Help Potential Clients Overcome Their Resistance!

Help Potential Clients Overcome Their Resistance!

Screenshot-2014-05-22-10.58.18-257x300Last week we explored how to move prospective clients beyond their money fears into seeing the value of your work as the solution they need. (When a Prospect Says “I Can’t Afford It.”) Let’s expand on the topic of client resistance by looking at some other “excuses” that prevent people from enrolling in your services.

The most frequent objection is about finances. It’s actually a good sign if someone voices an objection. If she says it is too expensive, it means she is interested, and she is asking you to help make it work for her. If she wasn’t interested, she wouldn’t have come to you in the first place.

One thing you want to determine early in the Discovery Session is how committed the person is to resolving their issue. So ask them: “On a scale of 1-10, how important is it to resolve this issue, that you get from [where you are now – be specific] to [where you want to go – be specific?]” An answer of 5 or higher indicates a strong need for help. Again, you can remind them of the value they will get for their investment.

Another common objection is about time and scheduling. “How can I get an appointment when we both work 9-5?” So you need to have at least one or two days a week when you are open for early and late appointments, and also have some weekend hours, for the convenience of your clients and the growth of your practice. When I added evenings and weekends to my schedule, my client base increased 25% in 2 weeks!

Another time consideration is that people are very busy and they may not be able or willing to have long appointments. So make sure you have shorter session options. Set up your schedule to accommodate people’s concerns about time.

How should you respond if someone asks for “more time” to decide? Requesting more time is reasonable, for instance a day or two if they need to check with their spouse or figure out their budget. In this case, schedule a follow-up phone call. Put the ball in the prospect’s court with a phone appointment for her to call you about her decision. If she doesn’t call as scheduled, call or send her an email offering to reschedule the follow-up phone call.

Also let them know that of course they may work with you any time, but there’s a time limit on your special offer: “I can’t make an exception to my “Decisive Action” offer because it wouldn’t be consistent or fair to my other clients, and keeping my word is very important to me. There’s really nothing more you will know about this program tomorrow that you don’t already know right now…”

Alternately (or in addition), you can share: “The decision is in your hands. If you truly need more time to decide, that’s fine. The program is well worth the regular investment. But remember – you will miss the savings if you wait.”

As with their money, people also don’t want to waste their time, so you need to reassure them that they will get immediate but short-term relief from one session. Emphasize that it’s unrealistic to expect a 1-hour fix for something that’s been developing for weeks, months or years. Explain that a entire treatment series is for people who want long-term results.

People also want to know if they are getting good value for the investment of their money and time. When there is resistance, it often means they have not fully grasped the value of what you offer. They may need more clarification. They also want to know that they will not be wasting their money and time on something that doesn’t help them, so keep emphasizing value, benefits and results.

 Offer a 100% money-back guarantee.  This shows self-confidence! If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect others to do so? When they see that they have nothing to lose, this powerful factor alone will inspire people’s confidence in you and help dissolve their resistance.

If someone expresses doubt or asks for assurance that your services will actually work for them, here’s a script for a conversation to help them clarify their thinking:

“Based on all of the clients I have helped and what I know is possible, I can’t see why you would be the only person that my tried and true methods wouldn’t help. Is there a reason you think you would be the one exception?”

They have the option to decline, but they’re still sitting there talking with you. So when they express doubts and concerns about making a big investment of their money and time, this is not the time to lose your confidence, give up and let them slip away.

Remember… you are selling something that the person is going to benefit from, something that they need, something they asked for by coming to you in the first place. You made it clear from the get-go that the purpose of the Discovery Session is to find, or discover, the exact solution they need, but it is not the solution in and of itself. They came to you because they wanted help. They came because they want to make sure your solutions match their needs. You are not selling just for the heck of it and you are not selling for yourself. The advantage that you gain from the sale is a side effect that comes from helping others. You are selling from the perspective of their needs. Help them see why this is a good decision for them. Show them the value and they will show you the money!

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