How to Keep Your Clients!

How to Keep Your Clients!


Are most of your clients One-Time Wonders or do you have a full schedule of loyal repeat customers? There’s so much you can offer to impress your clients with superb customer service! Do you go out of your way to give extra value to your clients? With little cost, time or effort, you can provide impressive extras in every single interaction with clients – from their first phone call to their last appointment! How do amenities fit into your practice? Try these tips on… How to Keep Your Clients!

Before the Appointment

Change your friendly voicemail greeting at least twice a month, and always offer a special promotion! Postal mail or email intake paperwork for new clients to fill out and bring to their first appointment. Give all clients a reminder call the day before their appointment.

Reception Area

Be there – or have a receptionist – to greet clients when they enter your office. Eliminate ‘waiting room’ from your vocabulary and from your office – arrange your schedule so that you never keep anyone waiting! Have drinking water available.

Before the Treatment

Go over intake paperwork item by item with new clients, to make sure they understand your policies and procedures. This eliminates the awkwardness of a surprise later – such as paying for a missed appointment. Before entering the treatment room, offer a drink of water and use of the restroom.

Treatment Room

First and foremost, make sure your treatment area is impeccably clean! Comfort and attractiveness rate a close second. Maintain a comfy temperature with a heater, fan or open window. Pre-warm the treatment table. Get ride of clutter; let your work – not your artwork – be the main attraction. Let your décor reflect your personality, while still looking professional.

During the Session

Play serene ambient music. With bodywork, careful draping helps the client feel safe and comfortable, further establishing trust. Check in occasionally with the client for feedback.

After the Session

Use hot washcloths to clean off oily residue from bodywork. Have a cup of water or tea ready when the client comes out of the treatment room. Schedule or confirm their next appointment. Always give a new client something to walk away with – a handout with home care tips, a product sample, a tea bag – a tangible reminder of you and your practice!

Helping clients feel better with great technical skills is the bare minimum you should give. Spoil them with amenities every chance you get! Amenities – a key factor in keeping loyal ideal clients and getting their referrals!

How do you keep your clients with amenities? Please share below!

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