work is one of those things – so they can start the school year with a clean slate, a new box of Crayolas and better health!

Please share your Back-to-School Special in the Comments below!

Save time and stress with our Done-for-You Magic Marketing Templates that you can re-use every year for your annual Back-to-School Special! Email us: with DFY in the subject line.

Get Loyal Clients with the Magic Question!

Get Loyal Clients with the Magic Question!

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Sometimes during a session, a client will ask you how often most people come in, or how many treatments you think she will need. A good answer at this point is to say, “What I discover during the treatment helps me assess your needs. So I don’t know until we’re done exactly what you will need in terms of ongoing treatment. We’ll discuss this after your session, but right now, you’ll get the best benefits if you just focus on today’s session. How does that sound to you?” (Of course, you would customize this script for your specialty.)

After the session, you can simply ask your client, “How do you feel now?” Most people will be very positive and enthusiastic. They often say, “When do you think I should come back?” But if not, then you can use this Magic Question: “Would you like another appointment?”

Your response shows the client that your goal is for her to get better. You might say something like: “Well, your [problem] needs more work. If you wait too long between sessions, we start from the beginning each time and healing is slower. But if you come back for [number] sessions close together, you will progress more quickly. Once we get [problem] under control, then you can cut back to monthly maintenance treatments to keep it from developing again.” A script like this can be modified for many different healthcare modalities.

Your customers are much more than just a revenue stream; they each present an opportunity to forge a long-lasting partnership. An attitude of caring and some positive thought can go a long way toward converting first-time customers into repeat clients. Here’s something else very valuable, a simple magic question that keeps clients coming back and turns them into long-term clients – just five little words: “Would you like another appointment?”

Most people say yes!

A bodywork client emerges from your treatment room in a state of relaxed bliss. If your wellness biz is other than bodywork, such as nutrition or family counseling, the client will have motivating new information or inspirational insight. The client answers yes to your Magic Question because her amazing experience with you is fresh in her mind! She may already be thinking that she should do this more often, perhaps even on a regular basis. So when you ask her if she wants to come back, she gets the impression that you are in tune with her needs, because she was just thinking the same thing! This is the time to secure her repeat business.

Keeping the client’s best interests in mind, give her a clear assessment of what you think she needs. I fill out a Treatment Plan, review it with the client and give her a copy to take home. This gives her something tangible to walk away with, to help her remember you. Every time she sees it on her desk or fridge, she recalls her fabulous session with you! It also keeps you in her mind if, for some reason, she leaves without booking another appointment.

When someone needs your services but is worried about finances or scheduling, acknowledge their concerns and respond accordingly. Remember it is not your job to help them find the time or the money! It is to tell them how you can help. If you do a good job of explaining the value of your work, they will be inspired to find a way to work with you! They will be motivated to become a long-term loyal client. And they will say yes when you ask the Magic Question: “Would you like another appointment?”

Become a Money Magnet!

Become a Money Magnet!

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For most wellness practitioners, our primary goal isn’t to accumulate money. It’s to help others. But even though money isn’t your main motivator, you can’t ignore it and expect to have a thriving practice and abundant life. There’s bad news and good news about this.

The bad news: Most wellness entrepreneurs have not been trained in how to develop a positive, healthy relationship with money – one that honors both their desire to serve others and to prosper financially. So instead of regarding money with respect and appreciation, we unconsciously push away money or opportunities to earn it. Many influences in our culture – family, society, religion – have shaped our attitudes and behaviors with money. We often send mixed messages to the Universe – saying we want to be prosperous while harboring a money mindset that sabotages our success.

And the good news: It’s easy to turn this around with a simple attitude adjustment. A simple mindset shift leads to different action. Different action produces different results, helping more prosperity flow into your life.

Do you push away or ignore money opportunities? To make sure you send a clear message, align your mindset with action and make the most of opportunities, here are 3 money mindset tips:

Tip #1 – Eliminate Money Drama from Your Life!

Do you have people in your life who create a lot of money drama? I used to be one of those people! But once I realized what a time and energy drain it is to get caught up in financial drama, I took steps to eliminate it from my own mindset and behavior, by gently excluding certain beliefs, behaviors, habits, situations and people that did not support my goals.

