Break Free from Stinkin’ Thinkin’!

Break Free from Stinkin’ Thinkin’!il_570xN.463865746_s75j

“As massage therapists, we are here to share our healing  gifts. If you decided to enter this profession to make a lot of money, you chose the wrong career.”

I was shocked and upset to hear this negative and blatantly untrue statement made by the keynote speaker at the massage school graduation ceremony. Why did they invite a speaker who would cast such a dim and discouraging light on the potential of new therapists just entering the career of their choice?! Then I realized she was simply speaking from her own experience, which was based on her limited beliefs about healing, money and success.

Unfortunately, this poverty consciousness has pervaded the healing professions for centuries. Many practitioners work with this belief as the foundation of their wellness practice and some are even proud of it. They end up working two jobs or holding a garage sale to make ends meet! They equate financial success with greed, and hold a belief that struggle is a hallmark of higher consciousness. They say: “I’m not in it for the money.” They think it is less noble and less spiritual to help people for money. Nothing could be farther from the truth – there is nothing enlightened about poverty!

5 Practices to Elevate Your Business Beliefs

Would you like to have a few strategies to integrate into your mind, your business and your life to heal your money consciousness and shift your money reality? Here are 5 healthy practices to stamp out stinkin’ thinkin’ about money and your potential for financial success as a wellness practitioner:

1. Be aware of  your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. You have to  acknowledge something exists before you can change it! Do you ever have thoughts such as: “Nobody in thist own would pay that much for a massage.” Or “There aren’t enough hours in the day for me to get rich as an acupuncturist.” Or “I shouldn’t make money from other people’s pain.” Or “I’m just getting started, so I can’t charge very much.” If you have such thoughts and beliefs, it’s definitely time for a change!

Steps to Success 1: The Prosperous Practice Guide to a Mindset of Success helps you recognize and replace negative, restrictive thoughts about money, success and self-worth, with positive, affirmative beliefs and habits, to create confidence and achievement, with mindset exercises that identify and eliminate fear, self-doubt and old habits that stand between you and a  thriving practice!

2. Challenge your beliefs. Every time one of these thoughts comes up, or a behavior based on a limiting belief, accurately call them “Limiting Beliefs,” not “Reality.” Your reality is something you create with your thoughts. So expand your thinking about what is possible for yourself. There are no limits to your possibilities. As the song goes: “If  you can believe it, you can achieve it.” Investigate ways to leverage your time and talent  into more income and learn how to work smarter, not harder.

Remember that your income is a gauge to measure how much help you provide for people. How do you measure up?

Here are more simple ways to heal your money consciousness and shift your financial reality:

 3. Emulate success! Look around for people – especially other wellness practitioners – who are free of limited thoughts about money and success. Out beliefs cause us to see  people and situations that match or reinforce our thinking, making it difficult to believe in other possibilities. Connect with successful practitioners. Ask them how they became financially successful and how their success is related to their beliefs about possibilities. Subscribe to the online newsletters of successful practitioners and marketers. Seeing success in others will elevate your thinking about what is possible for you. Settling for less than you are capable of limits your ability to reach and help as many people as possible. Remember that the more money you make, the more people you can help!

 4. Focus on the positive difference you make for your clients. Make a point of documenting positive feedback you get from clients. Ask them how your work has helped them and write down theircomments. Ask them to write testimonials and read them frequently to boost your self-confidence about your potential for success. This will help you see the value of your work and to establish fees that are in alignment with the value you provide to others. When you get clarity about your value, you will  start attracting clients who willingly pay what you ask to get your solution to their problem, pain or challenge.

 5. Hang out with abundance thinkers! It’s hard to change your beliefs when you surround yourself with people who are also stuck in limiting beliefs  about success and money. As your abundance thinking gets stronger, you can become a role model for negative thinkers. In the meantime, protect your budding abundance consciousness by spending your time with positive, successful thinkers in your life.

Stamp Out Stinkin’ Thinkin’! As you integrate these 5 success practices into your habits of thought, you will see shifts in your business, in the health of your bank account, in your career satisfaction and in the level of freedom in your life. Break free of stinkin’ thinkin’ so you can grow into the success that you need, want and deserve!

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