Focus on Benefits to Get More Clients – Part 1/4

Focus on Benefits to Get More ClientsPart 1/4

I remember that day! 25 years ago, while waiting for my young son to (unhappily) get his first haircut, I overheard one of the hair stylists discussing hair color with a walk-in prospect. She said, “We use this brand because we make more profit with it. We really like it because the packaging matches our décor. It’s great because when it drips on the floor, it doesn’t stain.”

The client walked away saying, “I’ll think about it.”

No-no-no-no-NO! The stylist said nothing about benefits for the client. She made it all about the benefits to her business. If you had been the customer, would this conversation have enticed you to have this stylist color your hair?

Not me! I’d rather tune in to Station WIFM – What’s In It For ME? With Results-Driven Marketing – your sales success is based on the results the client gets from your service or product. Think about why people want to color their hair, what their concerns are, what results they want. This is how you attract clients – create wording that reflects the solutions and benefits you offer.

What could the hair stylist have said to the client to make her want to get her color done at that salon? Here’s what comes to mind: “It covers gray for a whole month! You’ll look 15 years younger! It’s safer – it uses less ammonia. It makes your hair shiny and manageable.”

Don’t ever let a client walk away to “think about it” – it’s the kiss of death for making the sale! From now on, you won’t make this mistake, because you’re about to learn how to create benefits-based marketing in this week’s blog posts – Focus on Benefits to Get More Clients!

Does your marketing clearly show the benefits your clients will get from working with you? The solutions you provide should specifically match the needs of your Ideal Client. Everyone wants to know WIIFM – “What’s In It For Me?” The more you get clear on exactly how you help people, the easier it is for them to see your work as the solution to their problem.

Here’s a simple 3-step process to clarify what’s in it for your prospects by spelling it out in your marketing materials – the benefits and results clients will get from your services:

1. First, think about your Ideal Client’s biggest health-related problem, pain or challenge.

2. Then ask yourself exactly what you do for clients – what results do you give them, how do you resolve their biggest challenges?

3. Finally, word it in a way that makes someone with that problem want to work with you. Make it about them, and make it clear that you hold the key to the solution they need – not just any acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, counseling – but your treatment, your care, your services.

Until you can tell someone what’s in it for them to work with you, they won’t pay much attention or take you seriously. As they say in the marketing industry: “Speak to their pain.” You get people’s attention when they read or hear about a solution that is personally relevant to them and their own experience.



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