In your wellness biz, your income represents many things. It provides the basics of life – food and shelter. It may help you provide for others. Your income is also a symbol of your self-worth, as well as reflecting how much good you’re doing in the world, how much you’re accomplishing and well you’re achieving your purpose of helping others.

Money drama is a success saboteur that can manifest in many ways: running your bank balance into the ground, credit card abuse, never knowing your account balance, coming up short every month, ignoring your bills, borrowing from others, feast-or-famine money cycles, shopping addiction, anxious nights – all that stuff is money drama!

Recognize where you’re allowing your own and other people’s money drama into your life, then take action to eliminate it. If you actually don’t have enough money, learn to cut way back on non-essentials for a while, adjust your lifestyle within your means, find ways to earn additional income and pay down debt.

Tip #2: Let Your Light Shine!

Stop playing small – holding back from the fullest expression of your talents and abilities. Doing so denies your divinely-given natural gifts and talents. Dimming your light disempowers you and those around you.

Many wellness entrepreneurs play small, hold themselves back or diminish their abilities and accomplishments, for fear of offending others. Now think about this – before you skip past it saying, “Not me.” If you were to suddenly double your income, who would you be concerned about upsetting? It’s common for someone close – a friend, family member, coworker, for example – to feel threatened by your change.

Shine your light brighter! When things go well, proudly let others know about your success! Affirming your abundance may attract more income for you, so turn up the volume and hear that sweet sound – cha-ching!

Tip #3. Stop Believing That Sacrifice Serves Others!

You can be poor and serve some people or you can be prosperous and serve more people. Assuming your purpose as a practitioner is to help more people live healthier lives, which do you choose? Which is in better alignment with your purpose?

I know some practitioners who love to help poor people. I also know some who feel guilty about getting paid to help people, about profiting from people’s pain. Community service and pro bono work are fine, but… then these practitioners end up with no money as well! How does this serve your purpose of helping lots of people?

The greater your success the more people you can help! By helping people who can’t pay you, you are denying the opportunity to expand your practice so you can help many others. I recommend that you create a profitable niche of ideal paying clients who are willing to pay you well for the benefits that you provide for them. And then…

Once you have your own finances in order, you can reach out to those who can’t afford to pay. It’s like the airline policy – put on your own oxygen mask before helping someone else with theirs! This way, you can actually help many more people. This way, everyone benefits – you and your clients!

Instead of pushing away money and opportunities, welcome them! Shine your light and fulfill your Divine Purpose – to serve others and live the rich life that you need, want and deserve – supported by your very own… Prosperous Practice!

Grow Your Wellness Biz with Ripe Peaches!

Grow Your Wellness Biz with Ripe Peaches!


Summer! It’s time for my favorite fruit – fresh peaches! Growing up on my grandparents’ farm in South Carolina, I spent many lazy summer days reading Nancy Drew books in a peach tree, nibbling and dribbling peach juice down my chin!

Do you like ripe peaches too? You’re really gonna love them as a quick income boost in your wellness practice!

“Low-Hanging Fruit” and “Warm Prospects” are conventional marketing terms for interested people who may be a perfect fit for your health business, but they haven’t yet become clients. My inner Southern girl likes to think of them as “Ripe Peaches” – potential clients who need follow-up.

Low-hanging fruit is ripe and ready for picking! Compare these “Warm Prospects” to ripe peaches hanging on the tree. They are so heavy with sweet, juicy ripeness that they weigh down the branches, and practically fall into your hand with a slight touch – when the timing is right!

In your wellness practice, the Ripe Peaches are people you’ve met and discussed your services with in the past 1-24 months. They were interested but perhaps the timing wasn’t right for them, or maybe they couldn’t afford it at that time. You may have met them casually at a social event, or in a more structured business setting, such as a networking meeting.

And don’t forget that former clients are the ripest peaches of all! They already know you and your work, you have already established the vital know-like-trust connection. All they need is a slight nudge to drop into your waiting hand!

