New Year’s Quick-Money Month – Week 3: Reactivate Former Clients – Part 1/3

New Year’s Quick-Money Month – Week 3: Reactivate Former Clients – Part 1/3

This month’s blog theme – The Prosperous Practice New Year’s Quick-Money Month – explores 4 simple strategies – one per week – to jump-start your health practice with a cash infusion to support your business growth for the New Year.

Did you know that you may already have a rich source of clients? If you’ve been in business a while, these are former clients who dropped off your radar for some reason. How would you like to bring back more than half of your former clients who haven’t been in for a while? You can implement this simple client attraction tactic immediately after reading this section!

Statistics show that over 50% of inactive customers will return when contacted by someone with whom they had a positive business experience. 50%! Wouldn’t you like to have 5 out of 10 former clients come back? They will – if you just reach out to them!

Put together a “Get in Touch Campaign” specifically designed to reactivate former clients. Include a special offer, such as a small discount, extra treatment time, a special service, gift or amenity – to motivate them to call and to welcome them back with a special treat when they come in! What special treat, gift or amenity will you offer to entice missing clients back into your practice?

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