Mid-Summer Marketing Tune-Up!

Mid-Summer Marketing Tune-Up!

Image result for summer sizzleIs your wellness practice dwindling over the summer? It’s not too late for sizzling hot summer success! Take your laptop to the beach or pool and rev up your marketing.

If your business is suffering from Summer Slowdown Syndrome, there’s still time to rev up your practice for the end of summer, plus get a jump-start on your fall marketing!

Here are some strategies you can use with great results for a successful summer:

Offer treatment packages instead of individual sessions, insuring that buyers will come in regularly for the rest of the summer.

– Learn our exact formula to create and sell Treatment Packages in Steps to Success 8: The Prosperous Practice Guide to Packages and Programs. 

Teach a class or workshop in self-care techniques.

Offer a special program for a targeted group, such as “Athlete’s Advantage” or “Get Psyched for Soccer Success.”

Market to tourists and summer visitors who need health care while on vacation, via guest services and concierge desks at hotels, resorts, B&Bs.

Target summer sports teams to treat mishaps on the playing field.

Offer a Backyard Warriors treatment for people with achy-breaky backs from gardening or playing too hard.

Market services for kids and students while they’re out of school for the summer, via pediatricians, organized sports and summer fun programs.

Promote a Sun Worshipers Skin Care treatment for people who overdid it with sun exposure.

– Start a worksite health program for employees, offering info or mini-treatments as a way to invite them to your office for more.

– Prepare Fall marketing while your schedule is lighter, such as a Back-to-School Special.

Get a head start on Winter – prepare Christmas cards or plan your holiday client party. (I buy cards at after-Christmas sales, so I have them on hand for early prep.)

Schedule next summer’s marketing, so your business doesn’t slow down this time next year. (Go on – DO IT NOW – put next summer’s marketing into your spring calendar!)

Get some R&R to recharge, to make sure you’re ready to roll with your great Fall marketing.

Email The Prosperous Practice for a complimentary Discovery Session to discover exactly what you need to grow your practice to the next level of success.

 Tackle a Big Project! If your client schedule has dropped off, take advantage of the extra time to do something you’ve been putting off – launch a website, start a blog, develop a workshop, set up a Joint Venture. Be sure to mention your project in your weekly ezine.

 Take a Vacation! Recharge yourself with some TLC for the upcoming busy Fall season. Get some good self-care – bodywork, exercise, rest, fresh summer produce – peaches and cherries!

– Pre-write and pre-schedule Fall articles for ezines, blog & social media posts.

 Prepare Your Fall Launch! Plan and start your Fall Marketing Campaign by doing at least one marketing activity each day for the rest of the summer, to plan & promote programs such as: Back-to-School Specials for teachers & school staff; Athlete’s Advantage for autumn athletes; Halloween Trick or Treat Bags for clients and biz associates. What fall services will you offer this year?

– Get everything you need to market and grow your practice with The Prosperous Practice Home Study System!

There’s a huge variety of marketing strategies you can implement to make sure your clients don’t forget you over the summer – even if they don’t come in for a while. But if you didn’t plan ahead and you end up experiencing Summer Slowdown Syndrome, use your time wisely to get your practice ready for a very busy and profitable Fall-Winter season.

Don’t get caught unprepared next summer – it will come around sooner than you realize! Answer the following questions to help you plan ahead:

– How were you affected this year by Summer Slowdown Syndrome?

– What could you have done differently for a more successful summer?

– How will you address it next year?

– What will you put in place now to prevent Summer Slowdown in the future?

– Which Sizzlin’ Summer Success activities appeal to you the most?

– What will you do now to prepare for upcoming Fall & Winter marketing?

– What specific times do you commit to doing these things?

– Book these times into your schedule as appointments with yourself!

To learn the best marketing strategies for your wellness practice, check out The Prosperous Practice Home Study System!

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