Don’t wait for potential clients to call you! It is part of your job description as a business owner to follow up with leads. Simply give them a call, re-introduce yourself and remind them where you met. Don’t try to sell your services to them. Just let them know you’re thinking about them, ask them how they’re doing and offer them a complimentary gift, such as a no-cost Discovery Session, free info on your website or a ticket to your upcoming talk.

Timing is crucial. If picked too soon, your peaches are inedible – green, hard and sour. Wait too long and either they’ll rot or someone else will pick them! Likewise in your health business: if you push to sell your services too soon, you will lose prospects before they have a chance to know, like and trust you. If you wait too long, they may lose interest or go to another practitioner for the help they need.

Research shows that it takes 3-7 contacts for people to respond to business follow-up. So continue contacting your Ripe Peaches on a regular basis until they opt out or make an appointment.

Who are your Ripe Peaches? Who can you think of that you’ve met and discussed your services with in the past 1-24 months? Have you collected contact info from everyone you meet in doing business, as well as casually or socially in your daily life? If not, start doing so immediately! Always ask: “May I have your card?”

With your “Ripe Peaches” (potential new clients), make an offer they can’t refuse, such as special pricing or a free Discovery Session. Ask if they would be interested in hearing about your special offer. Prepare in advance – don’t try to wing it when the person answers the phone! Decide what you want to offer and memorize a friendly conversational script.

Don’t be shy! Continue contacting your Ripe Peaches on a regular basis. Always give something of value in each connection, such as free info, a product or service, followed by a great offer! Don’t take rejection personally!

Now… go pick those “ripe peaches!” Follow up with people who have shown interest in your work! Then make them an offer they can’t refuse – to start working together to help them with your unique solutions!

The Prosperous Practice Home Study System shares how to consistently build your wellness practice with new clients, in a natural, authentic way, without seeming pushy or desperate!

Mid-Summer Marketing Tune-Up!

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Mid-Summer Marketing Tune-Up!

Is your wellness practice dwindling over the summer? It’s not too late for sizzling hot summer success! Take your laptop to the beach, pool or back yard and heat up your marketing!

If you were bitten by the Summer Lazy Bug and fell victim to Summer Slowdown Syndrome – there’s still time to rev up your practice for the end of summer, plus get a jump-start on your fall marketing!

Here are some strategies you can use with great results for the last half of summer:

Offer treatment packages instead of individual sessions, insuring that buyers will come in regularly for the rest of the summer.

 Learn our exact formula to create and sell Treatment Packages in Steps to Success 8: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Packages and Programs. 

Teach a class or workshop in self-care techniques.

Offer a pre-Fall program in your specialty, such as “Golfer’s Massage Advantage” or “Get Psyched for Soccer Success.”

Market to tourists and summer visitors who need health care while on vacation, via guest services and concierge desks at hotels, resorts, B&Bs.

Target summer sports teams to treat mishaps on the playing field.

Offer a Backyard Warriors treatment for people with achy-breaky backs from gardening or playing too hard.

Market services for kids and students while they’re out of school for the summer, via pediatricians, organized sports and summer fun programs.

Promote a Sun Worshipers Skin Care treatment for people who overdid it with sun exposure.

Start a corporate health program for employees, offering info or mini-treatments as a way to invite them to your office for more.

Tackle a big project you’ve been putting off, such as creating a workshop or starting an ezine.

Prepare Fall marketing while your schedule is lighter, such as a Back-to-School Special.

Get a head start on Winter – prepare Xmas cards or plan your holiday client party. (I buy cards at after-Christmas sales, so I have them on hand for early prep.)

Put Summer marketing on your calendar for next Spring, so your business doesn’t slow down this time next year. (Go on – DO IT NOW – schedule next summer’s marketing!)

Get some R&R to recharge, to make sure you’re ready to roll with your great Fall marketing.

Email us for a complimentary Discovery Session to discover exactly what you need to grow your practice to the next level of success.

Get everything you need to market and grow your practice with The Prosperous Practice Home Study System!

If you got a late start with summer planning and your business drops off, you can use the extra time to your most profitable advantage with these ideas! To make it even more fun, get outside with your laptop!

