Focus on Benefits to Get More Clients – Part 4/4

Focus on Benefits to Get More Clients – Part 4/4

Communicate the Benefits You Offer

Now that you have identified the challenges and problems of your Ideal Clients and expressed them in the form of questions that people can relate to, it’s time to clarify the benefits you offer.

People are not attracted by generic results; they don’t care about benefits that are not specific to their situation, such as “improves circulation.” Again, you need to express the benefit in a way that is meaningful to your prospects. So rather than: “Increases circulation to reduce edema in the lower extremities,” you would say, “Reduces swelling to help your legs feel and look better.” No professional jargon, no features – just benefits, plain and simple!

The benefits you offer should answer the questions you asked about the problems of your prospective clients. Suppose, for example, you asked “Have trouble sleeping?” Then the benefit would be “Deep, restful sleep.” You want to make sure that your marketing clarifies the solutions you offer to your Ideal Clients’ problems in the form of specific benefits.

Remember – people need to see benefits described in a clear, relevant and tangible way. So you want to make sure that you communicate to prospects that you know what they are going through and that you can help them. They will feel compelled to work with you when your marketing message shows that you understand their problem and that the benefits of your work offer the solution they need.

Are you ready to clarify precisely what you can promise people that they will get if they work with you? We’d love to hear the benefits you offer in the Comments Section below!

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