Mid-Summer Marketing Tune-Up!

Mid-Summer Marketing Tune-Up! Is your wellness practice dwindling over the summer? It’s not too late for sizzling hot summer success! Take your laptop to the beach or pool and rev up your marketing. If your business is suffering from Summer Slowdown Syndrome, there’s still time to rev up your practice for … Continue reading

10 Strategies to Survive Summer Slowdown in Your Wellness Biz!

Avoid Summer Slowdown Syndrome in Your Wellness Biz! Summer – as the temperature goes up, your practice can go down – before you realize it’s happening! So you need to get crackin’ now to prevent Summer Slowdown Syndrome! It’s mid-May and not a moment too soon to start your summer marketing … Continue reading

Plan Your Winter Holiday Party Now!

Plan Your Winter Holiday Party Now! This week we continue with our theme of getting a jump-start on fall marketing. So… here’s a little quiz from last week’s article, Fall Marketing for Your Holistic Health Practice: What item on the list of fall marketing ideas mentions winter? If you say … Continue reading

Clockwork Marketing Calendar!

Clockwork Marketing Calendar! This week we’re excited to introduce a new monthly feature to help you organize your marketing schedule! The first week of each month our blog will highlight specific themes to inspire you with new marketing ideas and opportunities for the following month! This will give you a … Continue reading

Make Quick Summer Cash Pickin’ Peaches! Part 1/2

Make Quick Summer Cash Pickin’ Peaches! Part 1/2 Whether you need a shot of cash for a crisis or to invest in business growth for your holistic health practice, you can boost your bottom line for late summer and/or jumpstart your Fall season by quickly revving up your income within … Continue reading

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