 Take a Vacay! Recharge yourself with some TLC for the upcoming busy Fall season. Get some good self-care – bodywork, exercise, rest, fresh summer produce – peaches and cherries!

 Pre-write and pre-schedule Fall articles for ezines, blog & social media posts.

 Prepare Your Fall Launch! Plan and start your Fall Marketing Campaign by doing at least one marketing activity each day for the rest of the summer, to plan and promote programs such as: Back-to-School Specials for teachers & school staff; Athlete’s Advantage for actual and armchair autumn athletes; Halloween Trick or Treat Bags for clients and biz associates; a Winter Holiday Party for your clients, prospects and business associates.

There’s a huge variety of marketing strategies you can implement to make sure your clients don’t forget you over the summer – even if they don’t come in for a while. But if you didn’t plan ahead and you end up experiencing Summer Slowdown Syndrome, use your time wisely to get your practice ready for a very busy and profitable Fall-Winter season.

Don’t get caught unprepared next summer – it will come around sooner than you realize! Write out your answers to the following questions to help you plan ahead:

How were you affected this year by Summer Slowdown Syndrome?

What could you have done differently for a more successful summer?

How will you address it next year?

What will you put in place now to prevent Summer Slowdown in the future?

Which Sizzlin’ Summer activities appeal to you the most?

What will you do now to prepare for upcoming Fall & Winter marketing?

What specific times do you commit to doing these things?

Book these times into your schedule as appointments with yourself!

To learn the best marketing strategies for your holistic health practice, check out The Prosperous Practice Home Study System!

Let Freedom Ring in Your Wellness Biz – with Systems!

Let Freedom Ring in Your Wellness Biz – with Systems! 

“In a world with no systems, with chaos, everything becomes a struggle, and predictability is not there. And it becomes almost impossible…” – Bill Clinton.

There’s so much more to being a successful wellness entrepreneur than working with clients. Do you struggle with all the endless details of running your practice – clinical, clerical, administrative and marketing tasks?

And this is all in addition to our primary purpose of taking care of clients! No wonder so many practitioners stress out or burn out!

As a health service professional, your plate is indeed very full! But when you set up systems to handle all of the business and marketing activities, you can work more efficiently and have more freedom for personal time and other important aspects of your life. Once you implement specific policies, protocols, tools and resources to manage your practice, you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without them!

If you’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed, if crucial tasks are falling through the cracks – then you’re wasting valuable time and precious energy that you could use to serve clients and achieve your personal and business goals. Create systems so your marketing is on auto-pilot year-round, with ease and convenience for you, throughout the lifetime of your business.

Systems are absolutely crucial if you want to multiply your business and move to the next level. Whether you are struggling, starting, sustaining or succeeding, systems will get you to the next level of success, and the next after that. How do you currently get things done in your business? Most likely you have a self-generated business, meaning that if you don’t do it yourself, it doesn’t get done!

Take a close look at all the different parts of your business. For example: how you get clients, how you get paid, how you deliver your services or products, as well as administration, marketing and scheduling.

You can actually devise a system for each of these activities. In my business, every aspect is systematized – scheduling, marketing, client sessions, promo, admin, social media, networking, ezine, blog, even cleaning and laundry! Everything has a time and a place, and gets done efficiently with time to spare! How will you use your spare time?

Look at the different aspects of your business to see what’s working well and what’s falling through the cracks. Decide which things absolutely have to be done by you and which can be delegated. Ask how something can be systematized so that it is done the same way each time. What can be automated with technology and what can be delegated to others?

For instance, keep a script or checklist by the phone for intake with new clients. To further systematize this same task, have your prospects pre-screen themselves by reading the FAQ section in your website, so you don’t have to repeat the same conversation with every prospective client.

Use systems all over your business. Whether promoting a new program or cleaning the bathroom – systematize it! Whatever it is – closing the sale, ordering supplies, client intake – whatever it is, give it a system so you always know what to do and when to do it. Systems also allow you to delegate certain aspects of your business, freeing up your time for more flexibility, freedom and fun in your life!

