Boost Your Holiday Income with the Stocking Stuffer Special! Part 2/2

Boost Your Holiday Income with the Stocking Stuffer Special!  Part 2/2

Last week we looked at a great way to help wellness clients do their holiday gift shopping – The Stocking Stuffer Special! Now you can provide the same convenient service in your wellness practice, while you and your clients enjoy 5 unique benefits:

  • Offer low-cost, high-value massage for holiday gifts.
  • Help clients give loved ones the gift of health.
  • Allow more people to experience my work.
  • Boost income.
  • Attract new clients into the business.

Once I figured out the Stocking Stuffer strategy, I needed a system to sell the gift coupons, so as not to annoy people or make myself hoarse by repeating the same offer with every client every day. So over Thanksgiving weekend, I set up a Gift Station in my clinic – a holiday theme table with a display of beautiful Gift Coupons, colored pens and postage stamps.

I even offer to mail or email the Gift Coupons for them! (Bonus for me: it builds my email list!) This mailing service doesn’t cost me much time and adds more value to the clients’ experience with my practice!

How will you set up your holiday gift coupon area? Share on our Facebook page!

To kick off the Stocking Stuffer Special, in mid-November (that would be NOW…ahem!), I post signs around the office and send an email, to let people know that it’s… COMING SOON! Then, the day after Thanksgiving, I send clients an email announcement and reminder to bring their address book/contact list any time before New Years Day. When they come in and purchase their package of gift coupons, they can sit right down and address the envelopes, enclose the coupons and stick the stamps. Then I offer to mail it for them. People love this and look forward to it each holiday! PS – I don’t charge for postage; the extra income and opportunity to get new clients is worth a few postage stamps!

Continue with emails throughout the holiday season, every couple day between Thanksgiving and New Years. (Remember – it takes 7 exposures for people to respond to marketing!) I remove clients’ names as they buy, so as not to pester them after they have made a purchase. I also display Gift Coupon signs in every room of my clinic, including the restroom – in clear view of the toilet!

My clients really appreciate this one-stop shopping experience and most of them buy extras to keep on hand for future gift occasions.

Winter holidays present the year’s best opportunity to sell Gift Coupons! Many people have a long gift list and appreciate an affordable way to treat their family, friends and colleagues to the gift of health! You can help them with this by offering packages of gift coupons for their holiday shopping convenience. The Stocking Stuffer Special is an amazingly effective holiday sales strategy for wellness practitioners! It could make the holidays your most profitable time of year!

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