Focus on Benefits to Get More Clients – Part 3/4

Focus on Benefits to Get More Clients – Part 3/4

Problems and Solutions – Both Sides of the Coin

Everyone wants to know WIIFM – “What’s In It For Me?” The more you get clear on exactly how you help people, the easier it is for them to see your work as the solution to their problem.

People will be irresistibly drawn to working with you when they realize that you understand their problems and can help solve them. Problems and solutions are two sides of the same coin, highlighting the two main factors that motivate people to seek help: avoid pain and seek comfort.

Solutions and benefits are the primary consideration, but to make your message even more persuasive to your prospective patients, be sure to express their problem in a compelling way to show that you understand their needs. People’s minds are immersed in their problems, so they sit up and take notice when they see that you understand exactly what they are going through. The simpler and more specific you are in stating the problem, the more impact your message will have, and they will feel compelled to use your services.

Simply asking “Do you hurt?” is too general. “Does segmental hypermobility of your cervical spine create increased muscular sensitivity?” expresses a real problem, but it’s too technical for the average person. “Got a pain in the neck?” expresses the same problem in a different way – you’re saying something specific that your prospects can relate to and they can see that you get what’s going on with them.

Once you identify the problems of your Ideal Clients, you need to express these problems in the form of questions to which the client will answer “yes.” For example, if one of the problems you treat is frequent headaches, you would express it in your marketing as: “Are you bothered by frequent headaches?”

In another example – insomnia – you could word it as: “Do you have trouble getting a full, restful night’s sleep?” or simply “Have trouble sleeping?” By phrasing the problems and challenges in simple, straightforward language, you are planting a seed in the prospect’s mind that you have the solution. Once you show that you understand people’s health challenges by asking these specific questions, they are primed and ready to hear about your solution!

Now you can create a crucial part of your marketing strategies – identifying the specific problems of your Ideal Clients and expressing these problems in a way that makes them feel understood.

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