Remember to make time in your schedule for marketing! Do you find yourself at the end of the week wondering where the time went and feeling frustrated because you only accomplished a fraction of what you wanted to get done? If so, then you need a weekly calendar with designated blocks of time to work on certain aspects of your business, as explained in detail in The Prosperous Practice Home Study System Module 2: Make Room for Marketing.

This will instantly improve your productivity and reduce your stress by giving you more control over your time! Then stick to your boundaries – your system won’t do you any good if you don’t follow it! Make a commitment to yourself to honor your intentions. Turn off your phone ringer, email beeps, social media chirps and all other distractions – electronic and otherwise.

Don’t wear all the hats in your biz – delegate! Most likely at this point you’re in business for yourself, with yourself and by yourself – meaning if you don’t do it, it doesn’t get done! The key to having a business that runs like a well-oiled machine is to get help and delegate certain tasks to a live or virtual assistant. If you are handling everything yourself and important things are not getting done, this translates to lost opportunities, fewer clients and less income. If you think you can’t afford it, start small with 1-2 hours per week. The goal is to focus your time and energy on attracting clients and working with clients, while someone else does things that are outside your area of expertise.

Avoid overwhelm, burn-out and chaos! Systems are crucial if you want to multiply your business and get to the next level of success in you holistic health practice. Whether you are struggling, starting, sustaining or succeeding, think about all the different tasks needed to keep things running smoothly. Then create a repeatable system that works every time for each business activity!

Steps to Success 12: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Ongoing Systems

Would you like to know in advance what you’ll be doing every day, week and month to grow your business? All the great marketing strategies in the world won’t help you succeed if you don’t implement them in an orderly plan. Keep your practice on track and your life in balance with business, marketing and lifestyle systems, so you can focus on your purpose – to serve clients with your unique gifts.

12 Ways to Survive and Thrive in Your Wellness Biz!

12 Ways to Survive and Thrive in Your Wellness Biz!

Last summer I moved back into a former home that I had rented out for a few years. The house needed many repairs, including re-covering the ventilation holes under the eaves. The screens that originally covered these openings had fallen off, allowing a family of birds to set up housekeeping in the attic.

Even though the exterminator humanely evicted the birds, I felt badly about disrupting their lives! For a few days, they bumped their little heads on the new screens as they tried to return to their usual routine. But they soon learned that it was easier to find a new way than to keep doing something that no longer worked for them.

Isn’t this true for us as well? Change is hard – but sometimes life demands that we adjust and adopt new ways of doing things. What are you doing to survive and thrive in your wellness practice? Are you still doing things in the old accustomed ways, but not getting the results you want? Whether you are a fledgling practitioner flying solo for the first time, or established and ready to spread your wings, any of these suggestions can help your business fly. And all of them together will make it soar! Here are 12 Ways to Survive and Thrive in Your Wellness Biz!

1. Support a Mindset of Success

Do your beliefs about money and success limit your business? Identify and eliminate limiting thoughts and habits, such as fear and procrastination that stand between you and a thriving practice.

2. It’s About Time!
Do you feel like you should accomplish more in a day? You can get more done if you: devote at least 3 hours per day to marketing; use business hours for business activities only; and schedule clients, business and personal activities in blocks of time.

3. Find Money on the Table!
Jump-start your income with these quick money strategies: Raise your rates; follow up with leads; make special offers; reactivate former clients; offer gift certificates; sell products; get a j-o-b.

4. Shine Your Special Light!
Clarify what makes you unique in your field. Identify what makes you different, focus on the results you provide, highlight your special gifts, offer things that other practitioners don’t – so you’ll have a unique answer when someone wonders: “Why should I choose you?”

5. Identify Your Niche!
Do you market to anyone and everyone? Ironically, the smaller your target market, the more clients you will attract. Fill your practice more quickly by narrowing your niche, defining exactly who you serve.

6. Focus on Problems and Solutions!

Match your solutions to the problems of your Ideal Clients. Clearly expressing your target market’s problems and your solutions makes you irresistible to your Ideal Clients!

