Clean Up Your Business – with S.O.A.P!

Clean Up Your Business – with S.O.A.P! Is your wellness business messy or clean? We’re not talking about your housekeeping here. It’s about your business and marketing practices. In other words, are your work space and all of your business practices organized and effective? Is your marketing systemized and scheduled? … Continue reading

3 Tips to Get New Wellness Clients!

3 Tips to Get New Wellness Clients! While visiting the websites of hundreds of wellness practitioners, I was struck by the number of sites that were “All about me, Me, ME!” on the home page. Your website’s home page is often a prospect’s first exposure to you and your work. … Continue reading

Clockwork Marketing Calendar!

Clockwork Marketing Calendar! This week we’re excited to introduce a new monthly feature to help you organize your marketing schedule! The first week of each month our blog will highlight specific themes to inspire you with new marketing ideas and opportunities for the following month! This will give you a … Continue reading

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