Give Away Your Work! Part 2/3

Give Away Your Work! Part 2/3

Share Your Goodies! To make people aware of your creative solutions to their challenges, without seeming pushy or needy – freely share your work! When people ask about your work, rather than spending your valuable time explaining the same information repeatedly, you can simply say, “Visit my website for a free report and a complimentary subscription to our weekly newsletter filled with valuable information and health tips.

Then be sure to include a special offer or promotion in every issue of your newsletter, which they will receive only if they opt in. This way, you are not pushing or selling anything. They will only receive info from you if they request it by signing up for it.

Generously sharing your knowledge or info has several positive results:

1. You educate your potential clients about how you can help them.

2. Prospects are excited to get valuable info for free.

3. They’re impressed by the value you share.

4. They equate your high-value IFO with high-quality work.

5. When they see your work as their answer, you get more clients.

6. More clients create more income for you.

7. More income gives you the lifestyle that you need, want and deserve.

It’s a win-win situation! Prospects get solutions and better health; you get more clients and more money! When you give a small sample of your high-value information for no cost, people will assume that if your free stuff is great, then your paid work will be even better!

Your IFO can be a special report, a CD, an e-book, an audio download, a class or a sample treatment. When you share something excellent and useful, your marketing feels comfortable for you and sincere to the client, rather than pushy, manipulative or inauthentic.

In a service-oriented business, such as your holistic healthcare practice, your Irresistible Free Offer can be a trial treatment, a free consultation with treatment plan, or a product sample, for instance.

An added bonus to sharing a free introduction of your work is that people will be so impressed with what you shared that they will naturally become your unpaid sales team and spread the word to their family, friends, colleagues, without you even asking for referrals!

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