Nail Your Niche to Attract More Clients!

Nail Your Niche to Attract More Clients!

“You can please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” –Abraham Lincoln.


One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen health care business owners make is that they are not clear about their target market. I know because I’ve been there! I used to think like a lot of other health service providers – that I needed to market my services to as many different people as possible in order to get enough clients! And guess what?! When I marketed to anyone and everyone I never had enough clients! How about you – do you market to anyone who will listen or do you target a specific group? Do you know if there is a demand for your service, and do you have a plan to market and sell what you offer?                                                                                                                                  

Many holistic health providers with incredible talents, techniques and skills are resistant to or disorganized about the business of doing business – marketing, sales and money. They try to offer their services to anyone and everyone instead of developing a specialty and targeting the people already looking for what they offer.

They may believe that it is unethical to make money from other people’s pain or problems; or that all they have to do is share their divine gift and God will provide for them.

If this is you… listen up. Yes, God does provide. But He – God, Source Energy, Universe, whatever is your term for a Higher Power – doesn’t just drop money from heaven! It comes in the form of an opportunity. The money passes to you through your client’s hands, in exchange for the help that you give them with your hands!

If your business ideal, dream or goal feels like divine inspiration, then you’re off to a good start as a Spirit-based entrepreneur! But the greatest ideas, the loftiest dreams, the best services – all have to reach your market to bring you income and success. The following steps will help you create your unique health service idea and take big action on it!

Step One: Research
Research your idea to see if there is already a market demand for your particular holistic health profession or for a particular idea or perspective you may have. Do an internet search for information on other businesses in other locations in your modality, and/or for your special slant on your profession. See what’s going on in different states and towns, and individually research the ones that look most successful. Then research your own community for other businesses in your modality. Don’t get intimidated or discouraged if there are others doing what you do. The more successful enterprises you find, the better – because competition means there’s a market for your service or specialty.                                                                                                                            

Step Two: Identify Who You Want to Work With
You need to get clear on who your target market is, so you can develop a marketing plan that attracts people you most want to work with, and discourages those with whom you would not work as well. You may think the best way to get the most clients is to market to everyone! But you actually get more ideal clients by narrowing your niche to a small specific group.

Your niche is made up of people who already know they need help, they just don’t know how to get it. That’s where you and your marketing come in! Use your marketing materials to speak to your ideal client as if you were having a conversation with them about their needs and your solutions. Word your marketing message in a way that your ideal client will ‘see’ herself in magnetic marketing questions; she will answer ‘Yes!’ to them and pre-qualify herself as your enthusiastic new client!

You will not have to turn away non-ideal clients, because they will not ‘see’ themselves in your specifically-targeted message and will realize that yours is not the right program for them. Your special gift will not be expressed at its highest potential if you work with people who drain your energy, squabble about money, make excuses, procrastinate and don’t respect your time. But that’s exactly what happens when you target a wide audience instead of a small niche, specifying exactly who you will and will not select as your clients.

Step Three: Sharing, Not Selling                                                                                  

Finally, you’ve got to get comfortable with selling. I don’t mean the stereotype of the slick used car salesman trying to push you into buying a clunker car! I’m talking about a service you believe in, for people who are already looking for what you offer, a solution that matches the needs of your niche. I like to think of it as sharing, rather than selling my services.

Conscious business marketing is totally ethical. It is not about ‘closing the deal’ but ‘opening a dialog’ about how your work benefits people. Unfortunately, many health entrepreneurs miss the point when it comes to connecting with their market. Without this connection, you essentially have no business. Remember, every successful business – including yours! – has the solution to someone’s problem, pain or challenge.

Ultimately, as a conscious entrepreneur, you need to go beyond your big idea. To bring your great business idea into reality, you need to start with getting clear about who your target market is and the best ways to reach them with your message.


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