Marketing for Mothers Day!

Marketing for Mothers Day! Time to get ready – because it’s coming up soon! Mothers’ Day is one of the top three holidays all year for selling Gift Coupons in your wellness practice! Whether you do massage, chiropractic, counseling, yoga, nutrition – any health or wellness modality – the gift … Continue reading

3 Strategies to Attract Ideal Clients NOW!

3 Strategies to Attract Ideal Clients NOW! Do you run and hide at the mere mention of marketing your wellness practice? Well, you’re not alone! Marketing seems overwhelming to many practitioners! But we’re about to change that – right here, right now! This aversion to marketing is simply because they … Continue reading

Marketing in Your Daily Life!

Marketing in Your Daily Life!  What do you think is the most common complaint I hear from my coaching clients – entrepreneur wellness practitioners? “I don’t have time for marketing!” When you run your own business and you wear all the hats – client care, business management, marketing, sales, cleaning … Continue reading

Do You Spend Enough Time on Marketing?

Do You Spend Enough Time on Marketing? How much time every day should you spend on marketing your wellness practice to attract clients? If you’re struggling to get clients, marketing experts strongly recommend – and I agree – that you devote a minimum of four hours of marketing per day … Continue reading

Boost Holiday Income with the Stocking Stuffer Special! Part 2/2

Boost Holiday Income with the Stocking Stuffer Special! Part 2/2 Several years ago, I started offering my clients a new way to do their holiday gift shopping that would accomplish 5 goals:  Offer low-cost, high-value massage for holiday gifts. Help my clients with their holiday gift shopping.       … Continue reading

Smaller Niche = Bigger Business!

Smaller Niche = Bigger Business!  Can you imagine trying to have a conversation about ten different topics with ten people at once? After the first few words, you wouldn’t be able to keep it all straight and neither would the ten people! It would sound like gibberish and no one … Continue reading

12 Ways to Keep ‘em Coming Back!

12 Ways to Keep ‘em Coming Back! I have a long list of loyal lifetime clients who have been coming to my massage clinic weekly or more for years, such as the client with fibromyalgia who has been coming twice a week for 20 years. So far, the lifetime value … Continue reading

Get New Clients with 5 Simple Steps!

Get New Clients with 5 Simple Steps! Wellness practitioners often ask me how to get more clients and make more income. I offer free tips and concrete ways to make this happen, but they do not take action. They say they’re ready, but some complain about lack more than abundance. … Continue reading

Banish Your Business Gremlins!

Banish Your Business Gremlins! Halloween – a tradition originating in pagan times – involved rituals to banish evil spirits from the earth. With this in mind, I think of Halloween as a time to cast out the ghosts and goblins in my business – those things that hold me back … Continue reading

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