Needy or Needing to Market?

Needy or Needing to Market?

I.Heart_.MarketingDo you ever feel uncomfortable with marketing your business because you worry that people might think you’re too pushy or too needy? There’s a fine line between the need to market and being needy of clients.

A few weeks ago, some friends asked me to join them for dinner and a movie. I declined their invitation: “I can’t go out tonight because it’s my marketing time.”

One of them replied, “You’re booked solid! Why do you need to do so much marketing?”

Her comment tempted me to join in the fun. I really had to look within to find a good answer to that! Then I realized that the reason I consistently have clients is because I consistently market – same day, same time, every week without fail! And especially because I run two businesses, it is crucial that I maintain this schedule.

Marketing is a large part of my business. In fact, I have come to think of myself not as a massage therapist but rather as a marketer who does massage therapy, and not a business mentor but a marketer who helps health practitioners with their marketing!

Regardless of what business you’re in, your main job is marketing and your particular skill or profession is what you do to get paid by clients. So to get paid, you have to get clients and to get clients, you have to first be a marketer!

This simple shift in perspective can mean the difference between struggle and success in your holistic health business. If you’re a chiropractor, be a marketer who practices chiropractic. Instead of an acupuncturist, you’re a marketer who does acupuncture!

Until you really get this concept and use it in your business, you will get poor or mediocre results. Once you accept that your primary job is marketing, and then start doing it the right way, you will see more success!

Or, if you prefer, you can continue with your less-than-great results. Or you can just go back to a job with a paycheck and someone breathing down your neck!

That fine line between looking successful and needing to market is really about chasing after clients. If someone seems too eager about something, we question their motives: “If you’re so good, why are you so available? Why do you need to chase down clients?”

First of all, you should never chase business. It seems cheap and annoying, and it doesn’t make people want to work with you. You know the icky feeling you get in a store when the salesperson follows you around and keeps showing you merchandise? It’s like that! If you appear to need them more than they need you, then you’re not just chasing business, you’re chasing it away!

My coaching clients know that marketing is about creating value and trust over the long term. It’s about establishing yourself as a solver of your clients’ problems. It’s about offering the help or  results they want, rather than a technique or treatment. It’s about developing a relationship so that clients want you, you and only YOU! And when they feel ready – not when you think they should need you. Remember – chasing clients = chasing away clients!

Here’s the formula for successful marketing:

Value + Trust + Time = All the Clients You Need

Now that you’re getting away from the idea of chasing business, of appearing too needy or pushy, how would you answer the question: “Why do you need to market when you always have plenty of clients?”

Here are some answers I use:

“I always have clients because I’m always marketing.”

“A couple of clients recovered from their injuries so I have 2 openings.”

“I want more clients because it means I’m helping more people.”

What’s your answer?

Hopefully by now it’s clear that you have to market! But do you know where to begin or what to do first… and second… and third? You can quickly attract more ideal clients and make more money with The Prosperous Practice Home Study System, a step-by-step guide that provides all the strategies, tools and techniques you need to market and promote your holistic health practice, so you can share your talents with the many people who need your unique services!                            


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