Dealing with Skepticism – Part 2/2

Dealing with Skepticism – Part 2/2

You need to build trust and credibility with prospective clients before they will buy from you or enroll in your services. Here are more ways to inspire what is known in the marketing industry as “the know-like-trust factor”:

Credentials – Displaying proof of your education and training provides a certain level of legitimacy. Frame your diplomas, certificates and licenses, and hang them on the wall in a prominent, attractive display. Also display your other honors, such as awards and articles. People are comforted by proof that institutions, associations and government agencies recognize you as competent and professional.

Social Proof – This consists of acknowledgment from clients and associates that your work is professional and helpful, that you give people the benefits and results they need to improve their health. It is a powerful tool to let prospects know that people just like them, with the same problems and concerns, were helped by your care. Ask your clients for testimonials about how you have helped them. The best time to get a rave review is immediately after someone has experienced a great result from working with you.

If you get referrals from physicians or other healthcare professionals, ask them to write testimonials about how you have helped their patients. Have a pre-written template, or you can write it yourself and have them approve it before it goes public. Testimonials go a long way toward convincing people that enrolling with your practice is a wise investment in their health.

Use entire testimonials or excerpts, along with the client’s photo when possible, in your marketing materials, such as website, brochure, etc. Also, you could frame a few testimonials and hang them with your certificates, or keep them in an album to show people during their Discovery Session. You can also make video testimonials for your website or blog.

People are naturally skeptical. We want proof and assurances before jumping into something new, especially involving our health, time or money. People won’t easily believe you unless you back up your claims. They will buy from you only if they trust you. So build trust by bringing your credentials to the attention of your target audience by including it in your marketing.

Please comment below on other ways can you think of to assure hesitant or skeptical prospects that you are the real deal.

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