Get More Clients with a BIG Marketing Blitz!

Get More Clients with a BIG Marketing Blitz!

Wellness practitioners often ask me how to make more income quickly. My answer: People will call you – but ONLY if they know you exist! Get proactive to let your target audience know how you can help them. If you really want more money fast, then get cracking with a BIG marketing blitz to let people know who you are and what you offer!

Image result for targetFirst of all you need to know your niche. Target one specific problem, pain or challenge you will treat and market only to that (eg  back pain, headaches, allergies, etc.) Or target a specific group, such as athletes, lawyers or elders. Then tailor all of your marketing – emails, blog, ezine, presentations, etc. to that one problem or group and get as specific as possible. 

Your Big Marketing Blitz is a process – a series of activities which together will generate more income. This is not a time to be wimpy! Don’t just trickle, like when the car tire is parked on the garden hose. Bring out the fire hose! Write into your schedule specifically what you will do with each block of marketing time. Create a 2-week blitz marketing campaign that includes:

  1. Send a letter (a real postal letter, not email) to every single family member, friend, acquaintance, colleague and client you know. Discuss the target problem or group you’re targeting, what you’re offering, how your work can help this problem, and ask them to refer people they know who may need what you offer. Have a way to draw people in, such as enclosing a few coupons for a free introductory session or consultation.
  2. Schedule 3 live presentations (yes, at least three) within a 2-week period to talk about your services and the benefits you offer – local organizations that feature speakers at their meeting, such as Rotary Club; a free talk at the public library; a hiking club meeting; a golf course clubhouse; a pregnant mom’s group; meet with a school athletic coach; take a doctor or dentist to breakfast and talk about how you can help their patients.          
  3. Do at least one print advertisement, such as a classified ad, a press release in the newspaper, an article in a local publication, etc. Posting flyers around town is amateur – unless you’re combining it with other, more professional, marketing strategies.
  4. Participate in a local event, such as a charity fun run, by offering brief introductory treatments. If your wellness modality doesn’t lend itself easily to public demos as massage does, hand out your info and free offer with a low-cost incentive gift that will help people remember you.
  5. Donate a Gift Certificate to a public charity event, such as a school fundraiser or community benefit.
  6. Believe in Yourself! We’ve saved the most important step for last. Keep your self-confidence strong and deeply believe that what you offer is of great value to others. If you don’t believe in yourself and your potential for success, how can you expect others to do so? People need your gifts, your talents and skills. You can ease their pains, challenges and struggles. You attract clients by deeply knowing that you are needed, and the way you share that is through marketing.

It is not selfish, materialistic, pushy or needy to market your services. Marketing is a divine tool that makes others aware of how your work can improve their health and impact their life! How can you help them if they have no awareness of what you do and how it can benefit them? A fortunate by-product of serving others is success for yourself!

Please share your solutions and successes in the Comments Section below!

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