Networking for Net Worth! Part 2/2

Networking for Net Worth! Part 2/2

Before you can create a referral-based practice, you need to get out and meet your Ideal Clients and people who can refer them to you. Networking is one of the most effective ways to grow and succeed as a holistic practitioner – by meeting the right people assembled together in large groups. Networking occurs in both informal and formal contexts, so you can market and attract clients whether you’re wearing your soccer mom shirt or in a more structured setting, such as a BNI meeting. Here are more ways to make the most of your networking opportunities:

5. Introduce yourself with something compelling that immediately gives someone a clear idea of who you help and how you help them. Don’t introduce yourself by your modality or your company name, because it may leave people wondering exactly what you do – or more precisely, what you can do for them!

Proactively share your solution and specifically how it can help them or someone they know. The key here – get a conversation going! For instance, instead of “I’m So-and-So from The XYZ Wellness Clinic” say something like, “I help people get rid of chronic pain so they can feel better, function better and be more productive.”

Networking is one of the most effective ways to grow and succeed as a holistic health entrepreneur, whether you educate people about your work in casual, everyday settings or in a structured group. Here we offer more tips to make your networking effective:

6. Offer to support others. In networking conversations, always ask people how you can help or support them. Offer something of value, such as free info on your website. Your helpfulness will give people another reason to recommend you to those who need your services. Help others before they help you and do it without expecting an immediate return on investment. The favor you do for someone may not necessarily be returned by the same person – it could come to you from an entirely different source. Pay it forward!

7. Present yourself as knowledgeable and confident. Be open, friendly, sincere and approachable. Speak with confidence about your work and its benefits, but don’t preach! Remember that people buy solutions and results, not techniques and processes. When someone expresses interest, don’t try to sell your services to them. Instead, get them to talk about their need or problem. Ask them: “If we were to work together, what would you like to accomplish?” Then suggest follow-up, such as meeting to discuss it further, or invite them to sign up for your ezine list, or offer  a Discovery Session – whatever feels most appropriate for that person, in that situation, without being pushy or salesy.

8. Follow-up with all interested people within 48 hours. If you don’t follow up with people you meet, there is no point to networking in the first place. Follow-up is an integral part of networking, because it develops know-like-trust — the foundation of long-term business relationships. Turning contacts and referrals into clients requires a follow-up phone call, note, email or meeting, with ongoing contact over time, such as your Update Letter and ezine. If you don’t follow up you are completely missing the boat and missing valuable opportunities. Take full advantage of the connections you make when networking!

For the holistic health practitioner, whether online or in person, networking is crucial to attracting and keeping Ideal Clients. The more successful your networking is, the more successful your practice will be!

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