Do You Spend Enough Time on Marketing?

Do You Spend Enough Time on Marketing?

Image result for quote those who stop marketingHow much time every day should you spend on marketing your wellness practice to attract clients? If you’re just starting out, or struggling to get clients, marketing experts strongly recommend – and I agree – that you devote a minimum of four hours of marketing per day for 6-12 months.

Many practitioners are shocked at that number, because they typically don’t even spend that much time on marketing in a week or even per month.

Well… no wonder they don’t have enough clients!

If you’re surprised at the idea of spending that much time on marketing, answer this question honestly:

If you don’t have enough clients and you’re not marketing, then what are you actually doing all day?

The average practitioner claims that she doesn’t have four hours a day for marketing. But you don’t want to be average, right? Wouldn’t you rather be outstanding?

Many entrepreneurs spend a good deal of non-client time in non-business activities. Let’s take a close look at the non-essential things you do throughout the day and the week.

These are the time-wasters in your schedule. Each little thing in itself may not take much time, but they add up to many hours per week that you could be used for growing your business instead.

When you look at this wasted time from a marketing perspective, you may see that, like many self-employed people, you regard non-client time as “spare time.” Do you waste valuable work hours on personal activities, such as housework, errands or social media?

Being busy is not the same as being productive! I could keep busy playing solitaire or shoe-shopping all day long. But what would that accomplish for my business growth?

You need to put your extra-curricular activities on hold while building your wellness practice. These time-wasters sabotage your progress and your success. They limit the number of clients who can benefit from your valuable service, undermining your professional purpose to help people improve their health. You can’t reach your goal to help lots of people and make a good living if you waste your work day on non-work.

It’s actually a very simple premise: The more time you spend attracting clients, the more clients you will attract!

Just because you don’t have enough clients doesn’t mean you’re on vacation! Regardless of how you currently spend your “spare time” during work hours, it’s now time for a change.

Eliminate everything during your work day that is not directly working with clients or attracting clients!

From now on, for the next 6-12 months, or until your client schedule is full, do non-business activities after business hours. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have a boss holding you accountable. It’s up to you to schedule your work hours and stay on track, in order to increase your client base and your income. You need to be a tough boss and hold yourself accountable!

It’s difficult, maybe even impossible, to get new clients consistently when you don’t market consistently. Are you spending time on non-biz activities while hoping for clients?  Hope is not a strategy and it doesn’t pay the rent!

News flash – you need to spend your work day actually working! When you’re not working directly with clients, devote your time to activities that will bring them in – call people, get referrals, network, send a newsletter, give talks, for example.

Exactly how you should you structure your time to get the maximum benefits for your business? Monday through Friday 9 AM – 5 PM (or whatever you decide as your regular work hours), you should be… doing what? Yes, now you’re catching on…

… working with clients and attracting clients!

This, in turn, will produce benefits in your income and lifestyle. 

Suppose your BFF calls and says, “Hey, let’s go shopping!” From now on, instead of jumping on board with that, you say, “Sorry, I can’t today – I’m working. But I can go this weekend or meet up after work.”

Your happy-go-lucky friends may not like this, but when you get results in your business, you will realize you’re doing the right thing. (And maybe your success will motivate them to do the same!)

Here’s a simple system to eliminate your time-wasters:

First, make a written list of all the different activities you do each day – both business and non-business things – during your regular business hours. Every time you do something throughout the day, stop and write it down. Be totally accurate and honest with yourself about this, so you can make the changes necessary to expand your practice and your income. For one week, keep a running list of everything you do during business hours.

Next, go through your entire list and ask yourself these 2 questions for every item:

1. Does this activity involve working with clients?

2. Does this activity involve attracting clients?

If the answer is ‘no’ for any item on your list, cross it off the list and stop doing it during biz hours. Cross off everything you do during business hours that distracts you from your two primary activities – working with your current clients and attracting new clients.

Finally, commit to doing this on a regular, consistent basis and schedule it on your calendar. The only reasons for breaking this appointment with yourself are a true emergency or booking a client appointment

Though this schedule may seem extreme, remember that it’s only a temporary jumpstart strategy. When you start getting consistent results with repeat clients filling your schedule, you won’t need to do as much marketing. So then you can reduce your marketing time and start re-integrating other activities into your daily schedule.

You will still need to schedule marketing on a consistent basis throughout your career – it should never become a once-in-a-while activity. Before long, your marketing will be organized into a system that will reduce the amount of time that you spend on it per day. But you may discover, as I did, that you enjoy marketing so much that it becomes your new hobby!

“Those who stop marketing to save money are like those who stop a clock to save time.”

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