Give Away Your Work! Part 3/3

Are You Selling or Sharing?

Once you’ve captured clientsโ€™ interest – and their email address – you can continue marketing to them on a regular basis with keep-in-touch marketing vehicles, such as your ezine, a free report, greeting cards and/or update letters about your practice. This further establishes the know-like-trust factor, so the person becomes familiar with your work and pre-qualifies her/himself as your Ideal Client. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your client base grows with the help of your IFO and other client-attractive marketing materials!

When you give generously, you also get an opportunity to offer other resources that will help the prospect, such as more information, a product or various treatment options. When someone visits your website or calls you, they took the initiative because they are looking for the solution to a problem. They choose whether to opt in or not, so you’re not pushing yourself and your services on them. Instead, you’re honoring their call for help by offering them something of value, using ‘magnetic marketing’ techniques to attract clients to your practice.

Take action now! The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who act quickly and decisively! Think about what service or information you can share, such as a special report, article, CD, class or a sample treatment. Find out how to create, produce and distribute the IFO of your choice. If you are not tech-savvy, this is a good project to outsource to a live or virtual assistant.

Once you decide what to use as your IFO, make sure it’s high-content (without giving away the farm!) and that you have a way to contact your prospects so you can regularly share more high-value with them. When you convert loyal subscribers into long-term clients with this marketing strategy, you can stop worrying about appearing pushy or needy, because you are sharing, not selling!

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