New Year’s Quick-Money Month – Week 1: Raise Your Rates! Part 3/3

New Year’s Quick-Money Month – Week 1: Raise Your Rates! Part 3/3

With The Prosperous Practice Painless Fee Increase Strategy, you can make some quick money and generate long-term business!

Now, finally – ta-da! – here’s the quick money part: Along with the announcement of your fee increase, make your clients an offer they can’t refuse!

Invite them to buy a package – a prepaid, pre-scheduled series of sessions – at the current rate before the fee goes up. Let them buy as many as they want for your current price, and have an expiration date to use the sessions, such as 1-3 months, depending on how many they buy.

After the expiration, they will start paying your new fees. With your pre-pay offer, they extend the current fee for another few months or weeks, instead of paying the higher fees right away.

You can add value to the client and to your business by issuing their prepaid package in the form of Gift Coupons, which they may use themselves or give as gifts. If used as gifts to their friends, you get exposure to more potential new clients. It’s a win-win scenario – clients save money and get eased into the fee increase, you get a nice chunk of change up front and potential new clients; both of you get the convenience of preset appointments; and more new people get to experience the value of your work!

If you worry about losing clients when you raise your rates – don’t! And if you should lose a few, it opens the ways for someone better. (I mean actually – not merely a cliche!) Higher fees actually attract higher income clients! As an added bonus with The Prosperous Practice Painless Fee Increase Strategy, you have the opportunity to tap into a whole new income level of clients. Higher fees appeal to many people who equate cost with value. They perceive that your services are better and more exclusive if you charge high fees. These are the people who always shop in high-end retail stores, always buy the biggest and best of everything, always fly first-class, always go for quality over quantity! And who wouldn’t want this niche as clients?!

Brownie Points: Give some thought to what new population of clients you could market to – a group you are not currently serving, who could afford and benefit from your work. Then you’ll be prepared for our future lesson on marketing to new prospects.

Double Brownie Points: We recommend that you accept credit card payments to increase your sales of Treatment Packages!

The tips in this week’s blog are just the “Tips of the Iceberg” when it comes to marketing your holistic health practice. Get the whole block of ice at:

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