New Year’s Quick-Money Month – Week 2: Pickin’ Peaches – Part 1/3

New Year’s Quick-Money Month – Week 2: Pickin’ Peaches – Part 1/3

This month’s blog theme – The Prosperous Practice New Years Quick-Money Month – explores 4 simple strategies – one per week – to jump-start your health practice for the New Year. Try out these new ideas to bring in extra money over the next few weeks – to stabilize your finances or invest in growing your business! Last week we shared How to Raise Your Fees.

Now… how would you like to have some nice, ripe, juicy peaches in January! Let’s play my favorite marketing game – Pickin’ Peaches!

A very effective strategy to quickly infuse some cash into your holistic health practice is to follow up with people who have shown interest in your services or in working with you – the “Low-Hanging Fruit.” have sweet, juicy childhood memories of picking ripe peaches on my grandparents’ farm, and peach juice trickling down my chin as we hand-cranked fresh peach ice cream! This memory comes up when I think of “Low-Hanging Fruit” – a marketing industry term that refers to a list of prospects to follow up with, also known as “Warm Prospects.”

Picture these ‘Warm Prospects’ as ripe peaches hanging on the tree! They are the sweetest, juiciest fruit – ready to eat! These peaches are ripened to perfection! They weigh down the branches, hanging down low where they are easily reached – so ripe that they easily fall off the stem with a slight nudge, into your waiting hand, ready to burst with juiciness!

These are people you’ve met or who signed up on your website or attended your talk, for example. They expressed interest in working with you but haven’t yet become clients.  For whatever reason, you didn’t follow up with them. Or perhaps the two of you decided to touch base later and that time is NOW!

It’s critical to your biz growth that you follow up with your leads! Don’t wait for prospects to chase you down – it rarely happens! (At least not until they have a chance to know-like-trust you!) People have busy lives and are constantly going to the next new thing that comes up for them.

It’s part of your job description as an expanding entrepreneur, to follow up and guide them into becoming clients. Don’t wait for them to call you – you could wait forever! I call these potential clients ‘”Ripe Peaches” – people I’ve met, spoken with or attracted, but not yet enrolled as clients.

Prospective clients who need what you offer, who are familiar with your work and are already looking for what you provide – better health for themselves and quick cash income for you! These are Ripe Peaches, ready for harvest!

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