Fall Marketing for Your Holistic Health Practice!

Fall Marketing for Your Holistic Health Practice

I can almost hear you thinking, as you read this week’s title: “What – get ready for Fall marketing? But I’m still into the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!” Am I right?

As the days move relentlessly toward autumn, we can create summer memories that last a lifetime. One of my favorite summer memories is riding the roller coaster at the amusement park! Remember those agonizingly slow uphill grinds, then careening around curves with your face on fire, and zooming downhill at breathtaking speed, before coming to a lurching halt at the end of the ride?! I screamed holy terror the whole time but couldn’t wait to get back in line for another… memory!

But a roller coaster ride in my income is not my idea of fun! It represents the unpredictable ups and downs of seasonal spikes and dips that play havoc with your business stability and bank balance. It’s hard to have a financially stable life if your income is erratic! You can avoid these ups and downs with a seasonal marketing schedule. Make consistent time each quarterly season of the year to plan and prepare the following season’s marketing.

You can start now to plan your fall programs and services by booking some late summer and early fall marketing time into your schedule. Do at least one marketing activity per day during the summer, to prepare your fall launch. Here are just a few ideas for autumn marketing that you can get started with now:

– Back-to-School Specials (Intro Programs for teaches, coaches, pediatricians).

– A seasonal special such as “ Bodywork Tune-Up for Yard Work Warriors.”

– Autumn Athlete’s Special – Contact school & community sports teams & coaches.

– Trick or Treat Bags – Health & modality-related Halloween goodies for clients & associates.

– Start planning a Winter Holiday party – Compile your guest list and prepare a special offer for guests.

– Set up a Holiday Gift Certificate Station in your office.

– Add your marketing idea to this list: ___________________________________________

– Get really creative with another idea: __________________________________________

– Inspire us with more of your brilliance: ________________________________________

 Get ahead of the winter holidays by ordering or printing your Christmas gift coupons now; take advantage of summer sales with online or local print shops. Avoid the holiday rush by preparing holiday cards and gifts early; pre-write and pre-schedule your Fall/winter ezines, blog articles and social media posts.

Use stay-in-touch marketing vehicles to inform clients of your upcoming programs and promotions. You want to make sure you have special offers that will motivate your clients and prospects to keep up with your services as part of their regular health care routine, whether that means daily, weekly or monthly! Your fall marketing should also keep you on their mind for holiday gift shopping and inspire them with “the gift of health” for holiday giving!

Your holistic health business doesn’t have to be at the mercy of seasonal peaks and valleys. With careful planning – followed, of course, by action – you can avoid the stressful roller coaster ride! Success is more about strategic marketing than about seasonal changes! Minimize the impact of traditionally “slow” periods on your business by leveraging the busier times to prepare for slow months – and vice-versa – using slower periods to organize for busier days to come!

If you chart out your seasonal marketing every quarter for a year, you will have an automated marketing system that you can return to year after year, throughout your entire career. Avoid the roller coaster ride of seasonal ups and downs with careful planning, consistent marketing and regular implementation.

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