Focus on Benefits to Get More Clients – Part 2/4

Focus on Benefits to Get More Clients – Part 2/4

It gets people’s attention when they read or hear about a solution that is personally relevant to them and their own experience. One way to do this is to focus on the benefits of your work – the results people can expect from working with you.

Effective client attraction is based on creating client-friendly marketing messages. One of the most important concepts to understand is the difference between a feature and a benefit. Features are the characteristics of a product or service. Benefits are how those features help the customer. You don’t buy a car because it has airbags. You buy a car with airbags because it’s safer in a crash. You are buying safety and peace of mind. A feature of a product is its size, shape, purpose, capacity, etc. Airbags are a feature, safety is a benefit. Spinal manipulation is a feature of chiropractic care, greater mobility and less pain are the benefits to the client. A low-fat diet is a feature of nutritional counseling, weight loss and more energy are benefits.

In the healthcare professions, features of your practice are things like the modalities, techniques and equipment you use, such as a computerized nutritional analysis or a pregnancy massage table. Those things are about the practitioner or the practice, not the client. Make your marketing and your practice about the clients – what you do for them.

A benefit or result is what the product or service does for a client, the solution it presents. A sauna provides benefits, but it is not the benefit. A contoured cervical pillow provides comfort; the shape is a feature, comfort is the benefit. See the difference? In health care, benefits could be: reduced pain, improved function, better sleep, less anxiety, weight loss, more energy, for example. This is what you should emphasize when describing how you help people.

Do you see how this benefit-focused marketing approach grabs the attention of prospects? Doesn’t it make sense that people are more likely to work with you if they clearly see how you can help them? Isn’t hearing about the benefits to them more client-attractive than a list of features about you and your business? A list of your techniques is of little interest to potential clients. Remember what they are interested in – themselves! What they are most preoccupied with is their issues, their problems.

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