7. Create Magnetic Marketing Materials!
Is your marketing customized for your niche? Appeal to your Ideal Clients with a customized Magnetic Marketing Message that attracts Ideal Clients to your solutions, results and benefits.

8. Offer Packages!
Are your services priced to sell with less effort and more income? Serve your niche better with client-attractive packages that offer solutions and results instead of individual sessions that trade time for money.

9. Step Out for Success!
Do you hibernate in your office waiting for clients to call? Go public with speaking and writing to educate and attract your Ideal Clients.

10. Diversify Your Marketing!

Does your business garden grow a variety of strategies? Start simply, with 1-2 strategies and expand your marketing garden as you succeed and achieve!

11. Use the Gentle Sales System!
Does selling your services make you feel like a pushy salesman? Stay in sales integrity with our script for a compassionate conversation to guide clients to enroll in your services!

12. Set Up Systems for Success!
Do you know in advance what you’ll be doing every day, week and month to grow your business? A preplanned marketing schedule simplifies your business, keeps your practice on track and your life in balance.

 Hey, remember those birds I evicted? It took a few days, but they finally learned that it was easier to adapt new habits than to hold on to ones that no longer serve them. What about you – are you repeating the same things, hoping for different results? I encourage you to try a new approach to help you soar high in your very own… Prosperous Practice!

Spread the News – with a Client-Attractive Newsletter!

Spread the News – with a Client-Attractive Newsletter!

Image result for girl with megaphoneFortunately there’s a better way to connect with clients and prospects than shouting through a bullhorn! A business newsletter is a marketing power tool that can help you reach more people and attract more ideal clients!

– Is your practice the first thing your clients think about when they need health care?

– Do you want loyal clients who don’t even think about going to another practitioner?

– Would you like to have a solid base of clients who regularly refer others to you?

– Do you want referrals from physicians and other healthcare providers?

– Would you like for these referrals to also become loyal clients who make referrals?

Not contacting your clients on a regular basis is one of the biggest marketing mistakes you can make as a wellness practitioner. And yet, according to a research poll, only 10% of holistic practitioners send a newsletter to their clients.

When you don’t keep in touch with current and past clients, they are less responsive to you, less loyal to your business and less interested in your services. The most valuable business asset you have is not your office, not your equipment, not your skills – it’s your clients.

So it’s crucial to the success of your practice that you take good care of your client list – and not just when they are in your office for an appointment. Making sure you take care of them between appointments is the best way to keep you on their mind. And this is where your keep-in-touch marketing system comes into play. Your newsletter is more than a tool to educate clients about health; it also allows you to:

– Offer special promotions

– Keep clients informed about your business news

– Build trust by sharing little glimpses into your personal life

The whole purpose of marketing is to build relationships with people over time, so they always think of you for their health and wellness concerns. Marketing helps to build a solid relationship with clients, so that you retain their business over the long-term.

Contacting your clients on a regular basis is one of the strongest marketing strategies you can use. Keep in touch with the people on your list of current or past clients, so they stay responsive to you, loyal to your business, interested in your services and happy to refer people to you.

While a printed newsletter is effective, an ezine is even more so. An ezine – tech-talk for email magazine – has an added advantage of saving you time and money, because it doesn’t have printing tasks and mailing costs. Either way – print or online – a newsletter helps you:communicate regularly with your clients and colleagues; build the crucial know-like-trust factor with potential clients; establish recognition of your brand; promote your service; encourage referrals from clients, doctors and other practitioners; give you an edge over competitors who do not use a newsletter.

Your ezine can be your silent sales partner! Here are 10 simple ways to add marketing energy to your email newsletter:

1. Have an opt-in box above the fold, so that people can subscribe if they received your ezine from a friend!

2. Embed clickable links to your website with text and images throughout your ezine. Provide links to products, programs or events. Your ezine banner should contain a clickable link to your home page. Links help readers get more information fast and can have a big impact on sales.

3. Include links for readers to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and any other social media sites that you – or they – use regularly.  There are many attractive and affordable options of icon sets for visual interest.

4. Use a P.S. to ask readers to forward your ezine to their friends, followers, and colleagues. You can also use the forwarding feature available with most professional online email services.

