How to Make Your Practice Special! Part 1/2

How to Make Your Practice Special! Part 1/2

Are you a cookie cutter health practitioner? Some practitioners make the mistake of trying to copy how someone else runs their business, but this gives them cookie-cutter practices. Great marketing makes your “cookies” – your special gifts, skills, knowledge – stand out as unique. To get potential clients to notice you, you need to be different! What makes you different from other healthcare professionals? You will find more success in business with your own USP – Unique Service Position – by developing your unique answers to these two questions:  

1. How are you different from your competition?

2. Why should your prospects choose you over everyone else in your modality?

Your answers to these questions form the essence of your USP – Unique Service Position. Your USP is the answer that you’d give if someone asks you, “Why should I choose you and your health practice over every other practitioner in town?”

When you incorporate these answers into your marketing, it will tell prospective clients what makes you special. If there’s nothing that makes you stand out as a practitioner, then why would prospects choose you over everyone else out there offering your modality?

The first step in differentiating your practice from others is to clarify your special qualities. Your USP is about you and your practice. To develop your USP, begin by listing your credibility factors – qualities that make your target market see you as an expert in your field. They include your education, your expertise, your experience, your strengths and your skills. As a healthcare provider, you should also state your philosophy about health and wellness. Also on the list: personality and character traits that relate to how you do business, such as friendliness, efficiency or compassion. What do you offer your clients that they can’t get anywhere else or that other practitioners have not taken the time to identify about themselves? Your USP should answer these questions:

–  What special personality traits make me an excellent practitioner?

–  What features of my practice differentiate me from others in my field?

– What special benefits and results does my work offer people?

–  Why should someone choose to work with me rather than my competitors?

When you take the time to clarify your unique qualities in your marketing materials, your holistic health practice will be irresistible to those who need what you offer!

NEXT POST: How to Make Your Practice Special! Part 2/2. What is unique about you and your services?

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