Make Your Wellness Practice Stand Out in the Crowd!

Make Your Wellness Practice Stand Out in the Crowd!

Image result for van gogh irisesIf your marketing makes your wellness practice and your services sound unique, then potential clients – especially Ideal Clients – will pay attention to you! Your challenge is to stand out from the crowd, to get potential clients to notice your services.

A couple of years ago, traveling from my home in Hawaii to a marketing workshop with my mentor, I strained my back lifting my bag into the overhead bin on the plane. By the time I arrived in Dallas, my back was feeling very sore and I was no longer looking forward to sitting through three days of lectures! So I opened the Yellow Pages to look for a local massage therapist with experience treating back injuries. What I noticed in the ads – they all looked the same! Most had a menu of modalities – Swedish, deep tissue, hot stones and so forth. Many listed conditions they treat, such as headache, backache, stiff neck. If you switched the names on the ads, it wouldn’t make any difference! There was nothing that made one business stand out from the others, nothing differentiating each one as unique, nothing that shouted “I’m the right massage therapist for you!”

Don’t make the same mistake in your marketing! Have you identified what makes you different from others in your field, what makes you stand out and get noticed? Highlighting your uniqueness can make the difference between a client who walks away and one who can’t wait to sign up and stay forever! Learn how to get the “forever” clients!

A mistake that many practitioners make is trying to be like others in their profession. They see a successful practitioner and try to duplicate how that person runs their business. You will be better off identifying and expressing what makes you different from other healthcare professionals, rather than what makes you the same as others. You’ll have more biz success if you develop your own unique answers to these questions:

– How are you different from your competition?

– Why should people choose you over others?

Unique Service Position

Your answers to these questions form the essence of your Unique Service Position. Your USP – Unique Service Position – is the answer that you’ll give when someone asks you, “Why should I choose you and your health practice over every other practitioner in town?”

When you incorporate these answers into your marketing, it will tell prospective clients what makes you special. If there’s nothing that makes you stand out as a practitioner, then why would prospects choose you over everyone else out there offering your modality? Without a strong USP, there is no good reason and they might as well go down the street instead of walking through your office door. And they probably will!

Know Yourself

The first step in differentiating your practice from others is to clarify your special qualities. Your USP is about you and your practice. To develop your USP, begin by listing your credibility factors – things that will allow your target market to see you as an expert in your field. Include your education, your expertise, your experience, your strengths and your skills. As a wellness practitioner, you also want to get clear on your philosophy about health and wellness. Also on the list: your personality and character traits, focusing on qualities that relate to how you do business; for example, friendliness, compassion, determination. In addition, include the way you provide your service, such as focused or purposeful. What other special things about yourself and your business make you different from others in your modality?

What do you offer your clients that they can’t get anywhere else or that other practitioners have not taken the time to identify and articulate about themselves? Your USP should answer these 4 questions:

– What do I offer that my colleagues and competitors do not?

– What features of my practice differentiate me from others in my field?

– Why should someone work with me rather than my competitors?

– What special personality traits make me an excellent practitioner?

 Your Personal Story

Many of us were drawn to wellness work by an experience, realization or insight that attracted us to enter the holistic health field. In many cases, this compelling story or defining moment was a health crisis of our own or someone close to us. Sharing your experience can often motivate people to try your service and see if it can help them with their particular challenge, especially those who have never tried a holistic modality or those who are skeptical.

For example, I became intrigued with bodywork when a friend resolved my chronic ear infection with a neck massage that unintentionally realigned my cervical spine!

Sharing your story of what inspired your passion or influenced you to enter the health field can be a powerful catalyst to attract clients.

Stand out from the crowd and highlight your uniqueness to get potential clients to notice your services. Learn and use effective marketing to make your wellness work sound unique. Be unique and stand out in the – to attract and keep a full schedule of Ideal Clients!

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