5. Post updates on social media sites each time you write a new article. Include a link to your opt-in page and encourage readers to subscribe for regular delivery.

6. Grow your mailing list fast, with a link or reference to it in places people are likely to opt-in. For example: your email signature, in your bio, within the footer of online articles, your business card and all printed marketing materials.

7. Include an offer. Make your ezine an effective marketing vehicle with this one simple rule: Always include an offer – an existing product or resource, a new launch, a free Discovery Session, a “read more” link to your website.

8. Provide a free way to learn more about your business. Whether casually in a social situation or more formally in a presentation, offer your ezine and its free gift to everyone you talk to.

9. Start where you are and make improvements as you go. Don’t get bogged down in creating the perfect ezine before you start sending it.  With the online format, it’s easy to make changes.

10. Send it regularly and frequently. Weekly is ideal! If that’s too overwhelming at first, send it every 2 weeks. Less than that – don’t bother! Seeing you often is what keeps you fresh in your client’s mind. Inconsistency undermines your credibility.

If you’re short on time, implement one feature each week until your newsletter is complete and your publication schedule is in full swing with a weekly ezine going out to all your clients and colleagues! A note via email, postal mail or on your recent blog post, plus a simple offer, are all you need to get started sending your ezine today. Tweak it a little each time and before long you’ll have a high-powered marketing tool that attracts clients while you work, play and sleep!

Need More Clients? Nail Your Niche!

Need More Clients? Nail Your Niche!

“You can please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” –Abraham Lincoln.

What’s your niche? Whether you pronounce it “nitch” or “neesh” – you need one in your wellness practice!

Image result for hammer and nailOne of the biggest marketing mistakes I see holistic practitioners make is not being clear about their target market. I know because I’ve been there! I used to think like a lot of practitioners – that I needed to market my services to as many people as possible to get enough clients! And guess what?! When I marketed to everyone I never had enough clients!

What about you?  Do you target a specific group? Do you know if there is a demand for your service, and do you have a plan to market and sell what you offer?

Some practitioners believe that it is unethical to make money from other people’s pain or problems. Others may think they just have to share their divine gift and God will provide for them.

If this is you… listen up! Yes, God does provide. But She – God, Source, Universe, whatever your word for a Higher Power – doesn’t just drop money from heaven! Money comes in the form of an opportunity. The money passes to you through your client, in exchange for the help that you give them!

If your business ideal, dream or goal feels like divine inspiration, then you’re off to a good start as a Spirit-based practitioner! But your message has to reach the right audience to bring you more success and income. The following steps will help you create your unique wellness idea, take action on it and get the results you need, want and deserve!

Step 1: Research
Research your idea to see if there is already a market demand for your particular wellness modality, idea or perspective. Don’t worry about competition. If others are already doing what you offer, it means there’s a market for your service or specialty. If no one is doing it, you may need to change or narrow your niche.

Step 2: Identify Who You Want to Work With

Once you get clear on your target market, you can develop a marketing plan that attracts the right people and discourages those who are not a good fit for your wellness biz. You may think the best way to get lots of clients is to market to everyone! But you actually get more ideal clients by narrowing your niche to a small specific group. Here’s how to identify your niche:

Your niche is made up of people who already know they need help, they just don’t know how to get it. That’s where you and your marketing come in! Use your marketing materials to speak to your ideal client as if you were having a conversation with them about their needs and your solutions. Word your marketing message in a way that your ideal client will ‘see’ herself in magnetic marketing questions; she will answer ‘Yes!’ to them and pre-qualify herself as your enthusiastic new client!

You will not have to turn away non-ideal clients, because they will not ‘see’ themselves in your specifically-targeted message and will realize that your service is not for them. Your special gift will not be expressed at its highest potential if you work with people who don’t fit your Ideal Client profile, who drain your energy, squabble about money, make excuses, procrastinate and disrespect your time. But that’s exactly what happens when you target a wide audience, instead of a small niche – specifying exactly who you will and will not accept as clients.

