How to Keep Your Clients!

How to Keep Your Clients! Are most of your clients One-Time Wonders or do you have a full schedule of loyal repeat customers? There’s so much you can offer to impress your clients with superb customer service! Do you go out of your way to give extra value to your … Continue reading

Networking Gets Referrals!

Networking Gets Referrals! Every time I drive past my neighborhood soccer field, I remember my days as a soccer mom, when a common topic of conversation among parents on the sidelines was: “What do you do?” In my local networking meeting, I introduce myself with my One-Minute Message. Both of … Continue reading

6 Ways to Get New Clients NOW! Part 1/2

6 Ways to Get New Clients NOW! Part 1/2 I’ve seen it a lot – entrepreneur health practitioners unconsciously sabotage their income by not marketing, causing their client flow to slow down, or even stop. Then what happens? Anxiety attacks! A rush of desperate marketing! Sleepless nights! Sound familiar? I … Continue reading

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