Bragging Rights: Authentic Self-Promotion for Holistic Health Practitioners

Bragging Rights: Authentic Self-Promotion for Holistic Health Practitioners


Proud as a  peacock! There’s a flock of wild peacocks along a stretch of the upper road to Kona – probably descended from an escaped yard pet that went forth and multiplied! With their gorgeous iridescent tail feathers spread open, they remind me of that familiar phrase – proud as a peacock! 

Do you feel proud as a peacock of your work – yet maybe a little shy to tell others how great you are? Sometimes it’s hard to tell people about our work without sounding conceited or boastful. To make people aware of our creative solutions to their health challenges, we sometimes have to toot our own horn, which is hard for a lot of people. We’ve been taught our whole life not to brag about our skills and accomplishments! But there’s an easy way to let people see your expertise without a single braggy word – give away your work!

This isn’t about working for free – of course we need to earn a living. It’s about how to promote your business by sharing something of value with your Irresistible Free Offer. A quick way to build a list of potential clients that you can continue marketing to is with an IFO – the Irresistible Free Offer. This is a product, information or service related to your business that has a high perception of value. Offered at no charge, it will create strong interest and naturally pull clients into your practice.

Simply share your expertise in a way that is low-cost, time-effective and reaches many people at once. Think of the food demo lady at Costco. Does she give you the whole pie to take home and try? No – just a bite – enough to realize how yummy it is, enough to make you want more!

Do this for your prospects – give them a delicious little taste to spark their interest and to make them want more!

In a service-oriented business – such as your health practice – the IFO can be a sample session with you, or a free consultation and treatment plan. The IFO allows you to navigate the fine line between being authentic and being aggressive!

An added bonus: With an IFO of high-content and high-value, word will spread quickly. People will tell their family, friends, colleagues – in person or via social media. But only if you’ve given them something of value. Once you’ve captured their interest – and their email – you can continue marketing to them on a regular basis.

This is done with stay-in-touch marketing vehicles, such as a newsletter and special offers, sent to your list on a consistent and frequent basis. This further establishes the know-like-trust factor, so the person is familiar with your work and has already pre-qualified themselves as a good client for you when they’re ready for your service or product. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your list will grow when you have your IFO and other materials in place to help you build your client list!

When you give generously, you also get an opportunity to offer other resources that will help the prospect – such as more information or, if you are a practitioner, various treatment options. The person has a choice to opt in or not, so you’re not pushing something on them that they did not request. Instead, you’re offering them something of value, always using ‘magnetic marketing’ to attract clients to your practice.

When you give, you’re in a place of service. Sharing is much more effective than ‘selling’ or ‘getting’ in attracting clients. It takes the pressure off the client and off you. People love to buy, but they don’t like to be pushed into it. So make it easy for them – give them something of value, as a way of getting acquainted and to let them know how you can help them – with no pressure to buy anything.

You don’t need to repeat the same conversation with every prospect who crosses your path, whether live or virtual. Instead, it’s much easier to say “Go to my website for this free report and a complimentary subscription to our weekly tips that you can use to improve your health.”

The results of sharing for free: 1) People get excited; 2) they’re impressed by the value you give; 3) they naturally equate your high-value IFO with your high-quality work; 4) they get educated about how you can help them; 5) it activates the Law of Reciprocity – when we receive something of value we want to reciprocate; 6) you get more clients and referrals; 7) more clients bring more income!

When you give high-value, relevant information at no charge, people realize that this is just a small sample of your work. And they will automatically assume that if your free stuff is great, your paid services or info-products must really be fabulous! When you give something with a high perceived value and excellent content, your marketing feels comfortable for you and authentic to the client!

In what part of your career do feel proud? Is it being of service to others? Supporting yourself doing work you love? Having skills and knowledge that improve lives?

You can legitimately exercise your bragging rights and be proud as a peacock, while still staying authentic and humble. Simply give them an opportunity to experience your work and exceed their expectations with a valuable Irresistible Free Offer – your IFO!

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