Step 3: Sharing, Not Selling

Finally, you need to get comfortable with sales. I don’t mean the stereotype of the slick used car salesman! I’m talking about offering something you believe in, to people who need it – a solution that matches the needs of your niche. Think of it as sharing your services, not selling.

Conscious business marketing is totally ethical. It is not about closing the deal. It’s ‘having a conversation’ about how your work benefits people. Remember, every successful business – including yours – has the solution to a specific problem, pain or challenge.

Ultimately, as a wellness entrepreneur, you need to go beyond your big idea. To bring your great business idea into reality, you need to start with getting clear about your target market and the best ways to reach them with your message.

Run Your Wellness Biz Like a Well-Oiled Machine!

Run Your Wellness Biz Like a Well-Oiled Machine!

Image result for well-oiled machine

Does your wellness business run like a well-oiled machine?

Compare your business marketing with car maintenance. You shouldn’t wait until things start breaking down to call the mechanic. It’s an ongoing process of scheduled maintenance, so your car is always ready to take you where you need to go.

The key to more clients, more income and more time off is having a business that runs like a well-oiled machine – like a consistently maintained car! The goal is to have every business activity in your holistic practice organized into a process that is easily repeatable – either by you or by someone else.

Systems give you reliable, repeatable results in your productivity and income. When a marketing activity works, document it and then do it again and again as needed. If the system is good, it will create the same repeatable results each time you use it.

It is so important to establish a schedule for regular, consistent marketing, for every day, week, month and year of your business. And then – the most important part – stick to your schedule!

Systems allow you to focus on your two primary business activities: working with clients and attracting clients. And systems also give you more freedom, time and energy to enjoy your life!

6 Steps to Create Systems in Your Wellness Practice

At this point, you may be saying, “Okay, I get it – I need systems! But exactly how do I create a system? Where do I start?”

It’s actually a very simple, step-by-step process – a system to create systems:

1. Notice what’s not working. Make a list of things that you let slide, what takes up a lot of time, what you keep repeating and what creates stress for you.

2. Decide which of those things can be systematized – clustered, grouped, blocked, automated or delegated. For instance: do a chunk of social media time twice a day instead of random minutes throughout the day; or better yet, delegate social media to an assistant who will bring important items to your attention, while handling routine posts and comments. What can you time-block or delegate?

3. Write out the exact steps for each procedure or protocol. This will take some work and time up front, but will give you much more time, energy and peace of mind in the long run. Once you have it all organized to work on its own, it can be handled easily and efficiently by you or your team.

4. Write an Operations Manual for every task in your business – from cleaning/laundry to client care – and add to it as needed. This applies to all of your duties, as well as those of your team members. Write out detailed descriptions of every task so they are easily repeatable by more than one person.

5. Create a system to monitor the work of your team, so you don’t totally abdicate responsibility. As the business owner, you are responsible for the results – the finished product or service. So make sure you have a system to check on the status of projects you have delegated to others. Schedule a block of time each week to review their progress.

6. Systematize all of your marketing, so that every strategy attracts clients with a system. Automate your client management, social media, calendar, email, ezine and blog with a specific day and time each day, week or month for every marketing activity.

Create your systems now – to prepare for big success! Get your biz running smoothly on autopilot and have the infrastructure ready for a full practice, even before it fills up. Don’t wait until your client schedule gets busy and then suddenly realize you need systems but don’t have the time to create them. Example: Prepare a few client files – if you build it they will come! Get it all set up now!

The best way to make sure you always have a full practice is to always include consistent marketing in your schedule, even when it seems like you don’t need it. Have a couple of activities you can do to fill time between client appointments, such as calling inactive clients, or sending  thank you notes or requests for referrals. When you have a break between client sessions, use it for marketing – not TV or a shopping trip! Marketing is just as important to your success as clients, perhaps even more so – because marketing is what attracts clients in the first place.

You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish, and how much more money you will make, when your wellness biz becomes a problem-free zone – because of your organization and systems. It ultimately gives you more time to enjoy your life with self-care, travel, hobbies and the people you care about. That’s really the purpose of being an entrepreneur – to live your life with freedom and fulfillment, whatever that means to you. And using systems in your business will allow you to do that!

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